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Top 25 Oklahoma Sports Figures Since 2000 (11-15)

How do I continue to post such brilliance? Genetics and plenty of free time, I guess.

Recap last week’s list:

20 Rhett Bomar

19 Desmond Mason

18 Courtney Paris

17 Sunny Galloway’s daughter

16 Russell Westbrook

And this week’s brilliance begins with …

Tradition of Disappointment

(Editor’s Note:  Gravy Train is our newest contributor at The Lost Ogle.  You may be familiar with his work from the now defunct Red Dirt Kings.  Red Dirt Kings was a snarky local group blog that focused primarily on sports, hot chicks and other random things.  Yeah, he should fit in well.

Return of the mack.

New website. Same badassness.

I am an unabashed fan of the University of Oklahoma Fighting Sooners. Though I am in the minority in that not only did I attend OU, but I actually received a degree from said university. Yes, we do exist. Needless to say, the results of Bedlam went over well at the Train’s palatial midtown estate. And provided yet another disappointment in a long line of disappointments for OSU fan.

In fact one could argue the Cowboys’ most recent loss to the Sooners was the biggest sporting disappointment for OSU fan in the history of it’s storied athletic program. Yes, I just wrote that without hyperventilating.

But OSU fan does not have a monopoly on sports-related disappointments.

OKC Media Approval Ratings: Bob Barry Jr.

First of all, don’t let that picture confuse you.  We are approving/disapproving of the slimmed-down Bob Barry Jr.  Not that fat one who used to eat cinnamon raisin biscuits at Hardee’s and irritate Mike Steely.

Since that’s out of the way, lets move on to the fun stuff.  For those who don’t know “” or are new to the site “” we’ve had some fun with Bob Barry Jr. over the past couple of years.

We’ve done a pretty good job at pointing out that he knows nothing about sports outside of the markets of Oklahoma, Boston or Green Bay.  In fact, he’s done such a good job at knowing nothing about sports that he should probably look into trademarking his  “I don’t know buddy, why don’t you tell me!!!” line that he blubbers several times each day on the Sports Animal.

We also infamously busted Bob Barry Jr. last spring when he was being a little bit too flirty with the hot chicks in the local media.  Basically, he was flirting with hot newscasters like Joleen Chaney, Bobbie Miller, and Van Shea Iven.  Just kidding, he was never flirty with Van Shea Iven”¦at least on Twitter.

All that being said, little Bob Barry has cleaned up his act.  Instead of flirting with girls on Twitter, he now just tries to mingle with his heroes.  Heroes like John Daly.  Also, BBJ does live a great life.  He has ridden his dad’s coattails, gets paid to talk about sports, and even had his stomach stapled.  Hell, he also an attractive wife.  It’s probably good to be Bob Barry Jr!

Anyway, cast your vote for Bob Barry Jr. after the jump.  If you’re Running Girl, Pat Jones or Driver, we’ll let you vote several times

Bob Barry Jr. is a little too flirty on Twitter

If you’re the average Oklahoman, you probably think of Bob Barry Jr. as the once-fat Sports Director for KFOR Channel 4 who also hosts a sports talk show on The Sports Animal. You probably don’t think of him as the Internet equivalent of one of those creepy old guys who hits on young girls at Russell’s or Groovy’s.  But now, thanks to some amazingly real stuff he’s posted to his Twitter page, that’s about to change. Just check out some of tweets he’s sent to some of Oklahoma’s hottest finest young TV reporters!


To Joleen Chaney:

@JoleenChaney nahhhh…just a JC man. And BTW, the sexy graduate pic does it 4 me (lol). Have a fun weekend cutie..

@JoleenChaney rise & shine rush springs babe ! Get pumped about a Friday ! xoxo, bbj/

To Bobbie Miller:

@BobbieMiller BTW, I tried to send you a DM, but I don’t think you’re set up for that ??! Let me know cutie… xoxo

@BobbieMiller me 2 cutie…but I should be courtside in some big arena someplace, ya know ? Goes all over me…


To Jaime Cerreta:

@cerretanews I wish sweetheart…don’t get me started. So, I get to stay back here (sigh) and watch you (!)

@cerretanews the brown outfit was workin’ 4 me yesterday JC – I’m sure the Wal-Mart crowd loved seein’ U too 😉

@cerretanews popular & pretty – attractive combo – THAT’s why all the followers JC !

Well, if you ever see Chris Hansen at the KFOR studios, and a few minutes later notice a frazzled Bob Barry Jr. running out the front door and getting tackled by a bunch of  guys wearing yellow polo shirts, I guess you’ll now know why.

Seriously, what is going on with BBJ?  Maybe his semi-pornographic nickname is getting to him.  If I were to send tweets to my co-workers (and competitors) calling them “cutie” and talking about their “sexy pics” on the internet, I’d probably find myself in the HR office in a couple of days.  That’s why the subject matter of my tweets are about the frustrations of watching Tony Crocker play basketball and explaining to others what it’s like to suffer through a cold.

Anyway, I guess we should all be thankful that Van Shea Iven doesn’t have a Twitter page.  Who knows what tweets””or on a scarier note””what direct messages they would send to each other.  We should also hope that Mike Steely’s wife never gets a Twitter account.  That would be wrong.

OU vs. Chatanooga Betting Lines

Last year, we posted a betting guide for the OU and OSU season openers. Besides giving our opinion on the point spreads, we also posted a bunch of exotic bets. Here are some highlights on the OU side of things:

+/- 5: How many Sam Bradford incomplete passes it will take before 80,000+ people scream for Keith Nichol to be put in the game.

8-1: That there is “only one” Joe John Finley.

40-1: That all non-OU graduates in attendance at the North Texas game refuse to sing “Alma Mater’s Praise,” resulting in only 1,723 people singing.

100-1: Under heavy pressure from President Boren, the Pride of Oklahoma performs classic 70s hits from Barbara Streisand.

I’m glad nobody posted this thing over at OU Insider, because if they did, we probably could have lost a lot of money from people taking the under on the Sam Bradford thing. Anyway, after the jump I have our exotic bets for the OU season opener against Chattanooga. I would have included some for OSU, too, but fortunately our OSU expert Clark Matthews never emailed them too me.