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Top 25 Oklahoma Sports Figures Since 2000 (11-15)

How do I continue to post such brilliance? Genetics and plenty of free time, I guess.

Recap last week’s list:

20 Rhett Bomar

19 Desmond Mason

18 Courtney Paris

17 Sunny Galloway’s daughter

16 Russell Westbrook

And this week’s brilliance begins with …

Top 25 Oklahoma Sports Figures Since 2000 (25-21)

The next few weeks, I will present the Top 25 Oklahoma Sports Figures over the past 10 years. So there be no mention of Jim Thorpe or Barry Switzer or naked Byron Houston. And, apparently, there will be no mention of me and my athletic exploits both during and after high school. I’ll have you know that I was the Offensive MVP of my high school baseball team that finished only one game under .500. Where are my accolades? Who could possibly be a greater sports figure? How can there be 25 greater sports figures from Oklahoma?  Find these answers after the jump.

Top 10 Sports Stories of 2010

10. Al Eshbach goes on vacation a lot

Eshbach himself isn’t intolerable. In fact, I find the Eshbach/Traber/Tramel/Deano show tolerable, and at times amusing. Probably because it’s not the 2 hour OU football blowjob masquerading as the AM drive time sports hour. And, most importantly, there are no callers. Sports radio is much better when the phones don’t work. When the minions can’t rehash the same stupid questions and comments about Landry Jones and Kevin Wilson.

That’s what makes Al’s vacations so grand. When Al leaves, his callers go back to cleaning out portable shitters. Al’s listeners are the BBJs of sports radio callers.

Thunder Timeline

Since the second-ever post on this website, pro basketball in Oklahoma City has been a hot topic at The Lost Ogle. Now ““ after all the logo leaks and sales tax votes ““ all that writing finally amounts to something when the OKC Thunder take to the court later this week for their first regular season game. In honor of this week’s inaugural game, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the stuff written on this site’s pages about Oklahoma City’s quest to be a (gag) “big league city.” Check it out after the jump…

This is going to get ugly…

A team coming off their worst record in franchise history featuring:

* A rookie point guard selected in the top-5
* The budding superstar at shooting guard coming into his second season
* An oft-injured power forward perpetually expected to have a breakout season
* Desmond Mason
* An untalented white guy with long hair completely covered in tatoos

Oddly, this could describe either NBA franchise that has played in the Ford Center as the home team.