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Ogle Madness VIII: West Region (Lower Bracket)


And here we are, the final games of the first round! What a long, strange trip it’s been. Don’t forget to go vote for this morning’s games here. This afternoon’s games feature Russell Westbrook, Linda Cavanaugh and then nothing else but a whole lot of questionable people. Here they are:

(6) Mary Fallin’s Gold Bust vs (11) Joe Dorman
(3) Mayor Mick vs (14) Derpy Dan Fisher
(7) Linda Cavanaugh vs (10) Jenni Carlson
(2) Russell Westbrook vs (15) Yellow Lamborghini Driver

Ogle Madness VIII: West Region (Upper Bracket)

Welcome to Thursday, ladies and gentlemen. Today is the beginning of the real March Madness but the last part of the first round of Ogle Madness.

Today we head out west, where the games include a really tall guy from New Zealand and the most attractive Ogle:

(1) Lacey Swope vs (16) Emily Sutton’s Okie
(8) Dean Blevins vs (9) Abigail Ogle
(4) Steven Adams vs (13) Bethany
(5) Oklahoma Hoodie Wearer vs (12) Video Vigilante

Ogle Madness VIII: Southeast Region (Lower Bracket)

Hey all, it’s time for today’s Ogle Madness afternoon matchups. If you didn’t vote this morning, be sure to go do that. The afternoon games feature one loudmouth sports talkshow host, one loudmouth politician, and two things from Lake Hefner. I wonder if the lighthouse is jealous?

(6) Lake Hefner Goats vs (11) Lake Hefner Frackers
(3) Bob Stoops vs (14) Jim Inhofe
(7) Mama Bear vs (10) Regular Jim Traber
(2) Blake Shelton vs (15) Red Dog Cafe Chef


Ogle Madness VIII: Southeast Region (Upper Bracket)

After two days, we’re halfway done with the first round of Ogle Madness VIII. Here’s your daily reminder that you can find the whole bracket here.

The upper half of the Southeast region features some incredibly difficult matchups, including a brutal 4 vs 13 (Q: how high was the committee when they decided to make Christina Fallin a 4 seed?) and a 5 vs 12 matchup featuring the significant others of two Channel 4 meteorologists (kinda says it all about this state, huh?).

(1) Joleen Chaney vs (16) Discriminated White Girl from Ada
(8) Jim Gardner vs (9) The Dry Slot
(4) Hipster Boo Boo vs (13) Aaron Tuttle
(5) Marla Morgan vs (12) Michael (Emily Sutton’s fiance)

Ogle Madness VIII: Midwest Region (Lower Bracket)

Okay, it’s time for the rest of the Midwest region. I’m actually writing this intro Monday afternoon, and SON OF A BITCH I just read Serge Ibaka needs surgery, so hopefully nothing else horrible has happened to the Thunder on the injury front. Is there any way we can blame PJ Carliesemo for these injury problems? I’m almost expecting to see Robert Swift suiting up again soon.

To help you soothe the wounds, do your civic duty and vote in Ogle Madness. Your afternoon match-ups are:

(6) Miss State Fair vs (11) Steve Shaw
(3) Olivia Munn vs (14) OKC Magic Club
(7) New Wayne Coyne vs (10) Katy Weaver
(2) Garth Brooks vs (15) Chris Landsberger

Go vote!