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It looks like Missouri fans stumbled across those Blake Griffin photos…


This image is a screenshot of the ESPN telecast from Wednesday night’s OU – Missouri game.  I wonder what the Missouri fans would have done if Amy McRee was shooting free throws?

(Picture credit to 314sports.com)

Jenni Carlson Has High Standards


On Saturday afternoon, the world was right for all the Sooner fans who recognize the existence of the OU basketball team.  After UConn, the number one team in the nation lost earlier in the week, followed by North Carolina, the number three team in the nation being upset earlier in the day, the #2 Sooners were in pole position.  All they had to do was beat the underwhelming Texas Longhorns on primetime television and the top spot was theirs.

Three days and a gnarly elbow to Blake Griffin’s temple, and the picture is much bleaker.  While Griffin sat on the sidelines squinting at the lights, plugging his ears like the ClarkPupp at a Thunder game, and generally looking completely confused about where he was, the Sooners dropped the game against the Longhorns and their Big Monday game against Kansas.

That hasn’t stopped the hyperbole machine at The OklahomanAccording to Jenni Carlson, the game last night would have been entirely different.  “With Griffin, the Sooners beat the Jayhawks by double figures,” she says.  While I agree that the Sooners probably win the game with their star player in tow, I think a 20 point effect is overboard, especially when you consider her reasoning:  The #15 Kansas team was awful, particularly Cole Aldrich.

Despite 15 points and 20 rebounds, the Jayhawk center was oddly underwhelming.

That is how much Griffin has spoiled the Oklahoma media.  Aldrich was underwhelming?  That’s how she characterized fifteen points and twenty rebounds, against the #3 team in the country, and a team about which she earlier wrote (along with Connecticut, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh):  “They have been dominant. They have been steady. They have shown themselves the most complete teams in the land”?

In tomorrow’s columns expect her to label the fifty points Kobe Bryant dumps on the Thunder tonight as “sub-par”. 

As for the Sooners, I think this setback actually makes them better.  Putting the team on Willie Warren’s shoulders in the second half of the Texas game, which ended up being a remarkably close road loss in a rivalry game, will help his confidence should Griffin get into foul trouble in a tournament game.  And the whole team rallying together without their team leader to keep the Kansas game close shows that there is more talent on this team than just a single player.

More about those Blake Griffin in drag photos…

Last week, we posted some photos of Blake Griffin frolicking through a field in a blond wig, pink halter top and little green skirt. Since that day, our site has seen a little jump in traffic, as just about every Rival’s message board, sports blog and even a Sports Illustrated power poll has published the pictures.

When I first posted the silly little pics, I had no clue where or what they were from. Hell, I wasn’t even sure they were really of Blake Griffin. All I knew is that some person emailed them to me and I posted them the following day. However, after an email exchange with a person in the know, this is what I’ve learned about the photos:

“¢ They were taken when Blake Griffin was 15

“¢ The photos were from a “Back to School” video skit performed by the OCS Student Tech team.

“¢ Blake was (probably) impersonating a female upperclassman

“¢ There is a chance that OCS owns the rights to the pictures

Anyway, that hopefully puts the pictures into some context, and helps quell any rumors that Blake is a blazing cross dresser. However, it really doesn’t explain why his brother Taylor posted a picture of himself like the one above on his MySpace Page. It also doesn’t explain why our former editor Tony has a Blake Griffin room in his house that is very similar to the John Malkovich room in Being John Malkovich. Honestly, all of that is kind of creepy.

Blake Griffin is not pretty in pink…or in drag.

Maybe it’s a holiday hangover, but for the past couple days I’ve suffered from a severe case of writer’s block. Fortunately for me, the cure (random pictures of Blake Griffin dressed in drag) popped in my inbox yesterday evening.

Yeah, sometimes this blogging stuff can be too easy.

That being said, I was still somewhat hesitant to post pictures of my favorite team’s best player frolicking through a summery field wearing a pink halter top and green skirt. It just seemed like the wrong thing to do. Seriously, I can already picture Clark Matthews and all the agricultural engineering students in Stillwater dressing up like this for a Bedlam game. But then I figured who the f*ck cares, that’s Blake Griffin! Regardless of what the opposing team’s fans wear or say, he’ll still drop 30 and 15 and be the first pick in the NBA draft.

Anyway, these pictures are just awesome. The only thing that could make them better would be if they included Courtney Paris dressed up like a 1920s French bachelor wearing an old gray suit with a thin painted-on mustache and top hat. And those would only be better because they would bring more lesbians to our site. And other than Brent Skarky, who doesn’t like a good lesbian?