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Friday Night in the Big Town: Burlesque, Pub Crawling and Rock ‘n Roll


Hello everyone, it’s Adam. Today’s Valentine’s Day. Have fun with that.

Ok, I guess as the person to tell you events that are going on in the OKC metro, I should mention a couple of ideas for the day of love.  They’re not very “lovey-dovey”, but they will entertain you and your special one for the night. At least the weather has finally decided to not be a jerk, so that is a good thing.

I am also suggesting a post-Valentine’s event for the good of your ears and brain. See, I care for you for more than just one day. You are on my mind all weekend. I consider myself a very poor man’s Cupid, basically because I was born in February and I have red hair, the same color of Valentine’s Day and love. How many people have a matched in my life? Zero. Actually I suck at being Cupid. Oh well.

Friday Night in the Big Town: Ballet, Globetrotters and a Frosty Friday Walk


Hello everyone. It’s Adam. We have a few things to celebrate.

First, the tyranny of Jay Leno is over. Last night he signed off on the “Tonight Show” for the final time. What will we do without those easy DMV and “men and women are different” jokes? We’ll laugh that’s what.

Also, the Winter Olympics started. This is a big deal. The type of excitement I feel by watching the luge, bobsled and speedskating is something I experience only every four years. That’s also about the same frequency I received attention from females throughout my life. Eat your heart out, Jay Leno.

Finally, it’s my birthday. I need to remind everyone that 34 is the new 21. It’s true, it’s been tested on laboratory rats. Too bad it’s such an icebox outside. I guess worse things could happen on your birthday, like getting a charley horse, contracting shingles or losing your job.

Here’s some ways to celebrate my birthday.

Friday Night in the Big Town: The Odd Couple, Chocolate and a Plaza Pregame


Hello everyone, it’s Adam. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and reflect. I’ve decided to think about what I have learned in the last week since we’ve spoke.

First, apparently everything is a big deal. Case in point, ESPN reporter Doris Burke laughing at Kevin Durant for not giving any props to himself, only to the Almighty, after the Miami Heat victory.

To some this is blasphemous of the highest order. Apparently “Giggling at Kevin Durant” was listed on Martin Luther’s “The 95 Theses” that he nailed on a church door.

People calm down. She laughed. The Earth did not implode. Life goes on.

As you see I don’t learn too much. Here’s stuff to do!


The Odd Couple, Lyric Theatre, 1727 NW 16th St., Friday – 8pm, Saturday – 2 & 8pm, $40

This is a story of two men who live together. What should we set the betting odds of Kernel Sally and her minions making an appearance to protest? 3 to 1? 2 to 1? It is a work of art, which means she will have no understanding if it. All she knows is that there is one too many sets of gonads in that apartment.

Friday Night in the Big Town: ArtNow, fake Frankie Vallie and made-up humor


Hello everyone. It’s Adam. While scouring the entertainment landscape for this week’s edition of FNITBT, I thought about those events that try so hard but just don’t make the cut. They give plenty of blood, sweat and tears, but fall short. Let’s tip our hat to some “honorable mentions.”

“Chef Knife Skills” at Francis Tuttle – Apparently San Francisco-style chopping is a thing, as well as “julienning and chiffonading“ vegetables. You do not want me attempting to julienne anything. I once cut my thumb open with a knife because I wanted to see the inside of a tennis ball. Good try “Chef Knife Skills,” but you lose!

“Free Roller Skating Lessons” at Skate Galaxy – It was really hard to not choose this for FNITBT. I mean it oozes “Big League City.” Valiant effort old and run-down roller skates, but your wheels that cannot roll 18 inches without veering hard to the left and making me concentrate way too hard to move forward at one mile per hour is not worth it.

“Christian Country Dance” at 351 N. Air Depot – Kidding. You didn’t come close.

Friday Night in the Big Town: Film Row, Freeze Your Face Off and A Funny Thing Happened


Oh these are the days. Sally Kern got out-Kerned by the Honorable Terence Kern. It’s nice to see the ultra-conservative Okie base scramble for once.

“But 75% of Oklahomans voted for the anti-gay marriage amendment?!?!”

I’m sure if you would have let the Deep South vote on civil rights of African-Americans in the 1950’s, it wouldn’t have passed either. Believe it or not majorities can be wrong.

Actually, I don’t know why I’m telling you, TLO readers are smart and open-minded. However, I am looking forward to seeing the Phelps family create “godhatesoklahoma.com.” I mean, why not, he already hates Sweden.

Anyway, it’s Friday so go out and do something.