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Ogle Madness: South Region – Lower Bracket

Today we tip-off the games from the lower half of the South Region.  Here are the match-ups.

(6) Rascal Racers vs. (11) Jenni Carlson
(3) Brad Henry vs. (14) Keiton Page
(7) Matt Kemp vs. (10) Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow
(2) Wayne Coyne vs. (15) Doritos Prostitute

As always, vote after the jump.  Voting ends at midnight.

Lost Ogle Q & A: Governor Brad Henry

We hinted at this in our post earlier today, and here it is, our exclusive Lost Ogle Q & A with Governor Brad Henry.  We are calling this an exclusive Q&A because we may be the first ever “obscure local social blog” to score an interview with a dude that runs a state.  That’s kind of a big deal.

Anyway, check the Governor’s thoughts on weather map graphics, Taco Tico and some other silly things after the jump.

p.s- If you get really bored at work today check out some of other Lost Ogle Q & A’s.  The one with Ashlynn Brooke is still our favorite.

p.s.s – Tulsa Tuesday will be on hiatus this week.  Apparently, the Irritated Tulsan decided to celebrate the first ever “The Lost Ogle Day” eve in rambunctious style.  Of course, we really think he was just up late listening to Toby Keith CDs.

Happy “The Lost Ogle Day,” Oklahoma!

lost ogle day proclamation

Yep, by proclamation of Governor Brad Henry, today is “The Lost Ogle Day” across Oklahoma.  And when we say across Oklahoma, we mean across Oklahoma!  From Hooker to Beaver and even to the Custer County Jail, citizens are celebrating the existence of this “pioneering” website. Take that Pioneer Woman!

Anyway, to answer your first question, no, we did not go all Baptist Messenger on everyone and create a fake proclamation.  This thing is totally real and legitimate.  In fact, I’m probably going to have to take it to Hobby Lobby this weekend and have some weird 45-year-old guy with a pony tail frame the thing.

To answer your second question, yes, we’re still not sure why this happened.  We are thinking it may have something to do with our interview with Governor Henry that will appear on the site later today (teaser), but we’re not sure.  Maybe he’s a fan of the site, or maybe his staffers read the site, or maybe he just wants to make Mike McCarville very jealous.  Regardless, who cares!  Today is freaking The Lost Ogle day, so get out your checker board, play the Jim Traber drinking game and wear your favorite pink bikini.  And while you’re at it, go plaster a white shark poster to some building in downtown.

Ogle Madness II: Midwest Region, Lower Bracket!


Look!  It’s Rhett Bomar, Honeybee Talor and Kevin Bookout.  They are excited about Ogle Madness.  Are you?

Anyway, today’s round of games from the lower half of the Midwest Region concludes the first full week of Ogle Madness II.  These games will all take place at The Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley.  The match-ups are:

(6) Brad Henry vs. (11) Steve Hunt

(3) Blake Griffin vs. (14) The Mathis Brothers

(7) Aubrey McClendon vs. (10) Joey & Heather

(2) Jaime Cerreta  vs. (15) Billy Sims

Find out a little bit about each person and vote after the jump.  Voting ends at midnight tonight.

Oklahoma is Having a Barack Attack

To be fair, I was one of the early converts.  Back in 2004, even before his glorious speech at the Democratic National Convention, my wife brought him to my attention.  I remember the moment clearly.  It was a Thursday evening and I was headed to play flag football in the worst flag football league ever assembled by man.  After picking up one of my teammates, my cell phone rang and upon answering, my wife immediately began recounting a speech she had just seen.  It was hard to understand her since she kind of sounded like one of those girls you see screaming in the background whenever they show The Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.  She was sure he was going to be President.   As I hung up the phone my friend asked what that was all about.  “My wife is about to leave me for some dude named Obama something-or-other,” I told him.

“Osama who?” he asked.

And so it went in this state for four years.  Barack Obama became a rising star in American politics, was elected to the Senate by an astounding margin for a first time candidate, and by the Iowa caucuses of 2008, he looked like the only chance of slaying the Clinton juggernaut.  Meanwhile, Oklahomans generally thought of him as that black guy running for President.  Or, if they were anything like my Grandpa, they thought he was Arab.

It seems like the state is coming around.  (Not in time for our Super Tuesday primary, mind you, in which Hillary got something like 75% of the vote.)  In the past few weeks, while Obama was dealing with Clinton’s “kitchen sink” strategy in the run up to the Pennsylvania primary, the news out of Oklahoma has been all good for him.