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According to Channel 4, this guy doesn’t own a guy…

It’s been a rough week for the intern who writes the captions at Channel 4. First they forgot the name of their own reporter, now they are making claims that Jim Wyett doesn’t own a guy.

Via an Ogle Mole on Twitter:

jim wyett guy

Know what else Jim doesn’t own? A fashionable pair of sunglasses. He does own the 1990s Mark McGuire goat-tee look, though. That will be in style again before you know it. In fact, some hipster in the Plaza District is trimming one as you read this.

Since owning a guy has been illegal for 150 years, you have to think the caption was supposed to read “Jim Wyett doesn’t own a gun.” But I even question the accuracy of that statement. If Jim’s not a gun owner, why does he look like every other gun owner (minus the overly patriotic hat)? Also, why’s he at a place where guns appear to be readily sold and available? That’s like showing a pic of a girl in front of Baker’s Street with the caption “Is not easy.” It’s just not accurate. Also, what’s the ghost from Three Men and a Baby doing over Jim’s left shoulder? That kid has grown up.

This isn’t the worse typo KFOR’s ever committed. Anyone remember this:

According to this internal email, KFOR is compiling a list of local “movers and shakers” to follow on Twitter…

kfor facebook post child rape

What do Kevin Durant, sex attorney David Slane and The Lost Ogle all have in common?

Apparently, we’re all “movers and shakers” and a great source for local news tips.

At least we are according to KFOR Channel 4. We’ve acquired through the Ogle Mole Network an odd email sent by KFOR Social Media Director Ashton Edwards to the station’s staff. She’s apparently compiling a Twitter list of notable people, places and things and is looking for a few suggestions. She even provided some examples of what she’s looking for.

Check it out:

According to these videos, Emily Sutton had fun at Single in the City

emily ustton singleinthecity

That’s a pic of local broadcasting legend (kidding) Brent Skarky talking to Emily Sutton at Saturday night’s “Single in the City” auction. Why would Brent Skarky be allowed in the same room as Emily, much less granted time to have a conversation with her on a stage??? Well, the people at Oklahoma Magazine picked Brent to emcee the auction. That’s right, they went with the Skarkster. Apparently their first choice, Driver from the Sports Animal, called in sick at the last second.

Anyway, I didn’t make this year’s auction, but an Ogle Mole in attendance provided me with some grainy, poorly lit videos of Emily on the auction block. I think you can say she had a good time. Here are the videos.

Emily Sutton has moved to 4:00am. What do her Facebook fans think about this? Do you agree? :(

Emily Sutton officially started her new career today as the regular morning meteorologist for KFOR Channel 4. She’ll be on the air each weekday from 4:00am – 7:00am. We know this because Channel 4 has been playing the following promo commercial non-stop for about a week. It makes you say “awwwwwwwwwwwww” more than your friend Jessica (a.k.a. the annoying girl at a baby shower):

Uhm, is Channel 4 trying to imply that Emily Sutton’s dream in life is to wake up at 2:00am each morning to give the weather forecast in Oklahoma City? That’s a little premature isn’t it? They should have saved that clip for when Mike Morgan retires and Emily dons the bedazzled weather dress. Or are they saying that Emily is finally fulfilling her dream of being a TV meteorologist? If that’s what they’re doing, doesn’t it totally discount Emily’s contributions over the past 3 years? Was her other work not that important? Am I being too analytical? Probably so.

Anyway, Emily has been promoting writing about the new gig on Facebook and it’s brought out some of the creepy crawlies. And I’m not talking about the ones who post pictures of her in a bikini behind the thinly veiled pseudo-anonymity of the internet. I’m talking the creepy crawlies who live in a world where Emily Sutton is like a best friend and post awkward, sitting-too-close comments on her Facebook Page.

Here are 20 of my favorites.

To lead things off, we have anti-punctuation and -capitalization guys:

Channel 9 got their Bobs confused…

Back when TV chopper pilot Jim Gardner made the jump from Channel 4 to Channel 9, there was a rumor that he was taking the lucrative Bob Moore helicopter sponsorship with him. That never materialized. Instead, Channel 9 went the route of a different Robert and inked Bob Mills Furniture to a long-term chopper sponsorship. So now whenever Jim Gardner rescues a deer from a frozen pond, follows a police chase through Jones, or surveys death and destruction following a catastrophic multi-vortex maxi-wedge grinder, you’ll be reminded of love seats, the Pillow Bar and that moderately attractive chiropractor from the Sleep Spa Studio.

Well, apparently some intern at Channel 9 didn’t get that memo. Check out this crudely taken photo that a Mole sent us from a recent News 9 broadcast:

bob moore jim gardner

Hmmn, something tells me “The Working Man’s Friend” isn’t going to be happy with that. He’ll be more upset than that time in 2004 when he accidentally shrunk all his sweaters in the dryer.

Anyway, on the topic of Jim Gardner and crudely taken photographs, take a look at this post that Jim Gardner left on his Facebook page when he learned that Mary Ann Eckstein was out as the news director at Channel 4. It’s amusing: