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Louis C.K. really wants us to identify his OKC one night stand…

Back in October, we asked the Ogle Mole Network for help in identifying the hot chick that had a one night stand with Louis C.K. in Oklahoma City. Louis mentioned the girl in a stand up act five or six years ago. We brought it up after writing about Louie’s tasteless OKC bombing jokes.

Here’s a snippet:

Ogle Moles, it’s time to grab our magnifying glasses, dust off the deerstalker hats, and get to work finding this alleged beautiful woman! Is she actually good-looking? Does she still live in Oklahoma City? Does she even exist? If she does, you would think that at one point in her life that she would have told a friend that she slept with a now-famous ugly comedian that she met at the Looney Bin or Jokers. And you would think that her friend would eventually tell someone else, who would then tell someone else, who would the tell an Ogle Mole, who would then email us with the information. Right?

Anyway, if you have any details for this case, let us know via the “Contact Us” page on the site. And if you want us to reply to your email, use a real email address. Thanks.

Although we didn’t get any solid leads, it appears that Louis C.K. doesn’t want the case to go cold. He referenced the girl again in a recent interview in Vanity Fair and provided a few additional details about the timing of the encounter:

Chase Thomason is engaged to Mother Nature’s Furry…

In case you missed it, KFOR meteorologist Chase Thomason proposed to his girlfriend/coworker Ashton Edwards (a.k.a. Mother Nature’s Furry) live on the air Friday night during Channel 4′s 6pm news broadcast. It is believed to be first on-air marriage proposal in Oklahoma City TV news history. That is, if you exclude that drunken exchanges between Dean Blevins and Cherokee Ballard on Channel 5 in the early 1990s.

Anyway, get out the tissues or the trash can to catch your vomit. Here’s the video:

Bah, Humbug! Channel 4′s trying to shut down your company Christmas party…

One of the few things I miss about my last “real” job was the annual “Expanded Senior Leadership Team” Christmas Party. Yeah, I was part of something called the Expanded Senior Leadership Team. Scary, huh?

At the mixer, all the company’s executives, middle managers and team leader-types would gather at the Petroleum Club, get toasted, eat nasty food, pretend to like each other, and then play a two hour game of Dirty Santa. If that sounds like a terrible time, well, it kind of was. Fortunately, though, there was an open bar to make everything better.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something magical about drinking a FREE vodka tonic, glass of wine, or your choice of Heineken or Corona with people you don’t really like but have to work with. Open bars can turn any boring event into something fun and amazing. That’s why I’m surprised they don’t have them at funerals.

Anyway, the assholes at Channel 4 are out to ruin the fun for everyone. They are trying to convince your employer to stop providing alcohol at holiday parties:

Introducing the first – and possibly last – TLO Crossword Puzzle

I’m not a big crossword puzzle guy. I think they’re an okay way to kill time, but I rarely play them. Occasionally while I’m waiting for my Western Omelet at Jimmy’s Egg, I’ll take a look at New York Times puzzle that’s reprinted in the Gazette. When I do, I usually just skim through the clues for the obvious answers. I don’t know if that makes me a “fair weather” crossword puzzler or if it just means I’m normal, but I thought it would be a fun little segue to 116 Across:

Yes, that’s right. Enid, an Oklahoma city (and the home of emptiness, a schoolyard ninja and a really angry bar owner) made the New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle. That’s the biggest thing to happen to Enid since, uhm, I guess the wheat harvest or something. I don’t know. Enid is to me like Tulsa was to Chandler in that Friends episode. It seems like a scary lonely place.

Anyway, to celebrate Enid’s accomplishment, I decided to make our own crossword puzzle. I can’t guarantee it’s good or fun, but I can guarantee it will kill time on your Monday morning. The puzzle’s theme are the people, places and topics you may occasionally read about on our little website. If you like it, good. If you don’t, I hope your employer transfers you to Enid.

Here it is:

KFOR Channel 4 wants to know if it’s okay to rape a child…

Yesterday, another news story broke about another teacher/coach being caught in another inappropriate relationship with another underage student.

Yes, sad and disgusting news stories like that are becoming far too commonplace in Oklahoma. And KFOR Channel 4 wants to know if it should be illegal.

From their Facebook Page: