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Friday Night in the Big Town: Improv, a Hip-Hop Holiday and a Heartwarming Film


Hello everyone. It’s Adam and it’s cold. Don’t look at me. I didn’t do it. I blame Marisa. It’s true that I have never met Marisa, maybe that it why I find it so easy to blame her for things.

Cardinals losing the World Series? Marisa.

Me breaking my foot playing basketball? Marisa.

2008 economy collapse? Marisa.

Anyways, if you brave the conditions and decide to get out, stay safe. Don’t be the jerk who thinks everyone is being a wuss and decides to cause the rest of us a headache with your stupid, aggressive driving. If you swing out of traffic to make a pass without a thought about other people’s safety, I hope you safely and humorously end up in a ditch, Marisa.

Here are things to do that will hopefully not be cancelled:

Friday Night in the Big Town: Shopping, Records and the Row


Hello everyone. It’s Adam. In honor of my 15th “Friday Night in the Big Town,” I’m taking a look back at my W-list celebrity status and writing about what I have learned and noticed these five months.

First, what you, the readers, have told me.  I have learned I am an “asshat.” What I didn’t learn is “why.” It was apparently a fact that needed no supporting information. I am debating adding it to my business card.

“Adam Holt – Asshat.”

Second, don’t make fun of B.B. King. This is apparently a touchy subject for some. I’m sure many of you are reading this and are thinking “duh Adam, how could you?” but I honestly did not know.

For you who don’t know, stay away from jokes involving B.B. King’s divorces, his small army of kids and grandkids, and mentioning he’s only married to his guitar “Lucille” because it won’t ask for child support. Just don’t go there.

Finally, I’m not rich. I thought by my 15th FNITBT, I’d be writing for “The Lost Adam.” As of this column, I still have a mortgage. I didn’t see that one coming.

Hey, what’s that behind you? It’s Friday! You always fall for that.


Black Friday on the Plaza, 9:30 am- 8 pm

Usually I wouldn’t push shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. The whole concept has gotten fairly disgusting, especially now that some stores are having a “Black Thanksgiving” and making people work on the holiday.

I’ve been on the employee side of plenty of Black Fridays and now that I’m out I never want to go back. For you who do have to work these events, good luck and hang in there.

However, things on the Plaza are different. First, they are cool local businesses selling cool stuff. Second, the sales are going on all day. Also, you don’t have to get in line at 4:15 am just to get a chance to rip open a pallet of Furbies with the possibility of being shivved by a soccer mom. Are Furbies still a thing?

Anyways, wake up when you want, buy yourself a sausage biscuit and have a nice time at a nice place. This shopping experience will continue throughout the weekend.

Friday Night in the Big Town: Rock, Metallic Art and B.B. King


Before we get to what you will be doing this cold weekend, I need to pull a Traber and “give it up” to someone.

Gov. Fallin, I can’t tell you how proud I am that you are the executive chief of the great state of Oklahoma. Day in and day out you are a ray of sunshine burning the retinas of your constituents in hopes you can lead the blind down the fork in the road that separates “Merica” and “America.” You obviously prefer the former.

Your recent decision to go DEF-Kern 5 and discontinue spousal benefits for all Oklahoma National Guard members just because you apparently hate gay people is reprehensible. It’s sad that you are allowing your childish thoughts about a lifestyle that makes you think “ewww” not only trample the civil rights of a group of people, but also the well-being of another group who have nothing to do with it.

Maybe you will find it in your cold heart to back track and give those who choose to protect our state and country the opportunity to provide benefits for loved ones. “Love,” you familiar with that term? If not you can Google it.

Here is this week’s Friday Night in the Big Town:

Friday Night in the Big Town: Cinema, Blues and Thunders F*ckers


Hello Everyone. It’s Adam, the man with the facial hair of a 6th grade girl. I’m here to tell you what you should do this weekend. I also want to announce an event you shouldn’t attend.

Korn and Rob Zombie will be ruining people’s Friday night at the Chesapeake Arena. I know some of you may like Rob Zombie and I can see your argument that he may be entertaining even if you aren’t a fan of his music. He is basically a tattoo shop in human form, but in no way will I accept any case for Korn.

Due to me being tired and not too enthused about how this Thunder game ended, the only argument I’m going to push forward to support my assertion is their music. I think that’s pretty much “game, set, match.”

Anyways, send all complaints to tloAdamHolt@gmail.com or attack my twitter feed.

Here are a few alternatives.

Friday Night in the Big Town: Body Parts, Cheech & Chong and Local Laughs


Hello everyone. It’s Adam, the man you could only wish you could be. I can’t begin to count the amount fan mail I receive asking “Adam, how do I become the 5’9’’ and 150 lbs. of redheaded mayhem that you are?”

Well it’s a mix of hard work, good looks and natural talent. How else do you think I got this job? The average organism couldn’t handle this pressure. Not just anyone could begin as a stock boy at a Save-A-Lot Grocery Store at the tender age of 17 and make it to the Friday Night in the Big Town blogger. I should write a book or start a YouTube Channel or something.

So this is more of a “Saturday Night in the Big Town.” There are things to do Friday night, like Live at the Plaza, but I’ve profiled them too many times lately. I’m sure they will be happy to have you tonight down on 16th. With that said, here are a few other things to do.