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Monday Morning Tweets: The Channel 4 Band exists

Happy Monday, and welcome to this week’s edition of Monday Morning Tweets, OKC’s only Twitter round-up from the week before. And if there’s another Twitter round-up, it’s totally not as cool as what I’m writing. Also, I’m really good at scraping the weird depths of Twitter for stuff that most folks would miss because it seems unimportant or irrelevant. But if I can make a silly one-liner about it, I’m totes gonna put that tweet up here. And now you know my secret method for writing Monday Morning Tweets. Not so cool now that you’ve seen how the sausage is made, huh?

Anyway, I’ve got the very best (and the majority of the low hanging fruit) from last week just ready and waiting right here for you! As always, the tweets are after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets: April Foolin’

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of everyone’s favorite TLO column that features tweets! As I write this, I am sick from consuming too much Easter food and candy. Every year I think I’m not going to gorge myself on chocolate bunnies and Reese’s eggs. But every year I finish like a champ. What can I say? I’m dedicated to the ones I love.

Anyway, I’m going to assume that you’re a grown adult and you don’t have issues with eating too much candy. So I won’t even suggest that you are perhaps as nauseated as me. Instead, I’ll just encourage you to read all the tweets I have gathered for you after the jump!

Monday Morning Tweets: Nerdiest week ever edition

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone. It’s that time of year again. From my survey last week, it would appear that y’all think I shouldn’t try to write like Shakespeare and that I should just put topical information in this intro. Well, jokes on you guys! I’m so irrelevant you wouldn’t even believe. Ummm. So. Last week. There were things. And this week, there will actually also be things. That’s all I’ve got, at least until I see the new Fast and Furious movie. I’m serious about that. Seeing that film will be the pinnacle of my week.

Anyway, I at least do have some tweets for your enjoyment. As always, they’re after the jump.

The Nerds Were Out in Full Force 

So, this past weekend saw both the Medieval Fair in Norman, and Super Bitcon at the State Fairgrounds. But more importantly, it saw me realize something about myself as I walked around the Medieval Fair. That something was that I don’t like people who like things. That may seem odd or vague, but just know that if you’re way into something, we’re not going to be friends. I find your enthusiasm for a hobby, activity or interest to be nauseating. I’d like everyone to know that my tent is firmly staked in the “grown folks who sit back and drink beer for fun” camp, and it ain’t moving. I say this not to discourage anyone from enjoying their interests, but just to let you know. Your enthusiasm for a subject will not move to me to enjoy it. I’m an antisocial asshole. I know. I’ve come to terms with it.

But that doesn’t mean that other people didn’t have a good time….

Monday Morning Tweets

Is it overly apparent that I have no idea how to write an intro for this column? I mean, I try to say something relevant every week, but sometimes, you just can’t be relevant. I scrolled through the archives to see some past intros I had written, and also the intros my predecessor, Tony, had written. But it wasn’t much help because Tony had like 4 intros where he basically stated that he didn’t know how to introduce this column. Which, like, I’m not throwing him under the bus or anything, but you can see that this isn’t the easiest thing to write a couple of paragraphs for. I mean, what do you, the reader, even look for in an intro? Or do you just scroll through to see if your tweet made the cut? (Spoilers: It probably didn’t.)

Anyway, I guess I should get to the actual tweets now. This is my favorite part of the intro, because I just tell you the tweets are after the jump, and the intro is over. So, well, ummm. The tweets are after the jump!

Monday Morning Tweets: Marisa has been here for 5 years

Good morning and happy Monday, guys. Guess what this week is? It’s my official 5 year anniversary of writing for The Lost Ogle. That’s right, you guys. I have now been writing pure nonsense for this blog more than twice as long as I’ve ever held an actual job, and I’ve published more words here than I probably will anywhere else. It’s pretty nice to know that after working for 5 years at this organization, that I am the one who gets to trawl through your lame tweets to pick ones to put on the blog on Mondays. It’s a dream, really.

Anyway, you can pretty much consider these tweets to be the very best tweets ever since they’re the tweets for my 5 year anniversary. Check them out after the jump!