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The World’s Largest Outdoor Furry Festival Is Coming To Oklahoma. This Is Not A Drill.

All right, people, how have you never told me about this? Next week, a whole bunch of human beings wearing dressed up as animals will be descending on Roman Nose State Park. This happens every year, apparently. It’s called Oklacon, and holy cow this is crazy. I mean, I knew this subculture existed, but I guess I never really knew the extent of it.

I don’t really know what else to add to the introduction to this post other than to mention that I think the member of the local media most likely to attend a furry convention is Jon Slater. So, after the jump, ten thoughts about OklaCon and the furries congregating in our state.

Oglebating: Worse Customer Service – Braum’s or Ted’s Cafe Escondido?

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It’s time once again for another exciting installment of Oglebating, or as we call it at TLO headquarters: “The one where we are running out of famous and/or funny debate videos to put at the top of the post.” By the end of the year, the only videos left to post will be some old Flashpoint clips of Burns Hargis and Mike Turpen arguing.

Last week, we tackled the subject of Megachurches, and, well, the overwhelming majority of you are going to hell. Not that we didn’t know that beforehand.

This week, we’ve decided to debate something everyone can identify with: customer service! Who’s worse: Braum’s or Ted’s Cafe Escondido? We’ll make our cases after the jump.

Oglebating: Are we cool with all these megachurches?

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Welcome back to Oglebating, the most terrifyingly named of all TLO features! Last week, readers ruled that it’s perfectly fine to dip your pizza in ranch dressing. So go ahead and keep on doing that, freaks.

What foods we eat and how we eat them is deeply personal to each individual, so this week we decided to tackle something a little less controversial: Religion! This should go well.

Megachurches are a ubiquitous part of living in OKC: Life Church, Victory Church, Henderson Hills, Crossings Community Church; you know all the names. Are we happy with having all these megachurches being such an ingrained part of the local culture? We’ll argue the question after the flip.

What If All Bands Were Named After Sports Stars From Oklahoma?

Most people know that Pearl Jam’s original name was Mookie Blaylock, a tribute to the NBA player and former Oklahoma Sooner. With the upcoming release of Cameron Crowe’s documentary about the band, which is titled, I believe, Flannel, Flannel Everywhere, it’s a good time to discuss what other Oklahoma athletes would make a good band name. After the jump, my stab at it.

Oglebating: Is it socially acceptable to dip your pizza in ranch dressing?

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We Oklahomans love our ranch dressing. We put it on our salads, dip our vegetables in it, and incorporate it into our lovemaking. Some people are even known to dip their pizza in it! Is that taking our ranch dressing-infatuation too far? After the jump, we debate the eternal question:

Is it socially acceptable to dip your pizza in ranch dressing?