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Friday night in the big town: Food trucks, SoonerCon, and a river festival


Hey, everybody! Breathe easy, you’ve almost made it through another week. It’s the end of June, which means this year is somehow half over already, and it’s also about the point in time where it gets so damn hot that we’re all too miserable to do anything except sit inside and complain about how hot it is. In other words, this weekend would be a good time to take advantage of some decent weather before it’s gone for a few months.

If you want to get out of the house, here’s some things you can do. This is today’s Friday Night In The Big Town.

MMT: The farewell edition

Before we get started, a bit of housekeeping to get out-of-the-way: This is my last week writing Monday Morning Tweets. It’s been great fun and something I’m pretty proud of, but it was more than time to step away and let someone else take over. And that’s where the real good news come in. Starting next week, Monday Morning Tweets will be written by someone you all know: Marisa.

When I knew I was quitting MMT, I asked my pal Marisa if she had any good ideas for who could take over, and she came up with one name — herself. This is eerily like when George W Bush asked Dick Cheney to head his Vice Presidential Search Committee, and Cheney ended up recommending himself, so let’s all cross our fingers that this doesn’t end with Marisa shooting anyone in the face.

I’ve written Monday Morning Tweets for 18 months now, and before it gets too stale it’s time to let a new voice and sensibility take over. As you all know, Marisa is a genius, and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Also: you haven’t totally gotten rid of me just yet. I’ve got a new project for TLO starting next week that I’m pretty psyched about. Until then I just want to say thanks for putting up with me every Monday morning. Especially you, Dean Blevins.

– Tony

This week’s tweets are after the jump.

MMT: Some guy is really really mad at Channel 4 for canceling The Celebrity Apprentice

Hey everybody! This is Monday, and this here is Monday Morning Tweets. Do you remember this series? I know, I barely do either. We’ve been off the last two weeks due to the tornadoes, but it’s finally time to get a little bit of normalcy back into our schedule here.

This week’s tweets are after the jump.

Mike Morgan took a red bedazzled beating on Twitter…

Once again we’re coming to you after another sad week. The weather this May has been incredibly vicious, with a number of lives lost and millions and millions of dollars in damage done.

In the weekend following Friday night’s storms, there has been lots of talk about how some meteorologists advised metro residents to flee during the Tornado. The person getting the most criticism is KFOR’s Mike Morgan. For those who missed it or were watching another channel, Mike apparently suggested a couple of times that anyone who couldn’t get underground should get out-of-the-way. Get to central Moore or to Norman, take I-44, he said. Everyone will be safe there. He said this as Emily Sutton was almost being swept off the road by a tornado that took the lives of other stormchasers:

Unfortunately, the tornado made a sudden, unpredictable and unusual turn as it approached OKC and ended up heading towards Moore and Norman. The combination of hundreds and hundreds of people fleeing and what was already rush hour traffic suddenly led to a horrifying realization: traffic on the highways was at a standstill. The streets were packed, no one could go anywhere, and a tornado was bearing down on them.

And it’s all Mike Morgan’s fault… if you believe what you read on Twitter.

OKC’s weathermen divulge their approach to severe weather coverage


We have a lot of fun now and again with our local meteorologists, because the weather in Oklahoma is such a big deal and we’re all aware of them from the time we’re little kids, and yes, sometimes their coverage can be a little over-the-top. But when the chips are down and there is a truly devastating event taking place, like last week’s tornado, they really do play an incredibly important role in saving people’s lives.

One of my lasting memories of May 20th is Damon Lane realizing and acknowledging on-air that his house was likely gone, and then with an insane amount of poise and professionalism, continuing to advise, caution, and instruct his viewers about what was happening. It was genuinely nothing less than heroic work. Whatever doubts about him any of us had after Rick Mitchell left are gone now for good.

As part of their ongoing coverage of the tornado, The Oklahoman interviewed the three lead meteorologists about their approach to tornado coverage in general and last Monday specifically.