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UPDATE: Here’s a photo of Charles Barkley having fun in OKC…in the mid-1990s.

Yesterday afternoon we offered cash bounties for photographs of Charles Barkley in Oklahoma City. Since we posted our request, we’ve already received several submissions, including a $5 pic that shows Barkley having fun with a black person.

One picture, though, already takes the very very very large cake Barkley eats on a regular basis. It’s a picture of Chuck and a couple of ladies having fun at the Bricktown Brewery…in 1995.

Here’s the photograph and email:

Wanted: Photos of Charles Barkley having fun in Oklahoma City

As you probably know, Charles Barkley is finally making his long-awaited and extremely overhyped visit to Oklahoma City.

During his trip, we are offering a $1 bounty for any photograph of Charles Barkley doing something around town. It could be something touristy like having a steak at Cattleman’s or touring the Cowboy Hall of Fame, or it could be something a bit unusual like Chuck beating up the Video Vigilante and running away with his camera.

In addition to the $1 general bounty, we also have some special requests. We’re upping the payouts if you can snap and submit to us a picture of Charles Barkley doing one the following things:

$2: Checking into the Skirvin

This one’s pretty simple. We just want a photo of Sir Charles checking into his hotel room. If he’s checking into a different hotel, we’ll pay you $4. If he’s checking Jaime Cerreta into a hotel, we’ll pay $6.


$3: Holding some golf ball size hail

Dear person who posts pictures of hail to the internet,

We get it. It hailed. Big fucking deal. We’ve all seen hail before and don’t need to look at it on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed. Seriously, we could care less. We don’t feel sorry for you and we don’t think it’s cool. In fact, we think it’s annoying. And if you emailed a hail pic to a local news channel, we all hope that the hail totaled your car and that you didn’t have full coverage.



Behold the Gary England Severe Weather Dong…

For almost a year now, Matt Mahler has held the Oklahoma City Severe Weather Dong Championship belt with the glorious picture above.

Well, it looks like Mahler’s title may be in jeopardy. Earlier today, someone posted the following picture on our Facebook wall. It’s pretty good:

Report: Chesapeake Energy has become “a potential target for acquirers”

When I’ve talked with Ogle Moles about the future of Chesapeake Energy, the big concern hasn’t been bankruptcy, but a potential buyout or acquisition by an out-of-state company. This would be a double-whammy nightmare for the Oklahoma City and state economy. Not only would a lot of people lose good jobs, but a lot of good people may leave town to follow a job.

Well, that nightmare scenario may not be too far away. According to Bloomberg Business Week, Chesapeake is now a target for acquisition:

Monday Morning Tweets: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Welcome to one of the worst days of the year — the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Right now you’re sunburned, tired and slightly hungover. You probably feel like someone took 20 bad Mondays, put them in a bucket of gravy, and then dumped it all over your head. Unless, of course, you’re off work today. If that’s the case, fuck you.

Anyway, Tony usually writes this weekly review of celebrity tweets, but he’s busy working on a new series of Jennifer Reynolds watercolors for an upcoming art show. I’ve seen a few of them, and I must say they are pretty impressive. My favorite is the one he painted of Jennifer and Ron Stahl riding horses and eating Rush Springs watermelon on the set of Discover Oklahoma. I’m not sure what would inspire someone to paint something like that — or why Ron Stahl had an arrow in his back — but Tony is a creative guy. You can’t explain his genius.

To this week’s tweets: