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Monday Morning Tweets: Angela Lansbury, Sam Bradford, and Bear Trapping

Hello, people of the internet! It’s something of a melancholy Monday morning, what with the tragedy in Woodward over the weekend. A sad reminder that as much as we take severe weather for granted and embrace the spectacle of it all, it is genuinely life-and-death that we are dealing with; beyond the drinking games and bedazzled weather ties, life is at risk and severe storms must be respected. If you’d like to help the people of Woodward, I’d suggest donating to the Red Cross. Their website is here. And, since this is the twitter post, follow Red Cross spokesman and former Channel 9 newsguy Rusty Surette here. TLO wants to send it’s best wishes to those in Woodward.

With that, we’ll get to week’s tweets after the jump.

Oglebating: Truck Nuts, Yes or No?

It’s that time again, readers, when we tackle the tough questions that other blogs are too scared to touch. Last time you decided overwhelmingly that you preferred Bob Mills to the Mathis Brothers, most likely because you are responsible hamster owners. This week, we take on the question that no one else has the balls to debate. Truck nuts: yes or no?

Monday Morning Tweets: Pillow fights, Tebowing, and Bros

Hello again, boys and girls! It’s yet another Monday morning, and therefore time for another edition of Monday Morning Tweets.

I spent a lot of time wrestling with whether or not I should include the above Ogle-bait from your newly-crowned Ogle Madness V champion. On the one hand: Joleen Chaney and Emily Sutton pillow fight! On the other hand: “don’t be the creepy guy” is one of my life’s philosophies, and one day you’re writing about pillow fights, then you’re composing possibly disturbing yet surprisingly catchy songs to post on the internet, and the next day you’re dancing to Goodbye Horses. So the pillow fight is acknowledged and you guys can do with it what you will, but I’m moving on. This week’s tweets are after the jump!

Monday Morning Tweets: The Dean Blevins Edition

Good morning, people of the internet! It’s another Monday morning and another edition of Monday Morning Tweets. Ordinarily I try to mix it up and post tweets from a variety of sources from week to week. But the one guy who I keep coming back to is good ol’ Deano. He has such a unique style that I’m weirdly captivated by that I just can’t help it. Also, he really likes to tweet. I know because he wrote this thing on New9.com about how he really likes to tweet. That was the entire column. Really. Three short paragraphs explaining how much he likes to tweet and then…a super long list of his own tweets. Really weird! Almost as weird as me listing a bunch of @DeanBlevins’ tweets, which I’m going to do after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets: Derek Fisher, Emmys and Diamonds

Hello internet! Welcome to another Monday morning and another edition of Monday Morning Tweets. The young lady up above tweeting with Geraldo’s worst nightmare is Britnee Bryles, who is something called the Social Correspondant for KFOR and KAUT. Despite having what is clearly a made up job and not trying to “be in our drama,” when you do things like tweet pictures of yourself at Edna’s with Joleen Chaney, Tiffany Blackmon and Emily Sutton, you have little choice to but to be in our drama, which is a phrase that I have never uttered in my entire life until now. So there you go. I hope that is a lesson learned for everyone.

Enjoy your work week everyone, we’ll get to this week’s tweets (non-namecalling edition) after the jump.