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We are mentioned in this week’s Sports Illustrated…

Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch released his 2012 Media Awards on CNNSI.com. On the third page of the online column, he listed Skip Bayless as a “Dud.” In case you’re wondering, that’s the nicest thing Skip’s been called all year.

Here’s what Deitsch had to say:

A word of advice for First Take carnival barker Skip Bayless: If you brag about going Pete Maravich on teams in high school, it’s probably better if that’s accurate, especially when you blast some athletes for being frauds. Showing Woodward- and Bernstein-type initiative, The Lost Ogle, an Oklahoma City-based website, did the legwork to discover the truth about Bayless’ high school basketball career.

Yeah, someone compared us to Woodward and Bernstein. That’s pretty damn funny and cool, but know what’s even cooler? We also made Page 38 of the actual magazine! That’s right. The Lost Ogle is mentioned in Sports Illustrated. Here’s a pic sent to us by an Ogle Mole.

Jimmy Kimmel named Sweet Brown the 2012 Clip of the Year

I’m a couple of days late on this, but Sweet Brown’s famous rant was named the 2012 Clip of the Year by Jimmy Kimmel. She showed up in Los Angeles to accept the award. The clip includes other viral videos from 2012 and is kind of funny:

There sure are a lot of white people in those BC Clark commercials…

See that video up there? That’s the old animated BC Clark Anniversary Sale commercial. It’s the one you like. You know, the one you stop and watch whenever it comes on the air. The one that features the 1950s-style commercial jingle that you, your parents and grandparents all sing and know by heart.

Well, it seems like BC Clark is a Scrooge and doesn’t like that commercial. For many years now, they’ve all but ditched the original jingle for a series of “Anniversary Sale” commercials featuring random groups of people singing verses at the mall. The commercials are terrible. They don’t have any musical accompaniment and most of the people can’t sing. They’re about as enjoyable as a Jenni Carlson feature about fruit cake and candy canes.

The commercials also feature way too many white people. And by white people, I mean lots and lots and lots of boring plain white people. It’s like watching a Seinfeld episode inside an L.L. Bean catalog at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. Seriously, check the commercials out. Count how many white people you see:

This graphic totally summarizes Oklahoma’s severe winter weather coverage hype machine…

As Marisa mentioned earlier today, the local weathermen are already hyping of a possibly white winter wonderland for Christmas Day. Of course, a white Christmas comes with some risk.

Here’s a screen shot of Mike Morgan’s weather forecast from last night:

The Westboro Baptist Church follows Mary Fallin on Twitter…

Because of their close proximity to Oklahoma, we get our fair share of Westboro Baptist Church “protests” here in the Sooner state. Since about 2009, our general policy at TLO has been to ignore the hate group. They do what they do for publicity and to create controversy, and by giving them the attention they crave and letting their actions upset you, you’re basically falling into their trap and letting them win. As Dave Morris’ hot wife would say, they’re a more hateful, sick and religious version of us.

Anyway, consider this post a one-time exception to our policy. Earlier this week, Westboro’s Twitter account was hijacked by the hacker group Anonymous. The hacktivists did things like post the personal information of Westboro members and link to a petition to have the church named a hate group. This heroic act by Anonymous alerted us to a couple of strange facts.

1. The Westboro Baptist Church (for some reason) has over 3,000 Twitter followers.

2. The Westboro Baptist Church follows 6 people on Twitter and (for some reason) one of them is Mary Fallin.

Here’s a screen shot: