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Movie inspired news stories we would like to see Oklahomans recreate…

Tuesday morning, a child in Woodward fell victim to the inescapable triple dog dare. At the behest of his brother, the kid stuck his tongue to a frozen stop sign pole and basically re-enacted the classic scene from “A Christmas Story.” The kid who suggested it even fled the scene, most likely because the bell rang.

As awesome as this story is, it sucks that a little boy got hurt in the process.  So Patrick and I thought of some movie inspired news stories we would like to see Oklahomans recreate.

Randy Terrill scores the winning touchdown against the prison guards

I don’t know if Randy Terrill has any ability as a football player. Actually, I kind of doubt it. But, if he were able to do this, it would mean he was in prison. As far as I’m concerned, at that point he can have his moment.

Kelly Ogle’s “2 Cents”

Tell me you wouldn’t enjoy this speech better than a tirade about America going soft because spectators would rather not drop a couple hundred dollars to sit in the snow.

Skarky of Arabia

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel sorry for Brent Skarky. First he loses in the first round of Ogle Madness, then we discover he’s special, and now we learn that he can’t even ride a camel. Check out the YouTube video of this silly stunt at Remington Park.

Wow. That’s weak. Being a wealthy world traveler, I’ve ridden camels many times throughout my life and have done so with ease. I’ve done it in Egypt, I’ve done it in Morocco, and most recently, I did it at Arbuckle Wilderness. I’m quite the adventurer. Are you writing all this down, ladies?

Anyway, although the Skarkster did fall off the camel, I guess we should give him credit for trying. I think we should also give him credit for having one hell of terrified “oh, face” was he first got on the camel.  That thing was classic.

Also, I’d like to give props to Remington Park for bringing out A-list celebs like Brent Skarky and Lance West and having them race camels. I’m really hoping that next month they’ll have Van Shea Ivan and Darnell Mayberry race Giraffes. Who doesn’t like to see midgets ride exotic animals?

Ogle Madness: Midwest Region – Upper Bracket

Today we begin games from the Midwest Region. Experts have labeled this the toughest region in the tournament.  Here are today’s games:

(1) Olivia Munn vs. (16)  Ghost of Ed Gaylord
(8)  Mike Morgan vs. (9) Patrick
(4) Ashlynn Brooke vs. (13) Sally Kern
(5) Ms. Rocklahoma vs. (12) Brent Skarky

Read about them and vote after the jump!

Brent Skarky is Special

Earlier this week, we uncovered the following photograph of OklaTravel Net Anchor “” and Lost Ogle punchline “” Brent Skarky.  It pretty much proves what we’ve suspected for quite awhile:  Brent Skarky is special.

Now that we’ve learned that Brent Skarky is a little, uhm, unique, we kind of feel bad for giving him such a hard time over the past few years.  I mean we always knew he was kind of a douche bag, but we never knew he was a special douche bag.  Maybe we can host a benefit and raise enough money to buy him a moped.  He could then ride it around your parent’s neighborhood.  Skarky would probably like that.

Anyway, maybe we should now be nice to Skarky.  As a peace offering, maybe we can have the Thunder give him the Arena Emcee gig. Skarky would probably like that, too.

Is this Brent Skarky’s secret boyfriend?

I honestly don’t know the answer to the question.  I just know that this guy has been recently seen with The Skarker at both Oktoberfest and the movie theatre.  It kind of makes you wonder a couple of things.  For one,  couldn’t Skarky do a little bit better since he is a local “celebrity?”  And two, I bet  Curtis Fitzpatrick is really pissed right now.