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Chesapeake Energy is cancelling Christmas…

chesapeake christmas lights

First the beekeeper. Then the CEO. Now the Christmas lights installer. I guess no job is safe at Chesapeake Energy.

In what’s being considered a death-blow to the local hot chocolate industry, the once proud Oklahoma City employer Chesapeake Energy has announced it will not put up its famous, over-the-top, jingle in your face Christmas lights display this year. OG&E shares dropped 3% on the news.

Via NewsOK.com:

Carol Hefner is no longer on Pinterest…

carol hefner3

Let’s pour a little salad dressing out for our homie…

The 15 best “Bandits” created by the KFOR Social Media Bandits…


Oklahoma City is a land of bandits. Well, at least it is if you follow KFOR on Social Media.

Outside of shoddy journalism and severe weather ratings, there’s nothing the Oklahoma City newschannel loves more than to label a criminal or thief as a “bandit” in a social media headline. We first noticed this several years ago, which resulted in us dubbing the rambunctious, wild person in charge of the station’s social media channels the KFOR Social Media Bandit.

Even though several KFOR Social Media Bandits have come and gone since then, we’ve left the nickname in tact. This is because apparently the KFOR Social Media Bandit regenerates like Dr. Who and never really leaves us. We know this because he or she still uses “bandit” when running out of clever names to describe a petty thief.

For example, last night they created The Skipping Bandit:

Oklahoma City police looking for alleged “skipping bandit”

Oklahoma City police are looking for a woman caught on camera skipping after she allegedly stole a cell phone.

It happened Wednesday morning outside a gas station located on north MacAurther.

French native Eric Jeandemange said he was inside paying for gas when the woman took the phone from his unlocked van….

“She was happy, jumping, having fun – seemed like stealing is part of life, seemed like it’s okay,” Jeandemange said. “Can you believe somebody steal something and be so happy about it? How stupid.”

He said he is angry because the thief stole more than just a phone from him.

“I lost everything,” Jeandemange said. “I got seven kids. All the pictures of my kids is in it, all the contacts of all my friends. I have nothing. It’s like somebody stealing your entire life.”

Uhm, can someone tell Frenchy about the cloud, SIM cards, Facebook, Instagram and backups? That way, you won’t feel like someone stole your life when they skip away with your phone. Also, tell him to maybe not fill up the tank at 10th and MacArthur.

Anyway, for fun, and because I have nothing better to do, I thought we should take a trip down memory lane and remember the 15 best bandit’s the KFOR Social Media Bandit has created over the years.

Here we go:


1. Shorty Shorts Bandit


2. Ray Ban Bandit


3. Binky Bandit

Piedmont Softball Coach may be an asswipe…

peidmont softball coaches

If I were to write a book titled “101 Things That Worry, Annoy or Scare Patrick,” I’d probably include chapters on the following topics:

– Irrational, overzealous helicopter parents who live vicariously through their kids…
– Middle-aged men who coach softball…
– The Oklahoma City TV News Media…
– Piedmont…

Knowing all that, imagine how terrified I was to see this story on KFOR about a group of parents rallying to support a Piedmont High School softball coach who was recently forced to resign for… well… I’ll let KFOR’s Leslie Rangel attempt to explain.


Monday night, a groups of students, parents and supporters banded together to demand a coach get his job back.

The Piedmont softball coach says he was forced to resign by his superintendent.

Wow. That doesn’t sound good. I wonder what happened? Why was he forced to resign?

There were dozens of people rallying in support of Coach Scott.

After some digging into this story, some parents thinking there may be more to why he was asked to resign.

Uhm, after digging into what story? What is the story? You never told us why he resigned. What’s the deal?

“He went to state 10 times out of 14 years and that’s pretty good,” Nolan Banks, a freshman student, said.

“I honestly think it will fall apart because a lot of the girls don’t want to play for anyone but Coach Scott,”Jaymy Foister, another student, said.

Okay, I get it. Some people like Coach Scott and support him, but why did he resign?

No matter who you ask around here, everyone thinks the world of Coach Rick Scott.

“This guy has been like a second father to me,” Banks said.

Coach Scott supporters are asking the school board to reconsider his resignation.

Reconsider the resignation??? You never told us why he resigned! Is this some new experimental form of TV journalism where you keep the viewer guessing? If so, you’re doing a great job. Now, please, explain what the hell happened!

David Payne thinks it may snow in a few weeks…

Congratulations to News 9’s David Payne!

He’s the winner of TLO’s first-ever Excellence in Winter Weather Fearmongering Award. It recognizes and honors the first TV meteorologist to forecast snow or ice for the upcoming winter weather season.

Payne obliterated the competition with this Facebook post from November 6th where he predicted winter weather for the week of Thanksgiving:

david payne winter weather hype


Yep, that’s real. David Payne is now forecasting snowfall three weeks in advance. Call me crazy, but I may wait a few weeks before running to Walmart to stock up on milk and ice melt. The media hasn’t exactly had the best track record over the last couple of years when it’s come to predicting winter weather in this state. They can barely figure out what’s going to happen in 24-hours, much less three weeks.

But, you know what, who cares? It’s sweeps month and Channel 9 is having a contest for readers to guess which day will receive the first snowfall. You can’t blame David Payne for being a company man and sacrificing a bit of integrity to help the station get viewers. Plus, he got some Facebook shares and likes out of the deal. Those are always nice.

Speaking of Facebook likes, someone asked Aaron Tuttle, the O.G. of Facebook weather fearmongering, what he thought about the forecast. Check out the response: