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Friday night in the big town: Bluegrass, Cedric the Entertainer, and the Czech Festival

If you’re like me readers, you’ve already bought all the Halloween candy from your local grocery store and have been eating it like you’re Augustus Gloop. Sure, it’s not healthy and my teeth are probably going to rot right out of skull, but adulthood sucks and just knowing that I can’t go trick-or-treating anymore sends me into a depression. So what if I sit at home eating bowl after bowl of mini Snickers bars and Laffy Taffy while wearing a child’s Thor costume? This is really a step up from my usual activities where I scarf pizza rolls and sit around in yoga pants. At least I’m being seasonably festive.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

October 5-6: Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival

I know I’m not the only one who gets a little too excited when I hear a banjo and a mandolin going at it. In fact, I bought a banjo just so some day I could be an awesome bluegrass musician. And while my progress is slow going (I can tune a banjo!), I still hope that someday I can start my all-girl bluegrass band. So if you play the guitar, bass, or violin and are at that level where you can only tune your instrument, give me a call, ladies. We’re starting a band.

The OIBF features bands, open mics, and workshops for adults and competitions in the youth tent. There will be a scholarship auction where musical instruments will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to music scholarships for students. If you’re in the mood for some musical entertainment, then head on up to Guthrie. You know you want to, especially since you haven’t had a reason to go there since you broke into the old children’s hospital when you were in high school. And, you’ll probably see my uncle there carrying around all manner of instruments.

Friday night in the big town: Trivia, Mesta Festa, and Remington Park

Well, here we are readers, at the end of September. Fall is in full swing, and my seasonal affective disorder is about to start acting up again. And I can’t go to Target or the mall for the rest of the year out of fear of Christmas displays, which will undoubtedly be popping up at any minute. The one saving grace in all of this is that it’s almost basketball season, which is good because OU football just doesn’t do it for me like it used to. Not to be one of “those fans”, but I am totally gonna be one of “those fans.”

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

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September 28: Free Team Trivia presented by The Lost Ogle

Do you know the capital of New Hampshire? Can you put a list of Bill Murray movies in order by release date? Do you know anything about hockey? Are you like a Jeopardy contestant, only cooler? Do you like delightful beers and wings and a general party sort of atmosphere? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then good. I have a new Friday night ritual for you.

Tonight begins the first weekly edition of Free Team Trivia presented by The Lost Ogle at Buffalo Wild Wings on Northwest Expressway. Come grab a table big enough for all your friends and order a few rounds. Patrick will ask you questions, and if your team is better than our Norman team, chances are you won’t embarrass yourself like our team does. I wish you the best of luck, and remember, you get smarter with every beer you drink.

Friday night in the big town: Skatetown, Redman, and Eddie Money

Well, here we are, readers. It’s September 21, and I can’t figure out where the month has gone. On Saturday at 2:49 PM it will officially be fall, and I’m sure the Wiccans have some great parties planned for that equinox. But the real takeaway is that boot weather is almost here. All the ladies know what I’m talking about. And on Saturday I’ll be starting the one month countdown until my birthday, the one day a year where I can get ridiculously drunk and people still give me crap for it, just not as much as they do for a normal drunken episode.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

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September 22: The Movie Clubbed 2: Skatetown, USA

Not to disrespect the dead, y’all, but why was it that Patrick Swayze seemed to spend a lot of his onscreen time proving his masculinity in incredibly feminine ways? When homeboy wasn’t dancing, apparently he was spinning his wheels at Skatetown, USA, which isn’t an actual municipality by any means. It is however, the hardest part about telling your parents your gay—you know, that you like to roller skate while wearing a vest with no shirt underneath it.

So, if you like terrible movies and funny people making fun of them, get yourself to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. There looks to be a lot of skate-dancing, twirling, skimpy costumes for both the guys and gals, and if you watch the whole preview, there’s a dude with a glittery beard, most likely because he just motorboated a stripper. But I don’t know much about the movie. Let the Movie Clubbed school you on it instead.

Friday night in the big town: the Greek Festival, Disney on Ice, and Hall and Oates

Oh, readers, do you feel that excitement on the air? It’s fair time. I’ve been singing the old commercial jingle for the past 5 days, and I’m ready to sample all the fried goodies those stands have to offer. The rides are set up, my camera is ready to snap the most heinous of fair attendees for our photo contest, the carnies are outfitted in those blue polos, and the rain is mixing with the greasy corndog run off to create a nice little midway gravy that is sure to make your shoes gross for days to come. Ah, some days it’s just great to be an Oklahoman.

Anyway, here is your Friday Night in the Big Town.

September 14-16: St. George Greek Festival of Oklahoma City

I’m very positive on the Greek people. I’m pretty sure the only thing that my dad and I can agree on is that Greek House in Norman is the best restaurant in the world and never in the future of food will there be a better place. Also, once on Twitter, Nia Vardalos, you know, the woman who wrote My Big Fat Greek Wedding, sent me a direct message. Pretty much made my life. So, that’s why I consider myself an honorary Greek.

If you are also a phony Greek, or a real Greek, you should get yourself to St. George Greek Orthodox Church. There will be food, dancing, homemade pastries, and plenty of shopping boutiques. While listening to some authentic Greek music, you can take a tour of the church and check out some Byzantine craftsmanship. Also, rumor has it that if you tell the caricature artist that The Lost Ogle sent you, he’ll give you a $2 discount.

Friday night in the big town: stories, Foreigner, and Tony Bennett

On Wednesday the Lost Ogle crew got together and consumed large quantities of red wine and meat. Picture a medieval king with a turkey leg and goblet of mead, only it was us with shiraz and New York strips at Deep Fork. Everything was great and we we’re having a good time until we left and some of us wound up at Edna’s. Then there were lunchboxes. And then I went to the Conservatory, and let’s just say that you should never cap off a delicious dinner with cheap beer. I’m not drinking for at least two more days. But on the bright side, I still have some delicious left over steak and risotto in my fridge.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

September 7-8: Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival

I have been known to spin a yarn or two, readers. In fact, I went to school to learn to tell stories, and you can see how far that’s gotten me. Anyway, I’ve mainly used my storytelling skills for lying to officers about how fast I was going and for making up excuses as to why I was late for work. My old professors would say I’m wasting my talents. I say I’m temporarily misappropriating my abilities. I should go into politics.

Anyway, if you’ve never been to the Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival, you’re missing out. It’s a lot of fun and you get to hear stories from some of the nation’s top storytellers. There’s even a Saturday matinee performance with a special kid’s admission price so you can bring your spawn! Also, there are workshops designed to help you become a better storyteller as well as hone your communication skills. Register immediately and become a liar like me!