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Friday night in the big town: Street food, Momentum, and horses


Full disclosure, readers: I don’t even care what you do this weekend. I have plans that involve a couples massage and eating at Golden Phoenix. And that’s what we call “living the dream” y’all. So, whatever I tell you to do this weekend probably won’t live up to the awesome weekend I’m going to have. But don’t you fret now, you can still have a reasonably good weekend, just not as good as mine. Marisa wins at weekends.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town!


March 1-3: Street Food Festival at Whole Foods

I may be one of the few people that has yet to jump on the Whole Foods band wagon. But, I live in Norman and I refuse to drive very far for groceries, especially when we have Natural Grocers, Dodson’s, and the sketchy Homeland where you can buy frosted cake slices for $1.99 right in the heart of my city. The day Whole Foods comes to Norman is the day that maybe I buy something from them. But probably not, since we’re about to get a Crest and a Sprouts. Suck it, Edmond and Oklahoma City, even though you’ve had all these options for years.

Anyway, if you’ve had a sip of the Whole Foods Kool Aid, then you’ll love this street food festival. I’m not sure what precisely they’ll be serving. When I hear street food, I think of bacon-wrapped hot dogs and tacos made out of beef heart. But we’ll see if Whole Foods can hang with those not-so-healthy staples, or if they’re going to come at you with some sort of jicama slaw with tofu and mango chutney.

Friday night in the big town: Eddie Money, Dr. Pants and Blake Fischer, and Cole Porter


What’s up, readers? It’s finally Friday and you know what that means. That’s right! It’s time for another weekend that you spend glued to your couch while you watch a Battlestar Galactica marathon on Netflix. That’s the life. But do you remember when you used to go out on the weekends? That was fun, wasn’t it? Well, in case you get the itch to not be a boring hermit this weekend, I’ve got your back. Here’s a list of all the things you ought to do, because seriously, eating pizza straight out of the box and hitting “play next episode” is not a life.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.


February 22: Eddie Money at Lucky Star Casino

Currently, the best commercial on television is the commercial for Norman Chrysler Jeep and Dodge where Kendrick Perkins refuses to sing “that goofy song.” I especially like the part where Serge Ibaka says “You can do it, Perk!” Personally, if I had Serge telling me that I could do something, I’d probably be a lot more motivated to get things done. The second best commercial on television right now is the Geico commercial where Eddie Money works at a travel agency and keeps singing “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

Now, Eddie Money doesn’t actually work at a travel agency. This isn’t because he isn’t qualified, but really because sites like Priceline and Travelocity have really rendered travel agencies obsolete. So, rather than help folks acquire cruise tickets, Mr. Money is still singing his songs and you can catch him tonight at Lucky Star Casino.  Get yourself to Concho, and maybe after the show you can play some slots and win yourself enough to purchase two tickets to paradise.

Friday night in the big town: Doobies, monster trucks, and Zumba


Well, readers, it’s the day after Valentine’s Day. That means that a portion of you totally got laid last night. And another larger portion of you are in the doghouse for not putting any effort into the holiday. And still, and even larger portion of you stayed home last night all by yourself and drank beer and watched Netflix. You probably contemplated touching yourself, but ultimately, you were too lazy. Besides, it was so warm under that fleece blanket and you didn’t want to take off those pajama pants. It’s cool, readers. I’m not judging.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.


February 15: The Doobie Brothers at Lucky Star Casino

Fun fact: I used to work at a professional wrestling-themed barbecue restaurant in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart right off the interstate. This is just one of the many mistakes I’ve made in my career. That heinous place has since closed. But I still remember the satellite radio station that would play “Black Water” every twenty minutes. That’s what I think of when I think of The Doobie Brothers.

Maybe you have a better memory of The Doobie Brothers. But I’m willing to bet that if you’re a fan of the band, you don’t remember a whole lot. It’s not your fault. That’s just how drugs work. If you have a vague recollection of maybe liking The Doobie Brothers and would like to refresh your memory as well as probably meet a dude from Newcastle who can sell you some weed, get yourself to Concho.


February 16-17: Monster Jam at the Chesapeake Energy Arena


Real talk: I’ve never seen a monster truck in person. But I’ve seen a lot of dudes with small penises who drive lifted trucks through Oklahoma City. And if those jackwagons in lifted trucks have small penises, how small are the penises of monster truck drivers? This is probably something you can find out this weekend at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. But beware. If you attend this event, I will label you as deadweight for the human race. Sorry. But you are.

February 17: Love Your Body Day Zumba and Skate Party

I’m pretty much constantly guilty of complaining about how I look. It’s not that I’m not happy with myself, I’m just aware of the fact that I’m not Beyoncé. I find this hard to accept, especially since I’m pretty sure that when God created Beyoncé, He photoshopped her into creation, hence her proportions. I know I will never be Beyoncé, and I’m starting to get okay with that. Because rather than hate myself, I’d prefer to hate the bodies of others.

If you love yourself and you love working out in a dancey sort of way, then you should get yourself to Star Skate in Norman. You get to do some Zumba, everyone’s favorite pyramid scheme that makes you look a little like Shakira, and a lot like a drunk white girl at a wedding. Come celebrate your body by shaking it and skating and drinking smoothies.

That’s all for this weekend, readers. I love you all even if you didn’t get me any flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Friday Night in the Big Town” is presented by Lucky Star Casino.  Visit LuckyStarCasino.org to check out a full calendar of their events and concerts.

Friday Night in the Big Town: OKC Ballet, the Harlem Globetrotters, and kitschy stuff


Good Friday, readers. Not that it’s Good Friday, it’s just a Friday to be good on. And the Friday itself is good. But speaking of religiousy sorts of days, Fat Tuesday is coming up. I hope you have your beads and booze ready. If not, this is the perfect weekend to stock up. Of if you plan to head to New Orleans next week, you may want to spend the next couple of days strengthening your liver. You don’t want to be that lame-o that can’t hang.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town.

February 9-10: The Oklahoma City Ballet presents Paris Rouge

Quick! Name a ballet that isn’t Swan Lake or The Nutcracker. You can’t. You know why? Because you’re incredibly uncultured, and that’s probably why you read this blog. (No offense, we value our readership, but we totally know what your demographic is—not so much The Wife of Bath and more Real Housewives of Whatever. But that’s why we’re here, readers, to expand your tastes and make you a more well-rounded individual. I know that’s why you tune in on Fridays. You want to be a better person.

This weekend, the Oklahoma City Ballet is presenting Paris Rouge, a ballet inspired by the original ballet and the two Moulin Rouge films. And if a ballet inspired by the exploits of French prostitutes wasn’t enough for you, a 0.25 carat solitaire necklace will be given away during each performance. And you can take pictures in the Paris Rouge-themed photobooth in the lobby before the show. Come on, dudes. Up your Valentine’s Day game this year. The Oklahoma City Ballet can help you.

Friday night in the big town: The Unspoken ball, Matchbox Twenty, and running


It’s finally Friday, again, readers, which means we are at yet another weekend. I know how you enjoy your weekends. And I’ve got a list of things for you to do so that you’re guaranteed not to get stuck in the house doing chores all day because that would just be awful. Plus, I hear tell that the weather is going to warm up a little bit. Won’t that be nice? And, since it’s officially been one month since New Year’s Day, that means you can finally go off that lame diet that didn’t allow you to drink beer or eat cheese fries. Trust, your friends are tired of you ordering a house salad and vodka soda when you all go out.

Anyway, here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town!


February 1: The Unspoken Ball

The majority of my life has been spent not getting invited to all the cool parties. Or, sometimes I do get invited to those parties but then I have to work because I have a job that does not recognize my need to party. Either way, I’m chronically left out. Which is totally fine because I didn’t want to go the cool kid parties anyway. But the best thing to come out of not being invited to the cool kid parties is when you make your own party and it’s way better than anything those lame-o cool kids could ever think up.

Case in point: The Unspoken Ball. Chances are you didn’t get invited to the Speaker’s Ball because you don’t know the right people nor can you afford to pay off the necessary parties to get in. But Representative Joe Dorman has you covered. Meet him tonight at JJ’s Saloon for local music and tasty drinks. All the proceeds that don’t go to cover the cost of the bands and the bar will go directly to Oklahoma programs benefiting people with autism. There’s also going to be an auction where some sweet TLO swag will go to the right bidder.