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Friday Night in the Big Town: Chaps, Charity, Cha-CHING!!


(Editor’s Note: New Contributor Alert. This week’s FNITBT is brought to you by Ron. You may remember Ron as the kid from that old Del Rancho commercial. Okay, not really. But I got your attention. Say hi to the kids, Ron.)

Hey kids, welcome to another weekend. I hope you’ve all had a great week, and are ready to unbutton those collars, loosen those purse strings, and maybe even your inhibitions. This weekend is going to be neat. So let’s get right to it, shall we?


July 19th – 21st: Kink Weekend OKC

Billed as “one of the largest Kink, Leather, and Fetish events in Oklahoma,” KINK boasts sensual fun and leather-bound frolicking for the whole fam…well, just for whomever is into that. I usually picture the cast of Cocoon when I think of bondage, because the image of Wilford Brimley and Don Ameche in leather masks (with zipper), being whipped by Jessica Tandy seems like the most logical scenario for scantily clad events.

Friday Night in the Big Town: Marisa don’t live here no more edition


Well, readers, like the pothead who signed your yearbook, I’d just like to say what a long, strange trip it’s been. We’ve had our highs and lows. I told you what to do each weekend for the past 3 years, as well as confided in you all the times I’ve gotten semi-naked in public. I’ve made lame jokes, I’ve made really good jokes, and you haven’t laughed at any of them. But I like to think I brought a certain level of gentleness to the table, the likes of which will never be duplicated on FNITBT. So it is with great pleasure that I relinquish this feature to a new, up and coming somebody. May it give you all the joy that it gave me. And remember, you can catch me on Monday for Monday Morning Tweets.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.


June 21-22: Suburban Superheroes with OKC Improv

You know what my super power is? I can fall asleep any time, anywhere, in any position. I don’t even have to be tired. This is pretty cool when I need to get some sleep before work. This, however, is pretty bad when I’m at work. I mean, I have some pretty cat-like reflexes and can snap right up when my boss comes in. But still, I’m not looking forward to the day when I get called into the supervisor’s office to explain why I was sleeping on the job.

OKC Improv probably didn’t have my super power in mind when they came up with this show. But at least someone is finally answering what super heroes do when they aren’t on the job. I mean, other than getting their tights dry cleaned. There are show times at 8 and 10 PM on both Friday and Saturday. And you can finally find out what Superman does alone on the couch when Lois Lane has gone off to bed.

Friday night in the big town: Miranda Lambert, burlesque, and dance


Do you feel that? That’s the sound of you planning to leave the office early today, because it is Friday. That’s right. It’s the weekend, we are halfway through June, and it looks like we’ve already got people posting pictures of dashboard thermometers like they just fell off the turnip truck yesterday. And they call themselves Okies… We all know it’s not officially hot until a child or dog has died from being left in a car with the windows up while the parent/owner ran into the store for a case of Natty. Post a picture of that on your Instagram, why don’t ya?

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town!


June 14: Miranda Lambert at Lucky Star Casino in Concho

I confess. I know very little about Miranda Lambert. I know she’s married to Blake Shelton. And my mother related a drink recipe to me that she read in Red Book or Woman’s Day (or some sort of publication that features easy crockpot dishes, organization tips, and kegel exercises) called the “Miranda-rita.” It’s where Miranda Lambert mixes Bacardi, Sprite Zero, and some limes. Miranda and I would not party together, like ever.

Anyway, if that drink didn’t remind of the time that Ron Swanson said clear liquor is for rich women on diets, you may need to grab a bottle of Bacardi and head to Concho. (Don’t try to bring a bottle of liquor into the casino like it’s a good idea. Be cool, guys.) Miranda will be singing her little heart out, and maybe after the show, you can share a Miranda-rita with her. Or introduce her to a real margarita. Or, just, you know, anything that doesn’t sound like it tastes like a Smirnoff Ice.

Friday night in the big town: Classen Ten Penn, Punk Rock Prom, and Tulsa Tough


Well, here we are at another Friday. This whole week dragged on like you would not believe. Couple that with my obsessive clock watching while I’m at work, and you know why I need this weekend so bad. I’m looking forward to two whole days where I don’t technically have to do anything, but wind up jamming as many activities as possible into them. But that’s okay. At least on weekends, nobody judges you for day drinking.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.


June 8: Classen Ten Penn Festival

I don’t know much about the Classen Ten Penn area, other than it’s Wayne Coyne’s neck of the woods. However, it doesn’t appear that any of the houses in the area are in any way vagina shaped, nor do the majority of the residents convey themselves using clear plastic bubbles. This all leads me to conclude that Wayne Coyne is even weird in his home neighborhood, and that probably the most of his neighbors have rolled their eyes on more than one occasion.

Anyway, this little block party festival looks like a good time.  It runs from 10 AM to 10 PM, and there is a full line up of musical acts, as well as live painting. Urban Wineworks will be serving food, and Urban Agrarian will have a farmer’s market set up. You can also purchase some local art, jewelry, and clothes. Basically, it’s like a mini arts festival.

Friday night in the big town: comedy, Bizkit, and pet art


I’m going to tell you a whole bunch of things that you should do this weekend, but I know you guys are just going to stay at home in sweat pants and finish up watching Arrested Development. I won’t judge you for that. That’s pretty much what I plan on doing. So, while you spend the whole weekend trying to figure out what happened to Portia de Rossi’s face, just know that there are options outside your home and beyond Netflix, if you finally choose to get dressed and wash your face.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.


May 31: Laugh for Relief at The Paramount

You probably wouldn’t know it from reading this blog, but we here at The Lost Ogle like laughter. Generally speaking, we are all for it. Awkward laughter, giggles, guffaws, chuckles–we like them all. Every once in a while, we like to laugh for a good cause, you know, when we aren’t laughing at the expense of others. This weekend, we’ll be laughing with you, instead of at a public figure.

Oak City Comedy Initiative, OKC comedy, Oklahoma City Improv and Red Dirt improv are getting together to put on a show to raise money for tornado relief. For the awesome price of free, you get stand up, improv, and short films. Donations will be taken at the door and throughout the night, and 100% of donations collected will go to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.