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Friday Night in the Big Town: Eagles, Music, and Roller Derby

Well, here we are in the first weekend of 2013. I’ve already broken that whole eat healthy resolution, mainly because there was leftover champagne on New Year’s Day, and how can I not turn that into a mimosa? Anyway, I fully believe that new beginnings take place on Mondays. So January 7 is a perfectly legitimate time to implement all your new goals and resolutions. Which also means you have one more weekend of debauchery before you go back on the wagon of not drinking alcohol before noon or sign up for a gym. I’m truly looking out for you readers, you know. Enjoy three more days of irresponsibility.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

January 4-6: Arcadia Lake Eagle Watch

Eagles are creatures that could best be described as “majestic”, but also “dangerous” and “downright mean.” Sure, they’re beautiful and a symbol of our country, but when they aren’t saving wizards and hobbits in a feat of Deus ex machina, they’re being jerks and swooping up rodents and goats and such to eat. Also, they’re bald. And I think I speak for all my hairless friends out there when I say that if we are going to celebrate bird baldness, we need to celebrate it in all creatures.

Anyway, if you like birds and aren’t creeped out by their raptory-sort of feet, then by all means, get yourself to Arcadia Lake. They suggest you dress warmly and bring your binoculars. Bonus points if you wear full camo so those eagle eyes can’t spot you. Lake staff will be on hand to help you out (“There’s an eagle!”) and you can visit a raptor wingspan display at the park office. Also, you can think about how all the ENHS popular junior girls will be initiated in WUWUS this weekend by the popular senior girls. I believe this is the weekend that they all jump into the lake naked. Or so was the folklore at my high school 9 years ago.

New Year’s Eve in the Big Town

Do you feel that in the air, readers? The winds of time are shifting and bringing in a whole new year. Sure, we’ve all made our lists of things that we want to do better. We’ve got resolutions for days, and we’re all finally going to lose weight and save money and tackle that project we’ve always said we would. But let’s be real, y’all. We’re all going to drink until we black out, wake up in a pile of vomit, and then kiss a stranger at midnight. Same thing every year. And January first will roll in with that same hangover, and that same sense that perhaps it isn’t your year. Sorry to be a downer. But let’s be real. You’re never getting abs, dude.

Anyway, here’s your New Year’s Eve in the Big Town!

Black Mesa-Dizzy Pickers Honkey Tonk New Year at Grandad’s

Probably the best way to ring in 2013 is with a new beer, and Black Mesa has you covered. They will be debuting their newest beer at Grandad’s for you to toast to all those handsome strangers you plan to go home with. The Dizzy Pickers play at 10, and the new beer (an ESB—my number one favorite type of beer ever!) debuts at midnight.

Friday night in the big town: tacos, post-apocalypse bash, and Cirque du Soleil

If you’re like me, readers, you’ve done nothing to prepare yourself for the apocalypse. Sure, you can probably figure out how to start a fire if you really have to, but hunting and gathering aren’t things you’ve prepared for. I have to say, that if the apocalypse happens and I don’t die in the hubbub, then I’m going to search out the strongest and craziest doomsday prepper I can find and then offer them my body in exchange for protection. It’s not a brilliant plan, but it’s all I have. And it’s a little late for me to be stockpiling bottled water and learning how to forage in the wilds of Norman, Oklahoma. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just hole up on the riot floors of the Physical Sciences Center on OU’s campus. There are two floors that aren’t accessible by elevator. They’re completely windowless and concrete, and were made after all the student protests on college campuses in the late sixties. Surely they can withstand a little apocalypse.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

December 21: Tacopocalypse at Yucatan Taco Stand

Sometimes I try to remember the names of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I know in the Bible they were called really dire things like Plague and Pestilence and Debt Crisis or something like that. But I’m sure they had names their friends called them, like Craig or Thomas. Probably. I won’t fool you into believing that I’ve ever perused a religious tome, because that is not in my nature. Besides, if you ask anyone who has ever told me that I’m going to Hell, they’ll let you know that I won’t be “raptured” and I think this probably applies to any end of the world scenario as well. Either way, after the end of the world, I’ll still be here, chilling.

If you’re like me, there’s no better way to celebrate the end of the world than with tacos. Seriously, is there a better food to ring in the end of days? Yucatan Taco Stand is having a Tacopocalypse for the occasion, complete with taco eating contests, an evening-long raffle, and live music. And don’t forget to try some of the 75+ tequilas they have. I know tequila has played a huge role in my various personal apocalypses, and it will be a great addition to this one as well.

Friday night in the big town: Blackwatch Christmas, Jacob Marley, and guns

Guess what, readers? I totally went to see The Hobbit last night at midnight. And you know what? Staying up until 3 AM is really hard. The dude in the seat next to me totally slept from the troll scene until after Bilbo won the ring from Gollum. I’m probably going to be pretty incoherent today, and I’m fine with that. I have nothing on the agenda, except, you know, a final project for school. But whatever. There are only going to be 3 midnight showings for this movie franchise, which means there are only 3 opportunities for me to be the coolest person by proxy in the room.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

December 14: Fowler VW Presents A Blackwatch Christmas

Have you ever wondered if Jonathan Fowler of Fowler VW is actually Santa Claus? I mean, I know he doesn’t look anything like him, but if all the movies I’ve seen about men slowly becoming Santa are correct, any day now Mr. Fowler will have a great big bushy beard and a team of reindeer. He already has that giving spirit, you know. He’s giving away 1,000 vinyl records of A Blackwatch Christmas Vol. 2, a record of your favorite local indie acts performing some pretty sweet Christmas songs. And the best part: Unlike Santa, J-Fow doesn’t get all up in your business about being naughty or nice.

If you’d like a copy of the record, you can grab one at either the Norman or Oklahoma City locations of Guestroom records or you can get it at Fowler Volkswagen in Norman. And tonight, there will be a free holiday concert at Stash in Norman, and some of the artists included on the record will perform. While you’re there, you can pick me up one of everything in that store. And tell J-Fow we’ll keep his Santa secret safe.

Friday night in the big town: The Nutcracker, crafts, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Well, Christmas is in the air, and I only say this because I’m about to tell about a ton of Christmas activities. No, there isn’t a single Christmas decoration in my home, and I totally bought Halloween Fruit Rollups at Big Lots yesterday. But maybe you’re totally feeling this season. I mean, the weather is about to get cooler and maybe you aren’t on the naughty list. I, myself, have bought some craft supplies for decorating this season and was pleased to find that Big Lots registers don’t make the employees check IDs when you purchase spray paint. Did you hear that, you OKC Metro hooligans? Big Lots has tons of spray paint, and unlike Wal-Mart, they don’t require a parent’s permission. Merry Christmas, you awful taggers who will be drawing genitalia on every building!

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

December 7-9: Oklahoma City Ballet presents The Nutcracker

Last year I went to go see The Nutcracker and it was a lot of fun. This was about the fortieth time that I’ve seen the Oklahoma City Ballet perform The Nutcracker, and it’s awesome every time. Last year I enjoyed it so much that I briefly considered taking one of those Barre3 workout classes. That faded really quick, but I still enjoyed the show nonetheless. And, full disclosure, unlike Black Swan, Natalie Portman doesn’t die at the end of any Oklahoma City Ballet performances.

This year, there are a bunch of family activities before and after the shows. You can decorate an ornament in the lobby, get your picture taken with Santa (even though I really want a picture with the Oklahoma City Ballet hippo) and there is even a Braum’s milk and cookies reception with the dancers after the shows. I had a lot of fun last year, and even made plans to steal a cute little kid who played the mouse in the ballet. If you go, I hope you have more luck stealing children.