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Some Miley Cyrus fans really dislike Wayne Coyne…

wayne coyne miley cyrus

In this week’s installment of our now weekly feature “We Told You So: The 2014 Fall of Wayne Coyne,” we’re going to take a look a Tinsel Dick’s (that’s New Wayne Coyne’s nickname) cover of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” with Miley Cyrus at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Yeah, that happened last night while you should have been watching Game of Thrones, Silicone Valley, Mad Men or just about anything else. The song was actually performed at an arena in England and streamed live to a horrified audience that had just witnessed a computer hologram of a child molester sing and dance.

Check it out:

Hey, that wasn’t too bad. In fact, it was kind of decent, which means Wayne Coyne probably didn’t have anything to do with it. It’s not like he performed Strawberry Fields Forever with Yoko Ono or anything. Then again, there have been about 432,000 covers of Beatles’ songs over the years and most of them aren’t “too bad.” That’s because it’s a fucking Beatles’ song. You have a better chance of improperly cooking a Hot Pocket than messing up something they wrote. Hell, Pink Pony could put out a Beatles’ cover album and it would be probably be decent. Just kidding. I’m taking things too far.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. The reviews online were pretty mixed. Some people enjoyed the performance, while others – most of them Miley Cyrus fans – hated it and want Wayne Coyne to die:

Why we didn’t break that story about Christina Fallin getting The Flaming Lips drummer fired…

wayne coyne headdress

It looks like Christina Fallin is the Yoko Ono of The Flaming Lips.

Yesterday, Gawker picked up on a recent Red Dirt Report story that Wayne Coyne had fired long time Flaming Lips drummer Kliph Spurlock due to some assholey, totally awesome comments Kliph made about the Christina Fallin headdress.  

The story “confirms” some tweets that we sent out in early April. We even included some patented typos for effect.

Here’s a screenshot:

flaming lips


Yeah, so I guess you can say we kind of broke the story, but I’ll agree that’s pretty weak. It’s kind of like calling shotgun when you step outside the Chesapeake Arena and still have to walk a mile to your car in Bricktown.

So, why are we tossing notable news about subjects and personalities we regularly make fun of on Twitter instead of sharing it on this site? Well, let me tell you.

On April 2nd, the day after we broke the story about Wayne Coyne jumping on the Christina Fallin headdress controversy, I received a long email from an anonymous Ogle Mole explaining that Kliph Spurlock was fired from the band in mid-March.

Here’s a snippet:

Wayne Coyne is denying he had an affair…

wayne coyne girlfriend

That may be the most real life pic of Wayne Coyne to ever be posted on the Internet. He’s not wearing a gray suit with an ax sticking out of his head while trapped in a giant hamster ball. He’s not taking a bath in his front yard or constructing a paper mache vagina. It’s simply Wayne Coyne, at the beach in Mexico, enjoying a wonderful afternoon with his cute little girlfriend that he left his wife for. And they’re not naked. Amazing, huh?

I bring all this up because Wayne’s ongoing divorce battle from his long time wife Michelle Martin-Coyne is in the news again. In an article published late last week, The State’s Most Trusted News claimed that Wayne is trying to keep adultery accusations out of the divorce.

From NewsOK.com:

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is asking a judge to keep adultery accusations against him out of his divorce.

His wife, Michelle Martin-Coyne, 45, petitioned for divorce in September on the legal ground of incompatibility.H

In an amended petition in October, she stated she is entitled to a divorce “on the additional grounds of adultery.”

In an answer filed Feb. 18, the rock singer, 53, denied the allegation…

Oh, give us a break. Get off your psychedelic mushroom-glazed high horse. As we first noted in August of 2012, it was Wayne’s affair and insistence on living a very public rock star lifestyle that led to the Coynes’ split. And as the pic above shows, he’s still involved with the same girl. Denying the adultery allegations is ridiculous. It would be like me claiming not to be an asshole.

Of course, Wayne’s attorney says the adultery accusations don’t matter:

His attorney, Chris Deason, wrote, “Oklahoma is a no-fault state. There are no children at issue in the instant case. Allowing petitioner to delve into issues of adultery will garner her no additional relief and will constitute a waste of this court’s resources. The only purpose served by pleading adultery is to harass or embarrass respondent.”

Ha, is it really possible to embarrass Wayne Coyne? At last check, he’s the same guy who shut down the Oklahoma City airport with a grenade. He’s been kicked off Instagram for posting too much nudity… twiceHe photographed Erykah Badu naked in a bathtub filled with fake semen and glitter and tweeted a pic of it. Hell, the guy has balls so big he walks around in them for fun.

If you ask me, the only thing that seems to embarrass The Flaming Lips frontman is being caught doing something the Average Joe would do, like shopping at Wal-Mart or cheating on his wife. It would make sense. Outside of the pic above, there are hardly any photos of Wayne with his attractive 20-something-year-old ladyfriend. When you consider a) the couple’s been together for at least 18 months and B) the amount of photos that Wayne posts to the Internet, isn’t that kind of weird?It’s like he’s trying to keep the thing a secret.

Here’s the only other pic we have of them together. It may look familiar:

Michelle Martin-Coyne has filed for a divorce…

wyane and michelle coyne old photo

Nearly one year after we first reported the couple’s separation, Michelle Martin-Coyne has filed for a divorce from Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne.

According to a divorce petition filed on September 18th in Oklahoma County Court, Michelle claims the couple “formed a common law marriage on February 4th, 1989” and that she is entitled to a divorce – and half of everything they own – based on irreconcilable differences. She also asks for temporary and permanent alimony. You know, pretty standard “you cheated on me with a 23-year-old cocktail waitress” ex-wife type of stuff.

In case you care, here’s a copy of the petition. Just click on the JPG to view it. The whole thing is pretty standard, and unfortunately doesn’t mention one thing about Martians, robots or Santa Claus:

Thanks To Mary Fallin, “Do You Realize” Is No Longer Our Official State Rock Song…

Mary Fallin Wayne Coyne

Remember back in 2009 when “Do You Realize???” became Oklahoma’s official state rock song? I sure do. To me, it was a symbolic event that showed the world that not all Oklahomans are self-righteous, fun-hating, socially conservative nut jobs dressed in Wranglers and cowboy hats; that some of us enjoy thought-provoking experimental pop songs about life, death and the earth’s rotation.

Well, screw all that. It looks like the conservative fun haters win again. Thanks to Mary Fallin, “Do You Realize” is no longer our state’s official rock song. Via something called eCapitolNews:

An early term decision by Governor Fallin means a song by The Flaming Lips no longer holds the title of Oklahoma’s official state rock song. Some critics are calling the move political, but according to Gov. Mary Fallin’s Media Director Alex Weintz, “Do You Realize??” was only officially the state’s rock song for a couple of years. Fallin decided not to renew former Gov. Brad Henry’s executive order recognizing the song when she took office in 2011.

The Oklahoma Historical Society offered Oklahoma voters the chance to choose the state’s official rock song in 2009. Voters overwhelming chose “Do You Realize??” by Oklahoma City band The Flaming Lips, a hit single off of their 2002 album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

The establishment of a state rock song was first proposed through in a 2009 Senate joint resolution, by Sen. Mike Schulz, R-Altus, and Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs. The resolution (SJR 24) failed in the House after Lips bassist Michael Ivins wore a red and yellow t-shirt emblazoned with the hammer and sickle images found on the Chinese and former Soviet Union flag to a photo op at the Capitol. Just days after taking the opportunity to have their pictures taken with the band, several conservative lawmakers voted against the measure, many expressing offense to Ivin’s shirt.

After the resolution failed to pass the House, then Governor Brad Henry stepped in and made “Do You Realize??” the official rock song of the state through an executive order.

Every time a new governor is elected, the executive orders issued by their predecessors must be approved within the first 90 days of any new governor’s term. Weintz told eCapitol that in Fallin’s first three months her administration was trying to focus on their priorities, and the state rock song simply wasn’t one of them.

I like how Alex Weintz chalks this up to a “two year thing.” Did he not live here in 2009. Is he saying that we nominated all those songs, chose a special panel, and cast our votes for something that wasn’t intended to be permanent?  Doesn’t that defeat the point of having something like a state rock song?

Also, are we really supposed to buy the bag of B.S. that she was just too busy with “other priorities” to sign extend Governor Henry’s proclamation? She obviously had time to complain about the temperature in her hot tub and travel to Ireland for a wedding. Even if you’re Mary Fallin, it still only takes five seconds to sign a sheet of paper. Instead of lying to us about “two year things” and “other priorities,” just tell us the truth.

Actually, we already kind of know the truth. During the 2010 Governor’s race, we had special Q&A’s with Mary Fallin, Jari Askins and Drew Edmondson. We asked each candidate the same 15 questions. Question 11 was:

What do you think of “Do You Realize??” being Oklahoma’s official rock song?

This was Mary’s answer: