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10 Best Moore Liquor Marquee Signs…

moore liquor marquee

As you’ve probably heard, anti-everything bigot Fred Phelps finally passed away. Moore Liquor, home of the funny marquee sign pictured above, celebrated by offering a 10% discount on champagne.

From super hot Erielle Reshef at KOCO.com:

A liquor store owner in Moore made his views of Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps known Tuesday with a sign outside his business.

“People have really responded positively to it,” Moore Liquor owner Bryan Kerr said.

The sign reads in block letters: “Fred Phelps 1929-2014, Champagne 10% off! Not a coincidence.”

The leader of one of the most controversial congregations in the country died March 19. Kerr said Phelps’ death is cause for celebration.

“Champagne is a celebratory drink and so that’s why we gave 10 percent off,” he said. “If they choose to celebrate the passing of a little hate from this world, they can do so and we’re happy to oblige here at Moore Liquor.”

Yes, that sign made the local news. I wish I was in the KOCO production meeting when the story was pitched.

“What do you got Erielle? Update on the 5th Congressional District Race? The Markwayne Mullin income scandal?? The fight to repeal Common Core education???”

“Well, there’s a liquor store in Moore with a funny marque.”

“Awesome. That’s easy and it will get a bunch of attention. Great job.”

Of course, I can’t really criticize KOCO from taking the easy road. That’s what we’ve been doing for seven years. Plus, the Moore Liquor marquee is good for an occasional laugh. In fact, if I had to write a “Top 10 Things About Moore” for this site, the Moore Liquor Marquee would probably rank number three behind “Heroes” and “Leaving Moore.”

As a service to our readers, I looked through the Moore Liquor Marquee Facebook page and grabbed 10 of their funnier marquee signs over the past couple of year. Here they are:

Ogle Madness VII: Sweet Sixteen, Midwest Region

Here are your afternoon match-ups. These games are being played at the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School South Campus:

(1) Gary England vs. (4) Marla Morgan
(2) Russell Westbrook vs. (3) Olivia Munn 

Good luck to all. Hopefully, Gary England doesn’t strike his competitors with lightning.

Ogle Madness VII: Sweet Sixteen, Northeast Region

The Ogle Madness VII Sweet 16 begins with the games from the Northeast Region. Here’s the updated bracket.

Today’s match-ups include:

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (5) Damon Lane
(3) Jessica Schambach vs. (7) Bench Warmers

Right now, this looks like Emily Sutton’s region to lose. Don’t count out Damon Lane, though. He may stand on a couple of phone books and pull this thing out.


Bibi Jones is expecting soon. Let’s get her a present from her Amazon Wish List.

bibi jones is pregnant

The other day, we received this email from an Ogle Mole. It had to do with Moore’s second-most popular adult film star Bibi Jones.

I’m not sure if you guys have seen this or not, but you’re Ogle Madness 8 seed Bibi Jones is pregnant. She’s going to pop any day now. That’s awful, because I’m a big fan of her movies.

I also noticed she links to an Amazon wishlist on her Twitter. The list may be old and the items are kind of random, but should we all pitch in and buy her a present?

Big fan,

Royce Young

Okay, Royce didn’t write us that email, Royce’s Wife. I made it up because I’m ashamed that:

A) We’ve failed to mention that Bibi Jones is expecting a son here in a month or so.

B) That I creeped on her Twitter page and noticed she links to an Amazon wishlist in her bio.

As Fake Royce mentioned, maybe we really should pitch in and get her present. It could be our little way of paying her back for all the traffic and joy she’s sent to us over the years. For some reason – maybe because 80% of internet visits have to do with porn – our story that broke her first retirement was one of the most popular TLO posts in 2012. In fact, the video of Bibi we uploaded to YouTube has received over 600,000 views.

Anyway, here are the seven items on her wishlist that are still available for purchase:

Ogle Madness VII: Second Round, West Region

This wraps up the Second Round of Ogle Madness VII. The Sweet 16 will start tomorrow. 

(1) Joleen Chaney vs. (8) Wes Welker

(4) Non-Chunky Cheerleaders vs. (5) Mayor Mick Cornett

(3) Abigail Ogle vs. (6) Real Miss Oklahoma

(2) Kristin  Chenoweth vs. (7) Wendy Suares