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Is this the alternate OKC Thunder logo?

We’ve received way too many visits over the past week from people looking for stuff related to the sucky and boring Oklahoma City Thunder logo.  To keep those visitors happy, here is a great, sarcastic visual interpretation of how bad the logo is.

*Thanks to the clever and angry graphic artist dude for sending this too me.

Breaking News: Buy your official Oklahoma City Thunder gear online

Uhm…I guess you can go ahead and ignore the post below this one.  And if this is part of the “build interest” plan by Clay Bennett and Friends, they can go !@#$ themselves…

Oh yeah, here’s the link to the NBA store.  Go buy an overpriced polo shirt or something. 

2:41pm Update: Don’t forget to request your text message from NewsOK or The Sports Animal.

Is Clay Bennett Sneaky?

We are starting to hear some consistent rumblings that the pretty little logo you see above is a fake. To make things better, we are also hearing that the logo may have be “leaked” by the team itself in an (apparently successful) attempt to build interest for today’s announcement. And by using the words “build interest”, I think they really mean scaring the living hell out of us and tricking us to believe they hired a blind WNBA fan to design their logo.

Yeah, I have no clue what to believe right now. One part of me wants the logo to be real, so that the people at ESPN, FoxSports, MSNBC and other places don’t get too mad at us. On the other hand, I’d like the logo to disappear in Clark Matthews’ garage and never be seen again.

Anyway, I guess the only way to know for sure is to turn on the news tonight at 5:00pm and see what is unveiled. Or, I can be a total tool and request a text alert from The Sports Animal or NewsOK.com. Or, I can just write about it here and then read what I wrote. Or I can just get drunk.  That doesn’t sound too bad.

Top 10 names for the Oklahoma City Thunder Dance Team…

I originally got the idea for this post about a month or so ago, but the Red Dirt Kings were able to read my mind and kind of stole it from me. At first this made me mad, but then Clark Matthews reminded me about the most recent group of people who were able to read my mind: the Oklahoma City Honeybees.

You see, the Honeybees were able to read from my superior brain that I wanted to wear a Zorro mask and have a big orgy with all of them. Look at what that got them. Absolutely nothing. The Hornets moved back to New Orleans and now all the Oklahoma City based Honeybees are former NBA dance team members…at least for a little while.

Anyway, I have no clue if this tale has a moral, and if it does, what it is, but I do know this: always wear a Zorro mask. It makes it extremely difficult for the people reading your mind to identify you.

Check out the Top 10 Dance Team Names are after the jump…

Welcome Back


When the schedule for the Oklahoma City To-Be-Announceds (but probably the Thunder) came out there were some bittersweet feelings for the old Hornets fans.  Desmond Mason, who acted as the de facto face of the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets while they played in a market whose fanbase struggled to name five players from the entire league but were intimately aware of him as a former Oklahoma State star, was coming to town for opening night as a member of the Milwaukee Bucks.  Not anymore.

Just as the Bucks traded Mason to the Hornets on the eve of their debut in Oklahoma City three years ago, the Bucks again have traded him to the TBAs on the eve of their debut in Oklahoma City.  In a three team deal that also included the Cleveland Cavaliers, OKC picked up Mason and Joe Smith and parted with Luke Ridnour and Adrian Griffin.  The deal is being characterized as a salary dump by the TBAs, but it will likely be much more.

Sure Desmond was known primarily for his fugly jumpshot and jawdropping dunks, but what he really brings to the team is tenacious defense and the willingness to make hustle plays (something many NBA players refuse to do).  He also brings the steadiness of a veteran to a team loaded with young talent.  The fact that he is a former Cowboy and an established fan favorite in this market fails to hurt, as well.  And from a personal standpoint, I am happy that Desmond never had to play for Kelvin Sampson who is now an assistant coach for Milwaukee.

I tried to get Patrick’s input on today’s deal, but after I told him the news, I heard a bunch of screaming and profanity.  Plus, it sounded like he was throwing things.  I will take that to mean he, too, wishes Desmond luck.