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Jacob Abello — the dude who kissed Christina Fallin — has made the Hollywood round of American Idol

christina fallin Jacob Abello

A few weeks ago, we had a caption contest for the pic above. It features Oklahoma’s pink-haired “First Daughter” — Christina Fallin — kissing local gay musician Jacob Abello. Out of the 116 submissions, here are 10 of my favorites. If one of your captions is listed, send me an email and I’ll get you a TLO Trivia Night ink pen (estimated value: $0.25) in the mail sometime soon.

• Does this gay guy make me look pale?

• Lets use “annulment” as our safe word.

• I’m a lesbian now, right?

• Mom says it’s time for a European vacation….let’s get married!

• Nope, still gay!

• Rally — I taste like Pepto-Bismol, too!

• Ok, I’ll play my mom and you play the shirtless Highway Patrolman.

• Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!

• I only make out with people who have worse hair coloring than I do.

• This is hotter than my mom’s hot tub.

Good times. Thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll have another caption contest soon. You can check out all the captions here.

Anyway, one reason I’m bringing this up is that Jacob Abello auditioned for American Idol in Oklahoma City and actually made it to Hollywood. He wasn’t featured on TV or anything, but here’s his “Road to Hollywood” interview:

The Oklahoma Legislature is creating a Counterterrorism Caucus to fight the Muslim Brotherhood

In Sunday’s paper, the Oklahoman profiled new House Speaker T.W. Shannon and his GOP majority caucus. The article went out of its way to let you know that all is well with the Oklahoma Republican party:

Shannon, elected speaker last month, downplays talk that a fringe element exists among House Republicans.

The first glimpse of how strong a grip House Speaker T.W. Shannon has over the largest-ever House GOP caucus should be shown Monday, the first day of the legislative session…

Shannon, elected speaker last month, downplays talk that a fringe element exists among House Republicans.

“We’ve worked very hard to make sure there’s not a fringe, that everybody within our 70-plus member caucus has a voice at the table,” said Shannon, R-Lawton. “While certainly there are differences of opinion, I don’t pretend that we’re always going to agree — but my goal is that there wouldn’t be a fringe element, that every voice is represented. They represent 37,000 people and they should have a seat at the table.”

In the same article, House Minority Leader Scott Inman (D-Del City) disagreed:

Minority Leader Scott Inman, D-Del City, and other House Democrats insist a contentious group exists among House Republicans, who outnumber Democrats 72-29…

Inman said the House Republican caucus “is deeply divided along an ideological fault line.”

“It sounds to me like he is anticipating more fringe-type legislation progressing in the House and if that happens that should be a concern for all of us because you don’t improve the state’s image nationwide,” Inman said.

Well, it looks like Inman may know the Republican caucus better than their own Speaker.

We’ve obtained through the Ogle Mole Network a letter sent by State Representative John Bennett (R – Sallisaw) to fellow lawmakers in hopes of forming a “Counterterrorism Caucus” in the Oklahoma legislature. The goal of the caucus would be to help educate and inform Oklahomans about the growing Muslim threat, and prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from “establishing world-wide rule” and “imposing Shariah law.” The letter shows that the fringe group of wackos is alive and well in the Oklahoma Republican party, and they are continuing to push their draconian platform of hate, intolerance and general bigotry.

The full text of the letter and some commentary is after the jump. You can view the PDF here.

Paul Simon’s son made a music video in Oklahoma City

In case you missed it, here’s the Hyundai Super Bowl Ad featuring The Flaming Lips. It aired before kickoff on Sunday:

Say what you want about Wayne Coyne’s recent fall from local grace, it’s still cool to see he and the Lips make an appearance in the American mainstream. They’re great ambassadors for Oklahoma City — even when they shut down the airport — and have helped change what some people think about this sleepy little town in the middle of a flyover state. I actually think that’s a good thing. Would you rather be associated with some drugged out, colorful, creative weirdo who crawls around in bubbles or one of our Derplahoman lawmakers who live in an imaginary one? I vote drugged out, colorful creative weirdo.

If you need proof of how the Lips have changed people’s perceptions about OKC, look no farther than  musician Harper Simon. He’s a hipster singer/songwriter from NY & LA and just happens to be Paul Simon’s son. He filmed his new music video “Bonnie Brae” in and around Oklahoma City, and he did it voluntarily. Here’s a little background on the video:

The dive bars and strip malls of Oklahoma City are captured during the golden hour in this nostalgic, sometimes hallucinatory video for Harper Simon’s latest single, “Bonnie Brae”, directed by George Salisbury. Most celebrated for his video and design work with the famed Oklahoma export The Flaming Lips, Salisbury took Simon (son of Paul) on a tour of the city at the heart of the States—complete with drag queens and disco balls—and shot it all through a dreamy, iridescent lens. “It seemed familiar, yet strangely unfamiliar,” said the New York-raised, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter of his adventures between the two coasts. “It’s not like what it would look like if you went around Hollywood and tried to shoot in bars. It’s an authentic, American look.”

For the video, however, Salisbury and Simon kept it quirky, intimate and local. “I thought the gritty vibe was really suited to the lyrics of the song, and maybe the whole album,” explains the musician. “But maybe I’m just at home in a dive bar.”

Here’s the video.

Report: BiBi Jones is still an Oklahoma City Thunder fan…

If I had to come up with a list of the best Oklahoma celebrities to follow on Twitter, Moore native and “retired” adult film star Bibi Jones (real name: Britney Maclin) would be near the top of the list. This is primarily because she posts insightful, witty one-liners about politics, sports and modern American pop culture. She’s basically the Chuck Klosterman of Twitter, only attractive.

Okay, that’s not true. Unless you consider it hysterically funny to intentionally misspell the word “come,” BiBi Jones isn’t very witty or insightful. In fact, she’s kind of boring. Most of her tweets are generally NSFW pics of her rolling around naked in bed, or rolling around naked in bed, or rolling around naked in bed. That’s cool the first few times they come (Bibi would spell that differently) across your Twitter feed, but they get annoying after a while, especially when you are showing how Twitter works to your little cousin over the Thanksgiving holiday.

That being said, Bibi does occasionally post safe-for-work photos of her wearing Thunder gear. That’s kind of cool. Who doesn’t like to ogle an actress / model / stripper / (probable) escort with blonde hair and big boobs supporting your favorite team…especially when you’re dragging the day after the Super Bowl? Here’s a compilation of pics of BiBi sporting some Thunder gear. If you consider The Chive to be safe for work, these are safe for work. If you consider the Chive to be a terrible website with redundant, time-killing, brain-draining content that serves no purpose, then, uhm, what are you doing here?

Here we go:

Some couple got married inside a Taco Bueno…

Today is the day after the Super Bowl. That means I’m groggy, depressed and don’t feel like writing very much. This is because:

A. I went to a little Super Bowl party and chugged some Miller Lights. Nothing will make you more groggy and depressed than drinking Miller Light, especially when you don’t even get a buzz.

B. Football is my favorite sport and we’ve now entered a six month nuclear football winter. This period runs from approximately the day after the Super Bowl to the start of Hard Knocks on HBO. It just sucks. Fortunately, we’ll have a Thunder playoff run, Game of Thrones, and the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad to help get us through it. And don’t forget about men’s college basketball, or as I now call it, the WNBA.

Anyway, to keep with the mood of today, I thought I’d share with you a depressing YouTube clip. Some couple was married inside a Sand Springs Taco Bueno. Here’s the video: