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This weird rap video about OSU and Mike Gundy is kind of hysterical…

Last night, I was alerted to this strange YouTube music video called “I’m A Man, I’m 40 (My Name Is Mike Gundy).” The song, which is about Mike Gundy and the college football power he created, was produced and performed by an online “journalist” named Brian Shaw.

The video itself is pretty cheesy and terrible. That being said, I kind of like the thing. It’s virtually guaranteed to irritate the hell out of Clark Matthews, Josh Pettit or any other OSU fan who watches it. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing more fun than seeing an irritated OSU fan get angry and upset (especially after the Cowboys choke away a Bedlam game and turn Brennan Clay into a hero). Hell, PistolsFiring.com hates the video so much they posted a second-by-second reaction to the clip in an attempt to refute the guy’s lyrics.

Anyway, here’s the video:

In Defense of Gundy

In most ways, I consider myself to be a forward-thinking, progressive-minded person. I share Martin Luther King’s dream of people being judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. The resistance of the masses to gay marriage makes me think we should abolish civil marriage entirely. I believe in the American’s with Disabilities Act.

When it comes to being a Sooner fan, though, civil rights go wide right of the goal post.

Late last week, a carpentry contractor sued Oklahoma State’s head football coach, Mike Gundy, for wrongful termination or breach of contract or something along those lines. He claims the OSU coach owes him $30,000 for lost wages because he turned down other jobs due to the promise of an $80,000 rennovation at the Gundy castle.

Putting aside that the contract was strictly verbal (anyone who has seen Jerry McGuire can attest that even word as strong as oak is worthless when it comes to agreements), Coach Gundy should not owe the guy anything. The carpenter earned his termination when he wore crimson and cream garb on sacred ground.

Since the guy was a Sooner fan and on some level all Sooner fans take some relish in the guy pissing off Gundy, Sooner Nation has mostly been “outraged” by the treatment this contractor received. “It’s only a t-shirt,” I’ve been told, and the guy says he dressed in the dark. You know, I have dressed in the dark before, too, since Mrs. Matthews is not a morning person, and a few times I’ve ended up wearing a navy shirt with black pants. When I worked at Kerr-McGee, though, I never accidently wore the Conoco-Philips polo I got when they recruited me. The reason? I knew my employers wouldn’t laugh it off as a funny misunderstanding or accept my offer to wear the shirt inside out the rest of the day.

10 other ways to get Mike Gundy to fire you

Depending on who you talk to around town, Mike Gundy is either a really cool guy or a really arrogant prick. The people who think he’s cool are generally OSU fans, ass kissers in the media or both (Jim Traber). The people who think he’s an arrogant prick are OU fans, annoying sports columnists and people who were allegedly fired by Mike Gundy for wearing an OU baseball shirt.

From NewsOK:

A contractor claims Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy fired him because the man wore a University of Oklahoma shirt to work at the Gundy’s house in Stillwater.

In a breach of agreement lawsuit filed in Payne County court, contractor Brent Loveland claims he lost more than $30,000 in possible income because of the time he devoted to Gundy’s home. Gundy and his wife, Kristen, are named as defendants in the case.

Loveland, who lives in Choctaw, is seeking damages more than $10,000.

Loveland’s lawsuit says when he showed up to work on the Gundy’s house wearing an OU baseball shirt, the Cowboys’ coach unleashed a profanity-laden tirade and fired him.

According to the lawsuit, Gundy approached Loveland and said, ‘How dare you come into my house and offend my wife.”

When Loveland asked what he was talking about, Gundy responded “That (expletive) shirt you have on.”

The lawsuit goes on to say Gundy told Loveland “what a lowlife he was, and telling him to ‘pack his (expletive)’ and get off his property.”

Loveland claims he offered to turn the shirt inside out and apologize to the Gundys, but Mike Gundy replied by calling him a “stupid idiot” for wearing the OU shirt on “OSU soil.

I’m not really sure which way I lean on this. If the contractor’s claims are true, he does seem to have a legitimate case. Then again, the contractor did know he was entering a contract with Mike Gundy. The coach has been known to lose his cool and throw an occasional temper tantrum.

Anyway, since getting fired by Mike Gundy seems like a cool and financially rewarding thing to do, we decided to come up with a list of ways to make it happen. The first two are below, the rest are after the jump.

1. Have your mom hand feed you some KFC for lunch.

Yeah, that’s what apparently Bobby Reid did. That didn’t work out well.

2. Ask why Boone Pickens sits around the house all day eating cheese sandwiches.

So, about Justin Beiber using Mike Gundy’s rant as a ringtone…

This weekend, the world learned that Justin Bieber uses Mike Gundy’s famous words “I’m a man, I’m 40” as his ringtone.  The world may never be the same. Here it is:

Some thoughts:

– Now that we know Bieber uses Mike Gundy’s rant as a ringtone, I wonder what Greyson Chance will change his ringtone to?   Perhaps he’ll go with They are who we thought they were! And we let ’em off the hook!” or maybe something similar like “Playoffs?  You kidding me? P-P-P-playoffs???” Those would be simple and fun.  However, if he was smart, he would go with something like this:

Ogle Madness: South Region ““ Upper Bracket

Today we start the second week of Ogle Madness III.  Last week, we had a bunch of close battles but only a few upsets.  Check out Chad’s recap for more information.

Anyway, here are today’s games.  We start things off in the South Region.

(1) Kristin Chenoweth vs. (16) Alex Cameron’s HBO Shirt
(8) The Pioneer Woman vs. (9) Dean Blevins
(4) Jennifer Pierce vs. (13) Mary Fallin
(5) Jamie Cerreta vs. (12) Mike Gundy

Vote after the jump!