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Monday Morning Tweets: Local news folks really like to work out.

Happy Monday, and welcome back to Monday Morning Tweets. As always, I, Marisa, have brought you the very best tweets from the week before. Or, I’ve brought you the tweets I enjoyed the most from the week before. But you can rest assured that I have the best taste when it comes to tweets. So, sit back and begin your week the right way–by reading some tweets from the week before.

But before we get going, I need to remind you that Tony tweets about Jeopardy, and he’s trying to bring the rest of us down with him:

Monday Morning Tweets: Lacey Swope is a fries in ice cream type of girl

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of Monday Morning Tweets. You probably aren’t reading this, or at least all the tweets we get from people who didn’t know they were featured in the column would have us believe that you aren’t reading. And that’s cool, I guess.

Before we dig into this week’s tweets, I thought I should get something out-of-the-way. I admitted on Twitter that I would totally sleep with the tool box from Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, and then Tony favorited that tweet for use in this week’s MMT, like I would be shocked or embarrassed or something. Well, the joke’s on him, because if you scroll through the archives, you will see the hundreds of times I’ve admitted to having a crush on Fred Durst over the past four years.

Also, I don’t guess Patrick intended for this to happen, but I think Monday Morning Tweets and the associated Twitter account has now officially become the arena in which Tony and I will battle to the death. Anyway, check out the tweets after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets: So, Scott Stapp was in town

Good Monday to everyone. There is nothing quite like coming back to work after a three-day weekend. By which I mean it’s more demoralizing than usual. Couple that with my current hangover, and I’m pretty much ready to call it a day. There ain’t enough Gatorade and aloe vera in the OKC area to fix me up after this holiday weekend. I hope everyone knows that I will be asleep in my car during my lunch break.

It was a busy week, what with Supreme Court rulings, the Fourth of July, and just the general nonsense of local media personalities being on Twitter. So, why don’t we get right to it? Check out this week’s tweets after the jump!

Monday Morning Tweets: Wendy Suares likes to swim

I’m going to be straight with you, readers. There’s a lot of crap that has gone on this past week. We have the World Cup and primary elections in addition to like a bazillion things that happened in Downtown over the weekend. I’m a let you know right now that I was not able to cover every single little thing. Seriously, this is a once weekly thing, and if we could spread stuff out more, it would make it easier on me. I wouldn’t have to try to fit everything into one post, and I’d probably have more to write about on those weeks when it seems like nothing happens. So, in the future, please don’t schedule things on weeks when there are already things happening. Please and thank you.

Before we get to the tweets, can I just let it be known that I want to see a million Instagrams and tweets about fireworks and drunken shenanigans in the name of America this weekend? Bonus points to those of you who find compromising pics of local celebs and politicians enjoying their freedom.

Anyway, check out the tweets after the jump!

Monday Morning Tweets: Steve Lackmeyer’s Boom Box

I’m very superstitious and I find that if I wait until the second half of a Thunder game to start drinking beer, then the team does better. I assumed the same was true of US soccer matches. However, I finished a beer with about a minute left in the match, and chose not to get another one. This has led me to believe that I have to keep drinking through every last-minute of the game to prevent our opponents from scoring. So, you can count that second goal from Portugal as an error on my part. Don’t worry. Come next match, I know exactly how much I have to drink so we can beat Germany.

Anyway, here’s your Monday Morning Tweets!