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This Oklahoma Fidelity Bank commercial is pretty intense and terrible

Over the weekend, a bunch of ads for Oklahoma Fidelity Bank appeared on NewsOK.com. Since they are the bank that currently owns my mortgage, I decided to take a look at what they were selling. This is what I saw:

My first question is when is the spaceship going to destroy downtown. My second question is if Jeff Goldblum is working on a computer virus to stop the spaceship. My third question is if the person who had the broken down car at the 4-second mark is okay.

That commercial is a little too intense….and dark…and depressing. I couldn’t tell if I was watching a bank commercial or a trailer for a shitty new J.J. Abrams film. I bet if they zoomed in a little closer you could probably see Steve Lackmeyer standing atop the Devon Tower wearing a red cape and blue tights. And yeah, I know that’s the second Steve Lackmeyer reference that’s appeared on this site this morning, but the guy really does like Downtown…and Midtown…and Bricktown. And he likes them all more than Wayne Coyne likes vaginas and bubbles.

Anyway, to make this commercial and campaign even dumber, check out the ad copy that accompanies the video on the Oklahoma Fidelity website:

Sweet Brown has finally jumped the shark…

Just like everyone, I was a bit mesmerized when I first saw video of the effervescent Sweet Brown describing a fire at her apartment complex. Not only was the video hysterical, but Sweet Brown had a unique charm and innocence that made you want to watch the video 200 times and email it to all your friends…twice. Plus, her damn name was Sweet Brown. And she liked cold pop!

Since the video has gone viral, though, that charm and innocence has quickly faded. It’s seems like Sweet Brown has been exploited and over-exposed.

First, people like the dork who originally posted the video began hunting her down and giving her cold pop for their own self promotion. One person even got her to ask us if we wanted one. Then she appeared on News 4 with Linda CavanaughKJRH in Tulsa and the front cover of the Gazette. It’s hard to stay fresh and cool when the Gazette writes about you. Trust us.

And now this has happened:

The Sonic guys are back…

Remember those two guys pictured above? They are the slackers who appeared in those incessant Sonic commercials during the mid to late aughts. The duo would go to Sonic, bicker about tater tots or slushies or roller skates or whatever, and…well…that was about it.

At first, their straight man and the funny guy routine was kind of humorous. But after a few years, the bit got old and Sonic replaced the guys with a sarcastic married couple and a soccer mom and her teenage son. Then that stuff quickly got old and Sonic dropped the campaign all together.

Well, have we got some exciting news for you! Those wild and wacky Sonic guys have returned. And guess what??!  They want their old jobs back!!! How cute!!!

From an advertorial written by Don Mecoy in today’s Oklahoman:

Regular Jim Traber is the new spokesperson for Mazzio’s

Regular Jim Traber is kind of fragile. During the holiday season, he was admitted to the ICU because of a clogged artery. This came about three and half years after he spent a few weeks in the hospital due to an exploded colon. He also suffers from a variety of other ailments and conditions like gout, tomfoolery and narcissistic personality disorder.

If Regular Jim were a normal person, you’d think his health problems would lead to some sort of awakening. That maybe he’d eat better, exercise more and quit smoking illegal Cuban cigars. But Regular Jim Traber is not a normal person. He’s invincible! He’s the ultimate! And he’s the new spokesperson for Mazzio’s Pizza.

Here’s the commercial:

This commercial for the OKC Chamber is not very good…

2011 was apparently a pretty good year for Oklahoma City. In fact, it was so great that The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce released an awkward two-minute long TV commercial to remind us about it:

I don’t know about you, but I would bet some serious money that the everyone involved in the production of that commercial lives in Edmond. The only thing whiter than that thing is the lower level of a Thunder game. They even made the black kids look stale and boring and white.