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Little Known Facts About Gary England (2)

Gary on Horse 

Soon after the May 8, 1986 tornadoes took out a large portion of Edmond, Gary England was distraught by his inability to control his clutch on the weather.  He took a leave of absence from KWTV and disappeared for several weeks without contacting anyone in Oklahoma.

What few people know is that during this time, Gary resurfaced in Mexico where he joined a travelling rodeo as a broncho rider with the handle “Jump Back Jackson”.  In this span, he entertained crowds with his ability to ride unbroken stallions for up to 47 seconds before the horses gave up trying to buck him.

At the time, it was the greatest experience of England’s life and he nearly chose to eschew his destiny as the greatest meteorologist in history…until he met the man who would change his life.  One day at the rodeo, a spooked bull crashed through a gate and was charging directly for a group of mentally handicapped swimsuit models.  Before Gary even knew what was happening, a rodeo clown dubbed “El Loco Gustanado” grabbed he bull by the horns and wrestled it down with his bare hands.

Later that night, Gary bought the clown a beer and unburdened him with the doubts that had brought England to fleeing his duties in Oklahoma City.  The clown scoffed, for he had no fear of anything, and offered to help Gary refine his weather controlling capabilities.  Then, the clown whose real name was Val Castor, drove him back to the channel 9 studios where they continue to be the greatest storm chasing team known to man to this very day.

Little Known Facts About Gary England


At the age of 15, Gary England (center) forged his birth certificate and joined the Navy in hopes of seeing the world and learning about meteorology.  During basic training, his unique abilities were discovered and a cunning admiral introduced him to Rip (left) and Curly (right) in hopes of forming an elite naval team greater than the SEALS.

Their initial orders were to report to a carrier ship off the coast of Uruguay to squelch a burgeoning pirate army.  Once they boarded their plane, however, they were informed that they would actually be headed to the Falkland Islands to study the coastline of Chile, whose hook echo like formation would become an invaluable tool toward furthering their understanding of severe weather.  Later, this knowledge was put to use during the Bay of Pigs debacle and the May 3rd tornadoes.

Gary England is whacking it…

I’m not sure what Gary is whacking, but maybe this explains why he was so off on his forecast during the spring blizzard.  Also, did you know that each time Gary whacks it that he also kills a kitten?  Need proof?  Just ask Rusty Surrette.

Ogle Madness II: Sweet Sixteen East and Midwest Regions


Today begins the Sweet Sixteen round of Ogle Madness, with matchups from the East and Midwest Regions. With the top 4 seeds advancing in both regions, we have some compelling games being played today. These contests will take place at Robber’s Cave State Park near Wilburton and The Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley.

Vote until midnight after the jump. UPDATE: Voting actually will continue through Tuesday. Keep voting, people.

(1) Gary England vs. (4) Carrie Underwood
(3) Jessica Schambach vs. (2) Cardboard Jim Traber

(1) Sam Bradford vs. (4) Mike Gundy
(3) Blake Griffin vs. (2) Jaime Cerreta

Ogle Madness II: East Region, Second Round


We’ve had upsets (Lee Symcox over Berry Tramel), we’ve had a blowouts (Kristen Chenoweth over Jenni Carlson), and we’ve had nail-biters (Brandon Chatmon over Toby Keith).   We’ve also had controversy (somebody tried to vote for Steve Lackmeyer a few hundred times.)  Through it all, we are now down to just 32 Oklahoma “Celebrities” battling for the right to be Ogle Madness II Champion.  To view an updated PDF of the Ogle Madness II bracket, click here.  To view past results, search through the Ogle Madness II category.

Anyway, today’s games are from the Second Round of the East Regional.  They will be played in Wilburton at the Robbers Cave State Park & Lodge, and the Mountain Vista Cabin near Beavers Bend State Park.  The match-ups are below.  Vote after the jump.

(1) Gary England vs. (9) Toby Rowland
(4) Carrie Underwood vs. (5)
Mark Rodgers
(3) Jessica Schambach vs.
(6) Al Eschbach
(2) Cardboard Jim Traber vs. (10) David Cook