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Monday Morning Tweets

Happy Monday, everyone. I’m currently typing this from Alabama, which I can say is a terrible place. I’ve experienced parts of the Deep South during this trip that would make great horror movie fodder. Don’t ever let your east or west coast cousins try to tell you that Oklahoma is backward or full of hicks. Because even our more backward small town is better than any spot I’ve been to in Alabama.

Anyway, it’s good to know that once I step off the plane, I’ll be back in Oklahoma where things always stay the same. Like this, for example:

Monday Morning Tweets

Happy Monday to everyone. How many of you are reading this from your fancy pants new iPhone 6 Plus? Just kidding. No one cares about your new phone. You know why? BECAUSE IT’S A PHONE. If you were reading it from a Nokia 5110, then we would care because we’d really like to know how you hacked that brick with an antenna to display websites. And we still kind of want to see if we can beat our old score on snake.

Anyway, as always, I’ve collected the best and the worst of the tweets from the week before, and I’ve placed them right here for you to enjoy. Don’t ever say I didn’t do nothing for ya. Get this week’s tweets after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets

Happy Monday, and let’s settle in. A lot of tweeting happened last week because of the new iPhone, the State Fair, the anniversary of 9/11, and the weather got cool for like 2 days. So, upside–lots to cover. Downside–still no tweets from Deano. But that’s okay because Paul Folger totally made a pizza from scratch on Instagram, so I’m going to need you to settle in and get to reading.

As always, this week’s tweets are after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets

Happy Monday, everyone. How are we doing? Good? Have you noticed that I’ve been writing this here column for a while now (I’m not sure how long, the Mondays all run together) and I still haven’t figured out a good, graceful way to introduce this column every week? Typically I reference hangovers at least once, and sleeping at my desk–both things I do every Monday. And other days of the week as well. I wish I had more to offer, but I do not. I guess I could make small talk.

Anyone see Boardwalk Empire last night? No?

Anyway, I guess you should just read these tweets. That’s why you’re here. As always, this week’s tweets are after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets: Linda Cavanaugh Is Your Fairy Godmother

If you’re joining us today, it means that you survived the OKC Purge of 2014. I’m glad you’re still with us. Let’s take a moment and remember those we lost.

Just kidding. We didn’t lose anyone because Twitter is simultaneously the best social network and also full of hoaxes. Remember when Jeff Goldblum died? Yeah. Don’t trust anything you read on Twitter. Unless it’s from me or any of the various TLO accounts. Everything we tell you there is absolutely true. And you can bet that our commentary on the tweets of others is completely spot on. We are the most trusted name in Monday Morning Tweets.

As always, those tweets are after the jump!