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Emily Sutton is your Ogle Madness VI Champion…


I guess Channel 4 was right. Dreams really do come true!

KFOR Morning Meteorologist Emily Sutton is your Ogle Madness VI Champion. She demolished her BFF and co-worker Joleen Chaney by a score of 559 t0 301 in the championship game. This is the second consecutive year that Emily has won our absurd Oklahoma Celebrity Tournament. We will provide Emily her with the Ogle Madness Tiarra in a very private ceremony complete with wine and strawberries at the Skirvin:

Here’s Emily’s “One Shining Moment:”

Ogle Madness VI Championship Game: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (1) Joleen Chaney

Everything in your life has led to this. All of the votes for missing kangaroos, cold pop seeking internet stars and small towns named Hooker have led to this showdown.Today (and tomorrow) is when you cast your vote for the Ogle Madness VI Champion.

Here’s the final match-up:

 joleen chaney emily sutton earthquake 3

joleen chaney emily sutton triathlon

joleen chaney emily sutton greek festival

Can Emily Sutton be only the second person in Ogle Madness history to get back to back wins? Will Joleen Chaney cause a Prague Valedictorian style upset? Will these two friends quietly judge each other  over lunch at the KFOR Food Zone? Only you can decide.

Check your brackets. Check your gut. Make the right choice. Also, a couple dozen Moles are still eligible for the $250 feast Picasso Cafe, so your vote does matter.

Good luck to both our contenders. May the best attractive female Channel 4 employee win.


Ogle Madness VI Final Four: (1) Emily Sutton vs. (1) Kevin Durant

A lot’s changed since Emily Sutton beat Kevin Durant s in the Ogle Madness V Championship Game. The OKC Thunder had yet to play in the NBA Finals, David Payne still wore Chinese made KFOR windbreakers, and I had a job. Now look! Everything’s different except for this Ogle Madness rematch! It’s like Rocky II only Emily Sutton is way better looking than Stallone and Carl Weathers isn’t involved. God, I love Carl Weathers.

It’ll be interesting to see if the star of Thunderstruck can get revenge on the star of sunshiny mornings and clouds in the sky. Emily Sutton has won every Ogle Madness battle she’s been in, by a lot. Can she repeat the defeat dolled out last year? Will Kevin Durant be the Thunderstruck of Ogle Madness contenders? Only you can decide! Well, you and whomever else votes while sitting outside an IHOP using free wi-fi from their car. So from the looks of it, you, me and about six other people.


Ogle Madness VI Final Four: (1) Joleen Chaney vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian

Here’s your Ogle Madness VI Final 4:

(1) Joleen Chaney vs. (12) Prague Valedictorian

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (1) Emily Sutton

The first Ogle Madness Semi-Final open for voting is the David vs. Goliath battle between (1) Joleen Chaney and (12) Prague Valedictorian. Joleen has plowed through the competition while driving in her Beamer. This is her second Ogle Madness Final 4. The Prague Valedictorian, on the other hand, is the Ogle Madness VI Cinderella. She’s made a somewhat surprising and unprecedented run to Final 4, defeating (5) Blake Shelton, (4) Scott Brooks, (1) Gary England and (2) Olivia Munn. And she’s only in this thing because she said “Hell.” Is this a great state or what?!

So it’s come to this. A super smart woman who is an accomplished local journalist is up against a super smart girl who said “hell.” I’m not trying to trivialize the girl from Prague’s achievement but did that girl appear in the Sweet Brown video and NOT laugh? No. No she didn’t.

Hell. Go vote!

Ogle Madness Elite 8: (1) Kevin Durant vs. (3) Bibi Jones

Ogle Madness sounds like a condition that makes you believe you’re a 7′ 5″ news monster. I’m so gonna get beat up by an Ogle. Again.

Here’s who’s left in the Elite 8:

(1) Kevin Durant vs. (3) Bibi Jones

This is the first time the NBA and porn worlds collide! No. It’s not.