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How NOT to Keep a Secret

When making such a fuss about rebranding the Seattle SuperSonics into the Oklahoma City (Team Name to be Announced)s, you would imagine that the owners of the city’s new NBA franchise would want to control the announcement of their team name. You know what happens when you assume?

Well, the NBA schedule for 2008-2009 was announced today and the inaugural season of the Oklahoma City franchise is set to kick off with a match against the mighty Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday, October 29th. More interesting, to us at least, is what is listed above the team schedule on the NBA’s official website.

Link: Oklahoma City Thunder Schedule

Update: The link is now dead.  Thankfully screen shots live forever.

Brainstorming Privileges Revoked

When not on a high horse about message boards, Berry Tramel has a day job. He works for the Dark Tower where he writes a daily column giving his take on sports related topics. In the past, we have even labeled him as the most tolerable writer at The Oklahoman, a status that was not hurt when he dropped a reference to my recap of the Season II premiere of Saving Grace.

But for the sake of intelligent conversation in this state, Berry must stop brainstorming. Short of that, he could just stop sharing his off the cuff ideas. It all started when he mused on names that should be considered for the team-formerlly-known-as-the-SuperSonics. In concluding that “ThunderBirds” was the best option, he first considered some gems like: Bandits. Outlaws. Jellicle Cats. And the cherry on the top of his craptastic name list, Wildcatters.

First of all, he should have left the name suggesting to people who know what they are doing. Had he ended with this, though, we could have let it slide.

Uniform Design Contest-Contest

Even before Clay Bennett and his posse were able to break their lease in Seattle by relinquishing the name “SuperSonics” (as well as ponying up as much cash as T. Boone Pickens keeps in his shoe), speculation regarding what the NBA franchise would be called in Oklahoma City was rampant.  This website even succumbed to the temptation.  Others have taken interest in what colors the team should adopt.  Now, a writer on ESPN.com has taken it to the next level.

Paul Lukas, the author of ESPN.com Page 2’s feature “Uni Watch”, has announced a contest for designing the team’s new uniforms.  Considering the team does not have a name or colors (as I alluded to above) this could be interesting.  It also opens up an opportunity for us to hold our own competition.

For any enterprising LostOgle reader who can get a design immortalizing one of the team names we suggested in this article by having Lukas mention it, a prize will be awarded (probably a t-shirt).  If you can get a design for the Oklahoma City LostOgle’s mentioned in the column, we’ll even throw in an authgraphed copy of The Gazette

If you want more information on the contest, follow the jump…

Judgement Day

If the above heading scared Sally Kern into fearing the impending rapture, running into the closet, and finding her son, that’s great news.  What I am really referring to, however, is the impending verdict of the City of Seattle v. Professional Basketball Club of Oklahoma which is due at 6:00 CST today. 

What rides on the ruling of Justice Marsha Pechman is not exactly of great significance to the people of Oklahoma.  Should she rule in favor of the PBC, there is a chance that the Sonics could relocate to our fair state in time for the 2008/2009 NBA season.  (More likely, the City of Seattle files an appeal delaying the move long enough that the team is stuck another season in Washington.)  If Pechman favors the City of Seattle, the Sonics will probably be stuck as many as two more seasons on the West Coast until the lease runs out and Clay Bennett moons the Seattle City Council from the back of a moving van.

Either way, it is hardly a day of infamy.  But, in order to beat The Oklahoman to covering the ruling, we offer our analysis of the verdict after the jump.

Clark Matthews’ 2008 NBA Draft Diary

Most years, the NBA Draft is a night I plan for far in advance. That was particularly true last year when the Sonics drafted Kevin Durant as the marquee player to usher the team into Oklahoma City. This year, not so much.

It kind of snuck up on me. I’m in the middle of changing jobs, I was on vacation early in the week, and the Sonics having bad luck in the lottery basically combined to the distract me to the point that I was actually surprised to see a commercial advertising it when I was sitting in a restaurant in St. Louis on Tuesday. Needless to say, Part II of my draft preview is not going to be published. That isn’t to say I don’t have an interest, and I’ll prove that if you read my minute by minute thoughts after the jump.

You can also see how I covered the draft for HornetsCentral.com in 2006 and for this website in 2007.