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MMT: Gary England took Loretta to Coyote Ugly

It’s officially spring time in Oklahoma. The weather was stupid yesterday, and if you’re the type to plant a garden, it was completely destroyed. But take heart. Know that slackers like me get along just fine by never planting flowers or tomatoes, so you’ll be okay. What won’t be okay is this weather. It’s too stinking cold, and I’ve already packed up all my sweaters. But I guess I can’t complain. As far as spring weather goes, this is pretty nice.

Anyway, I’ve got some tweets for you. Don’t forget to follow @TLOMMT and maybe we’ll follow you. Who knows? Maybe your tweet will end up on an edition of MMT! Check out this week’s tweets after the jump.

MMT: The Royal KFOR Wedding

We have a lot to cover this Monday. The tweets in the OKC area were really at a whole ‘nother level this past week. I’d like to congratulate all of you for stepping up your tweet game. Some people say you should dance like no one is watching. But it’s clear you guys like to tweet like your boss can’t google you. Personally, I’m more the type to eat Taco Bell like my jeans have an elastic waist band. But you know, to each their own. Anyway, let’s get to the tweets!

MMTs: Jenni Carlson’s least favorite thing is…

Well, it certainly was a weekend, wasn’t it? I spent it drinking Miller High Life at Sequoyah State Park with some ladies I’ve known since before puberty. We were drunk by 11 AM and listening to the explicit mixes of rap songs while families tried to have cookouts about 20 yards away. Sorry, families. I guess this massive hangover is my punishment for ruining your little weekend trip.

While I’m busy sobering up by drinking all the coffee in my office’s break room and laying my head on the cold desk, you can read these tweets. And if there’s a local account that we should be following–famous/infamous or not–hit us up at @TLOMMT and let us know!

Check out this week’s tweets after the jump!

MMTS: Like most tweets, your first one was probably awful

Hey, Patrick here.

Welcome to the last Monday Morning Tweets as you know it. Don’t worry. The feature’s not going away (yet), it’s just going to be slightly different. 

We’ve decided to mix things up and create a Monday Morning Tweets Twitter account. We’re going to use this to officially follow all the local personalities whose tweets we share on Mondays. But get this. We’re also go to follow some common Twitter folk and occasionally share their insightful, funny, humorous, relevant tweets about the world. That is if we find the right tweeps to follow. 

If you want to be one of those tweeps, and possibly make the MMTs, follow our account. We’ll follow you back. If we see something we like, we may include it. If you really want us to see your tweet, send out a hashtag or @-reply us. Simple enough, right?

We may make a couple of other changes, too, but you won’t know about them until next week… or the week after… or whenever we want to do it. That’s how things work around here. And with that announcement now out-of-the-way, I’ll turn things over to the Gentle One.

Thanks, handsome. The big thing on Twitter was “First Tweet.” It was an app Twitter introduced that would magically show your first-ever tweet. It’s kind of like your Facebook aniversary video, only not as depressing.

We decided to take a look at some MMT regulars and share their first ever tweets. Most people just used it as a basic introduction to the platform:

Monday Morning Tweets: QuikTrip is rubbing it in

It’s that time again, everyone. No, it’s not time to change the water filter in your fridge’s door dispenser. Well, actually, it probably is, but you probably have no idea how to do that, and you probably don’t care enough about it to get on that. As a Norman resident, I’m pretty apathetic to it, since the water here contains hexavalent chromium and arsenic. It’s only a matter of time before I become a Toxic Avenger-like creature, so why even bother making the water taste better with a filter?

Anyway, it’s Monday, which means I’m bringing you some of the best and just sufficient tweets from the previous week. As always, the tweets are after the jump.