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Kelly Ogle graduated from Citizens Police Academy…

kelly ogle mustache

If you see Kelly Ogle sporting his old mustache anytime soon, I guess we’ll know why.

Recently, the My Two Cents giver graduated from the OKCPD Citizens Police Academy. He was the guy in class that cracked all the funny impressions and made animal sounds.

Because we’re in the middle of sweeps, Kelly decided to tell us all about it.

From News9.com:

Kevin Ogle was not impressed at last night’s Thunder game…


Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder overcame a 10-point deficit in the final 3 minutes to squeak by the Washington Wizards in overtime. For the most part, all Oklahoma City Thunder fans inside the Peak were captivated by the thrilling victory and comeback. Well, except for KFOR’s Kevin Ogle.

Check out this pic a Mole sent me from the final minutes of last night’s Thunder game:

So, Meg Alexander performed the National Anthem at last night’s Thunder game…

meg alexander national anthem

Remember that scene in The Neverending Story where Atreyu anxiously watches a brave knight attempt to cross the pass that’s guarded by those two statues with gigantic boobs, only to see the knight get vaporized by lightning bolts that shoot from the statues’ eyes? Atreyu wants the knight to make it through, but knows that’s probably not going to happen.

That’s exactly how I feel when I watch someone try to sing the National Anthem at a Thunder game. I get all nervous and want them to succeed and make it through the entire song unscathed, but before the singer grabs that mic and belts that first note, I know it’s probably not going to end well.

Anyway, I bring all that up because Meg Alexander performed the National Anthem at last night’s Thunder game. The people at KFOR were very proud:

Meg Alexander open the Thunder game with the National Anthem

NewsChannel 4′s Meg Alexander was asked to perform the National Anthem at tonight’s Thunder versus the Mavericks NBA basketball game.

She stood in front of thousands of fans at the Chesapeake Arena and did an excellent job of singing our National Anthem.

Meg is no stranger to singing having performed in many musicals and other vocal performances.

That’s cool. But don’t take the 12-year-old intern at KFOR’s word for it, watch it for yourself:

Janet Baressi would give Channel 5 an F on their report card…

1Diabolic Paul Folger

Yesterday, the Department of Education finally got around to issuing those school report cards that Premier Mary Fallin doesn’t want anyone to question or criticize.

The local media covered the story with their usual brand of hype and gusto. Channel 5, though, took things a little too far:

Top 20 callers in OKC sports radio history (10-1)

Earlier today we brought you 20 through 11 in our highly scientific ranking of the top sports radio callers in Oklahoma City history. Now it’s time to finish up the list. The top ten is after the jump.

effie sports animal obit

10. Effie

Who didn’t love Effie? She was an adorable old lady who would begin each call with “This is Effie,” and then proceed talk about local sports and Sherri Coale for 10 minutes. Not to be a downer or anything, but she sadly passed away a couple of years ago.


9. Paintbrush

Has been around forever. I really stopped listening to sports radio a few years back, but the last time I heard him his schtick was calling into show and re-creating the play-by-play of famous plays from OU history. Real fascinating radio. He would even scream out “JIMINY CHRISTMAS” like John Brooks.