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Friday Night in the Big Town: A Jedi Night, a Lucky Block Party and Serge’s Party.


Hello everyone. It’s Adam. This is one my favorite times of the year because I love tournament brackets.

You might have noticed that Ogle Madness is alive and well and college basketball conference tournaments have started. Soon it will be March Madness, the God of all brackets.

Everything is improved if you filter it through a bracket. Do you want to improve voter turnout for local elections? Pit #1 seed Mick Cornett against the moron running on the “Foundering Fathers for LSD” ticket and #2 seed Ed Shadid against #3 seed Zero the white rapper. We can make it a double-elimination tournament just for kicks.

Sally Kern’s greatest hits would make an outstanding bracket. What would be Kernel Sally’s “one shining moment?” Her statement about black people not wanting to study hard? What about “City councils from Pittsburgh to West Palm Beach, FL are under the control of gays”? It would be a riveting competition.

Anyways, this is what’s going on this weekend.

Friday Night in the Big Town: Film Comedy, Bad Pilots and Made-Up Laughs


Hello everyone. It’s Adam. I’ve just experienced my first 15 minutes of fame.

About a week and a half ago a created a video called “Full House of Cards.” Here it is:

I posted the clip to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and it took off. It popped up on Time.com, PerezHilton.com and HLN via a link on CNN. I’ve been called a YouTube and bored genius. People started writing stories intertwining the two shows.

The crowning achievement came Sunday. In the interview during Oscar’s preshow, Kevin Spacey brought up the video and said he mentioned it John Stamos.

Think about that. I, Adam Holt, have influenced a conversation between Kevin Spacey and John Stamos. That’s resume material. Heck, that is my resume.

Adam Holt

Education: University of Central Oklahoma


Do you know what the next thing that will touch that resume after the interviewer? A rubber stamp that says “Hired.” Anyways, that’s pretty good for an idea that I thought of right before I fell asleep. Here’s stuff to do!

Friday Night in the Big Town: Satire, Victory Dolls, Mardi Gras and an Ironman Mixer


Hello everyone, it’s Adam.

It’s time for the Olympics withdrawal, a feeling I dread every two years. Rio will be here before I know it, which is great for my Olympic addiction, but not so good for my age.

Another “O” word will be flying around this weekend, that being the Oscars. Prepare for the only Academy Awards preview you will ever need. I think I should preface this in-depth guide to everything Oscars with the fact that I watch about three movies a year and have seen zero of this year’s nominees.

I believe the last time I saw a movie at a theatre was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.” That one hurt me in the heart. That was terrible.

Well here it is, every category will be swept by “The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy.” I don’t care if it came out in 1996. You can put money on this prediction.

Friday Night in the Big Town: Soul Food, Film Row and Impressionism


Hello everyone, it’s Adam, and I am changing my place of employment. No, no, not from The Lost Ogle. This place runs on everything “Adam.”

Oh, you thought it was Patrick? He may get all the bylines, but yours truly fuels this well-oiled machine. I am the “Keyser Söze” of The Lost Ogle.

Ok, that’s a lie. I’m more like the mangy dog who gets the chicken bones. I’m finding a new job because that last one was not the best fit. You know, it was that whole “square peg into a round hole” problem.

So anyways, if anyone sees a job listing looking for a “bold, dashing redhead with a golden pen,” let me know. For now I’ll be at home re-watching “House of Cards.”

Friday Night in the Big Town: Burlesque, Pub Crawling and Rock ‘n Roll


Hello everyone, it’s Adam. Today’s Valentine’s Day. Have fun with that.

Ok, I guess as the person to tell you events that are going on in the OKC metro, I should mention a couple of ideas for the day of love.  They’re not very “lovey-dovey”, but they will entertain you and your special one for the night. At least the weather has finally decided to not be a jerk, so that is a good thing.

I am also suggesting a post-Valentine’s event for the good of your ears and brain. See, I care for you for more than just one day. You are on my mind all weekend. I consider myself a very poor man’s Cupid, basically because I was born in February and I have red hair, the same color of Valentine’s Day and love. How many people have a matched in my life? Zero. Actually I suck at being Cupid. Oh well.