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Monday Morning Tweets

Let’s talk for a minute about Benadryl and craft beer, and the lovely combination they make. I tried this on Saturday. It wasn’t bad, until I fell asleep and dreamed about my dog writing a book. It wasn’t a particularly good book, but you know, it was book written by a dog so it was special regardless. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the day when it stops raining so damn much because this mold is killing my allergies, and Benadryl dreams are super weird.

Anyway, as always, I have a bunch of tweets for you right here after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets

I hope you all had the best Mother’s Day ever. I had way to much to drink, but that’s because all the mothers in my life really like to booze it up. So, if you’re wondering why I’m such an unruly degenerate, that’s probably a good place to start. Oh, and if your Mom happens to be anything like mine, yesterday was all about food. So. Much. Food. If anyone needs me, I’ll be sleeping off this sugary carb coma for the next 3 days. Until then, however, I do have some tweets for you.

As always, you can get the best tweets from the week before right here after the jump!

Monday Morning Tweets

We’ve officially entered that time of year where I can’t breathe because I’m allergic to everything. So, if you see me passed out on the sidewalk or in the middle of a grocery store, just know it’s the Benadryl and that I’m not drunk. Not that I care what you think. I’m just not into getting arrested.

Anyway, as always, I have all the best tweets from the week before and I’ve stuffed them into one awesome post. I bet you’ll never guess where they are. Oh. you did. Yeah. After the m

Monday Morning Tweets: Memorial Marathon edition

How about the weather this weekend? I think my seasonal affective disorder is officially in remission…you know, provided that we don’t have too many rainy days in the future. Anyway, it sucks that it’s no longer Sunday because I’m not currently day drinking on a patio, which is pretty much the only reason I was put on this earth. But I guess you have to earn money to pay for you beer tab some time during the week. Lame.

Anyway, as always, I’ve gathered up some tweets for you to take a look at. As always, they’re right here after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and happy Monday. Depending upon your priorities, you may have had a busy weekend. While some people attended the first Energy FC game (and win) of the season, others attended the twentieth anniversary ceremony of the Oklahoma City bombing, and still, there were some who camped out at Target to snag the new Lilly Pulitzer collection. Whatever you did, I’m sure you’re tired and not ready to begin your work week. And that’s why I’ve got some tweets for you. That way, you can ease into your day with all the best tweets from the week before.

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