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10 Most Inspiring Adorable Stories About Non-Oklahoma Animals posted to KFOR.com


Although they occasionally get a strong challenge from NewsOK.com, the kings of clickbait in Oklahoma City are the social media bandits at KFOR.com.

Each day, they pander to their 150,000 Facebook fans by posting Buzzfeedesque stories to the KFOR.com website in hopes of luring in a couple thousand page views and unique visitors, and in turn, and extra $10 in advertising.

The stories are generally mindless reposts grabbed from other outlets and offer no local context, opinion or substance. They serve one purpose and one purpose only: generate cheap and easy web traffic for KFOR.com.

So far, the strategy has paid off. Check out KFOR.com’s growth since 2013 from Alexa.com:

kfor web stats

That’s pretty impressive. In fact, the growth has landed KFOR a US Alexa Rank 3,629. Generally speaking, that means out of all the websites in the world, KFOR is 3,629th most popular in the United States. That’s a lot a better than our rank of 26,452.

Out of all the national topics that the KFOR Social Media Bandits like to hook people with, stories about animals seem to be the most popular.Since we now want to get rich and see our pageviews grow, we decided to take a page out of the KFOR playbook. Here are the 10 Most Inspiring Adorable Stories posted to KFOR.com:


1. WATCH: Baby ducklings take ‘flight of life’ to reunite with mother

We all know the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side.

But why did these little ducklings take what is probably the biggest jump of their lives?

This video explains it all.

It’s a scary start but a very happy ending for this mama duck and her little babies.

Unless these ducks are jumping off a diving board to swim in a room full of coins-Scrooge McDuck style, I totally don’t care about their jump. And the smart phone video was taken in Ireland. Not that Ireland can’t in some way affect Oklahoma, it’s just that I sincerely doubt their ducks will.

Also, they didn’t really jump so much as fell over the edge.


2. HILARIOUS! When the owner is away, the dog will play

The house rule is, the dog isn’t allowed on the bed.

You’ve heard, “when the cat is away, the mice will play?”

Well, when the owner is away, the dog will play… and play it does.

The pup goes hog-wild after the owner leaves.

Little does it know, its master has set up a camera to see what happens when the pooch is home alone.

Needless to say, the dog is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Wow. You mean dogs play when they’re home alone all day and bored? Adorable!

Unintentional Comedy Alert: Ali Meyer should do more serious crime reporting

The other day, we came across a dated, 2004 investigative report by KFOR’s Ali Meyer about a man who was convicted of murder and placed on death row in the 1970s despite some very shaky eyewitness testimony and the fact that we was represented by a defense attorney who probably couldn’t make it as a Braum’s employee.

How dated is this clip?

Well, Kevin Ogle looked like this:

kevin ogle news

Linda Cavanaugh wore this:

linda cavanaugh

And Ali Meyer? Well, just watch the entire report after the jump. Although it’s about a sad, serious topic, there’s a very cheesy and unintentionally hilarious part where Ali Meyer plays the role of the stereotypical, over-the-top, 48 Hours crime reporter. It comes on around the 1:50 mark:

Linda Cavanaugh and Mike Morgan shared their secrets to a successful marriage…

mike morgan 5 alive

If you share a secret on a news channel, is it really a secret?

I ask because Linda Cavanaugh and Mike Morgan recently shared their secrets to a successful marriage on KFOR. They are experts in the field because they haven’t divorced yet and Channel 4 needed a self-promotional sweeps story to pander to conservative married baby boomers from Edmond.

Here’s the video:

Breaking News: Emily Sutton is not engaged to Scott Hines…

Over the weekend, KFOR’s Emily Sutton and Scott Hines went to Twitter and Facebook and promised a “special announcement” for this Monday’s morning show.

Obviously, these updates got the attention of Emily’s creepy followers. Instead of writing a blog posting about the news, they commented directly on Emily Sutton’s Facebook page. Most assumed that Emily and Scott were getting engaged.

Here are a few of them:

Emily Sutton was spooked by The Lost Ogle for Halloween…

emily sutton weather vane

Early today, Oklahoma Weather Queen Emily Sutton was being her cute and adorable self on the KFOR Channel 4 morning show when this happened: