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New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the ball has dropped and 2007 is gone, it is time for the New Year’s traditions. Growing up, my dad would always make us eat black eyed peas on January 1st because it supposedly brought forth good luck. Considering that they taste like something found in the cup seen in the video these people are watching, they damn well better bring some good fortune. Otherwise, I’d almost rather do as the Coney Island Polar Bear Club does for good luck and swim in freezing ocean water.

Of course the most common New Year’s tradition is the New Year’s Resolution. That’s where everyone makes a promise to give up a vice or improve their lifestyle in a way that will make this year better than the last…kind of like lent without the religion. And like lent, these resolutions are rarely followed up on for more than forty days.

Being slaves to tradition, we at TheLostOgle have resolved to be better people in 2008. I tried to think of something funnier than staying on top of housework, but seriously, my house is a pigsty. My son ambled out of the living room last night, and it took me a couple of minutes to find him. In order to avoid an Amber Alert narrowed down to Matthews’ Manor, I’m going to stick with that one.

I checked with Patrick, and his goal for 2008 is to create a drinking game for the Oklahoma Lottery Gameshow. Meanwhile, Tony plans to leave his apartment at some point during the year. After the jump, I have assigned some resolutions to a few other people, and in the comments section, you can provide your own plans for a better you.

Merry Justice League of Oklahoma (Episode 2.4)

Previously: After the Bedlam drubbing, Bob Stoops learned of a plot to sabotage the Big XII title game by kidnapping Sam Bradford. Gary England accepted the case for the Justice League, sending Bryant Reeves and Lauren Richardson to Stillwater to investigate if anyone at OSU might be involved in the plan. They spoke with Mike Gundy and Boone Pickens, but were unable to track down Robert Allen. Gary also assigned “The White Lantern”, Jason White, to personally protect Bradford.

Power Poll: The 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City Media (10-1)

For some reason, I couldn’t find any good picture for our “Hottest Women in the OKC Media” power poll, so I figured this picture of Gan Matthews would suffice. I figured this because Gan Matthews may possibly make our “10 Hottest Men in the OKC Media” power poll that comes out next week. Yeah…we’re actually going to do that.

Anyway, back to what we really care about, and that’s the girls. First, we’ll recap 20-11. The final 10 will show up after the jump. Enjoy.

20. Amanda Taylor
19. Kimberly Lohman
18. Bobbie Miller
17. Constance Jones
16. Ali Meyer
15. Courtney Coates
14. Tierney Cook
13. Audra Taylor
12. Kealey McIntire
11. Kate Godwin

Justice League of Oklahoma (Episode 2.1)

LOCATION: Owen Field at Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium

The Sooners have just put the finishing touches on a 49-17 shellacking of Oklahoma State, a win that clinched the Big XII South Championship. The scene is one of great celebration. Sooner players perform choreographed handshakes and scream “Boomer” with their forefinger raised high. Former players, like Jason White, Jamelle Hollieway, and Brian Bosworth congratulate the triumphant team. Meanwhile the coaches huddle to discuss the game, loudly saying things like, “They were better when this was their bowl game”, or “Miles was a jerk, but at least they came to play back then” followed by derisive laughter.

In the background, a large man dressed in orange watches the proceedings with a sour look on his face.

What Are We Thankful For?


For those who have not heard, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.  One tradition at the Matthews household is that everyone at the dinner table must give a reason to be thankful before getting an turkey.  So, I thought I’d bring that tradition to TheLostOgle.  I’ll start:

Clark Matthews:  I am thankful , of course, for my loving wife and one year old son…but also, having Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe to provide me with material for articles.

Patrick Nelson is thankful amendments have been made to the Constitution of Oklahoma.

Tony Hanadarko says he is thankful for “his pet turtle“, but what he really gives thanks for is that he gets to walk on the same Earth as David Beckham.

Now, wasn’t that nice.  As successful as this exercise was, I thought I’d extend it to some of Oklahoma’s more famous citizens.  After the jump you will find out how some of your favorite Oklahomans answered this question:

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?