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Friday Night in the Big Town: A Storytelling Festival, GloRun and a Motorhead Tribute

I hate to piggyback off of a TLO story posted yesterday, and should probably be writing about the video above, but I cannot get it out of my mind. Yesterday, Patrick published “Rep. Paul Wesselhoft likes the word Anchor Baby… in private.” The post highlights State Representative Paul Wesselhoft’s dislike of what he deems “political correctness.” The story also displayed the representative’s now deleted status update:

wesselhoff anchor baby

I’m tired of Oklahoma congressmen and women not understanding the first amendment. As you can see, Wesselhoft claims political correctness “hinders” the first amendment. There is nothing further from the truth. I don’t believe the representative spent any time behind bars for typing “anchor babies” 32 times like a child. Nor did political correctness somehow make an arrest more imminent.

As for political correctness, it seems those who complain about it often are actually using it as a cover for their rudeness or bigoted ideas. Asians are no longer labelled “oriental” because of age-old stereotypes associated with the term, and if you can’t understand why “redskins” is offensive, then call a Native American one to their face. They’ll likely will let you know why.

I apologize for continuing his story, but Wesselhoft and his ilk make me cringe.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…

Friday Night in the Big Town: Midnight Streaking, Canine Nuptials and The Society Anniversary

In the world of blogging, two things often occur. The first is you notice many things that bug you and then write about them. Number two is sometimes you blank on a subject. When these two things merge, it’s time to say “screw it” and write a George Carlin-like, Lewis Black-esque “Things that annoy me” list. Hopefully you and I can put a stop to some of this.

• This week I received a deluge of “So-and-so you don’t know wants to connect of LinkedIn,” emails. I don’t know you. Why should I vouch for you? If you want me to, send me a video to explain why. Also, has LinkedIn ever done anything positive for someone? All I can tell is that it makes you proud of your body of work for five minutes.

• House spiders who watch me all day, knowing my movements, then one day decide to create a low web in the high traffic hallway. If you thought that this would catch more meals, or trap me and eat me, you’re mistaken. If you did that to only annoy me and laugh, I can actually respect that. If it’s the latter, write a message in a web so I know.

• Jackasses in big trucks who rear end you then flee because they are a wuss.

• Going blank on ideas for the FNITBT intro. Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…

Friday Night in the Big Town: The Victory Dolls, a Colorful Night Run and the 48 Hour Film Project

Politics took the spotlight last night as the first Republican presidential debate commenced on the Republican cable news channel.

The heptadecagon of GOP banter was broken down into two horse and pony shows. The first group, those who populate the basement of current polls, aka “the group who’ve already lost,” wasted time earlier in the evening while nine remaining candidates demonstrated they are unremarkable and the same person. However, Donald Trump was funny, sometimes on purpose.

Immediately afterwards, Jon Stewart’s last episode as host of “The Daily Show” aired. For a final time, Stewart displayed his intelligence, selflessness and ability to bring attention to what truly matters in today’s political landscape while making us laugh.

Yet it’s the hands of the 17 that many will place their faith and future. Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…

Friday Night in the Big Town: INKspit, Cat Videos and the Brothel of Boom

Two weeks ago I said in a FNITBT that the Real World reference I made would be my last. Well, not true. That lasted a fortnight. The Tulsa World reports MTV will hold an open casting call in OKC April 8th.

First, this show is still on? I watched seasons two and three. Thinking back about it, they were actually interesting. Both involved members being kicked out, including Puck in season three. He’s a jackass. Nobody likes Puck.

The casting call is for season 31. How on Earth did that happen? Nothing is fascinating after 31 rounds, just look at The Simpsons. Also, passive aggressive Twitter wars between roommates cannot be as interesting as this incident that resulted in the first ever eviction. However, there is one person that will be perfect for the show.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…

Friday Night in the Big Town: A Sing-a-Long, Bun B and the Comedy Get Down

After some deep reflection, I have decided The Lost Ogle staff compares favorably to our solar system. As owner of the blog, Patrick is none other than Jupiter. He’s bold and in charge, and like the planet, he has an intense red rash that isn’t going away.

Marisa is Saturn. For the last few years, she’s likely the most recognizable writer other than Patrick. Coincidentally, both she and the planet have an iron-nickel core.

The most obvious comparison is Chelsea and Venus. Like the planet and its atmosphere, she has a welcoming smile, but on the inside is a hot, hellish soul that leaves others’ brains a barren and burned landscape. Seriously, don’t go there.

Louis Fowler is Neptune. I base this solely on the rumor that he travels with a trident. Spence, well, he’s Mars… naturally. Ryan Drake is Uranus.

That leaves me as Pluto (sorry Mercury). The often overlooked dwarf planet that’s full of surprises if one takes a moment to look. Also, Pluto is named after the Greek god of the underworld, which is convenient because I am the god of the underworld.

The sun? That’s our state government, whose continual absurdity allows us to exist.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town…