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Friday night in the big town: art, terrariums, and boxing


Well, readers, we’ve made it again. It’s the weekend and we live to party another day. I hope your weekend is full of sleeping in and food and booze. I’ve made a list of things for you to do this weekend to help with the January doldrums that are brought on with the realization that there is still a long time until spring. Seriously, if you’re one of those weirdies that loves the winter, I don’t think we’ll ever be friends. However, if you’re one of those people who loves 70-degree weather, we should totally hang out.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.


January 25: 24th Annual Arts Now gala event at City Arts Center

Fun fact about me: The only class I ever got sent out of the room for was my art class senior year of high school. I was the only student that showed up every day and turned in every assignment. But when you ask your teacher about historical art movements, sometimes they take that as a threat and send you out of the room. Jerk. Anyway, everyone knows that art history classes are more fun than art classes where you have to make a mess with paint all day.

Anyway, there are people that didn’t get sent out of their art classes for asking questions. And some of those people are now the top artists in the state. If you want to interact with some of the state’s top artists and buy some of their work, get yourself to City Arts Center. The event will feature live music by Oklahoma recording artists, food by local restaurants, and an open bar.

Friday night in the big town: Irish music, the Broyleses, and Hagar

Happy Friday to you, readers. Oddly enough, I am not “in hate” with my surroundings today, so I don’t have anything snarky to say. Everyone on Twitter was a doll this morning, and I even had oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast like some sort of healthy weirdo. (Yes, I had a soda with breakfast too, but only because I can and that’s the best part of being an adult.) Know that this won’t last. I’ll be back next week full of rage for no reason. It’s what I do best. Also, the weather today is apparently going to be very nice so I guess I have to be happy, which is quite an imposition, if I may say.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

January 19: Timothy O’Brian’s Celtic Cheer at the Yucatan Taco Stand

So, I would be lying if I said my initial instinct wasn’t to write about O’Brien from Downton Abbey here. I’m sure the band is in no way related to a fictional character, mainly because said character is fictional. But I can’t help but think maybe this band was responsible for the miscarriage of a certain aristocrat, or perhaps that they scheme with the gay footman to overthrow the valet. This is probably not something the band does, but if one of the members has really short sideburns and curly bangs, then you know that they do.

Anyway, who doesn’t like to mix some cultures every now and again? What’s a little Irish music without some tacos and tequila flights? Just the sound of a tin whistle or a mandolin throws me into a salsa-eating frenzy. I’m sure you’re the same way. So get to the Yucatan Taco Stand and enjoy some Irish tunes and Mexican foods. Some people may not be able to reconcile the dissonance created by the merging of two seemingly disparate traditions. But those people probably aren’t into good things.

Friday night in the big town: limos, yoga, and comics

What’s up, readers? And may I ask what’s up with all the people tweeting about the sunrise this morning? I mean, really? You’d think we had a bunch of early risers on our hands, but I know for a fact that’s not the case. Why? Because the sun didn’t rise until like 7:39 AM. So all you normal-time risers acted all superior because you caught a pic of the sun coming up on your way to get some Starbucks. Remember when I had to be at work at 7:00 AM and saw the sun rise every morning, sometimes after I’d already been at work for nearly an hour? No, you don’t remember that because I didn’t brag about it nor do I consider every day occurrences a staggering work of beauty. Call me when the Mona Lisa sprawls across the horizon.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

January 11: Professionals in a Limo

In the fifth grade, I won a contest by selling the most fundraiser items. My prize was to ride in a limo with all the winners from other grades. We got to go to Pizza Hut and eat from the lunch buffet. And then later, we got candy. And then, fast forward to a few years ago, I attended a bachelorette party in a limo, where the driver literally got stuck in the parking lot of The Mont in Norman. Needless to say, the vision I have of limos is pretty sad. Sure, they proclaim a certain status, but it’s the same sort of status proclaimed by terry cloth sweat suits and overly long fake French manicures.

But from the event description, perhaps I am intended to make a different assumption.

“This is OKC hottest new social business networking concept. We bring 24 socially enthuse [sic] business professionals together in one extra large luxury limo with champagne and wine. Your entire experience is unique and includes dinner, drinks, motivational and business guest speakers. It’s informative and fun and not your typical rigid social networking event.”

Yep. So basically, Jean-Ralphio organized this shindig. Don’t be surprised if the license plate on the limo says “Entertainment 720.”

Friday Night in the Big Town: Eagles, Music, and Roller Derby

Well, here we are in the first weekend of 2013. I’ve already broken that whole eat healthy resolution, mainly because there was leftover champagne on New Year’s Day, and how can I not turn that into a mimosa? Anyway, I fully believe that new beginnings take place on Mondays. So January 7 is a perfectly legitimate time to implement all your new goals and resolutions. Which also means you have one more weekend of debauchery before you go back on the wagon of not drinking alcohol before noon or sign up for a gym. I’m truly looking out for you readers, you know. Enjoy three more days of irresponsibility.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

January 4-6: Arcadia Lake Eagle Watch

Eagles are creatures that could best be described as “majestic”, but also “dangerous” and “downright mean.” Sure, they’re beautiful and a symbol of our country, but when they aren’t saving wizards and hobbits in a feat of Deus ex machina, they’re being jerks and swooping up rodents and goats and such to eat. Also, they’re bald. And I think I speak for all my hairless friends out there when I say that if we are going to celebrate bird baldness, we need to celebrate it in all creatures.

Anyway, if you like birds and aren’t creeped out by their raptory-sort of feet, then by all means, get yourself to Arcadia Lake. They suggest you dress warmly and bring your binoculars. Bonus points if you wear full camo so those eagle eyes can’t spot you. Lake staff will be on hand to help you out (“There’s an eagle!”) and you can visit a raptor wingspan display at the park office. Also, you can think about how all the ENHS popular junior girls will be initiated in WUWUS this weekend by the popular senior girls. I believe this is the weekend that they all jump into the lake naked. Or so was the folklore at my high school 9 years ago.

New Year’s Eve in the Big Town

Do you feel that in the air, readers? The winds of time are shifting and bringing in a whole new year. Sure, we’ve all made our lists of things that we want to do better. We’ve got resolutions for days, and we’re all finally going to lose weight and save money and tackle that project we’ve always said we would. But let’s be real, y’all. We’re all going to drink until we black out, wake up in a pile of vomit, and then kiss a stranger at midnight. Same thing every year. And January first will roll in with that same hangover, and that same sense that perhaps it isn’t your year. Sorry to be a downer. But let’s be real. You’re never getting abs, dude.

Anyway, here’s your New Year’s Eve in the Big Town!

Black Mesa-Dizzy Pickers Honkey Tonk New Year at Grandad’s

Probably the best way to ring in 2013 is with a new beer, and Black Mesa has you covered. They will be debuting their newest beer at Grandad’s for you to toast to all those handsome strangers you plan to go home with. The Dizzy Pickers play at 10, and the new beer (an ESB—my number one favorite type of beer ever!) debuts at midnight.