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Reviewing Steve Lackmeyer’s former life as a movie critic

Steve Lackmeyer is a regular punching bag around these parts, but the truth is he’s a pretty nice guy. You probably know him best from his popular Twitter account, his well-publicized love affair with tall buildings, and his NewsOK blog, OKC Pangloss. But did you know that in his former life, he was also a movie critic? Not just a movie critic, actually, but a DVD (and before that, VHS) critic. I guess he was the critic for people too lazy to actually go see movies in the theater.

I have to confess I didn’t remember his stint in this role until I accidentally stumbled on one of his old reviews while looking for something else in the Oklahoman’s archives. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of his old columns to find out if he was better at judging movies than Dino Lalli.

Mike Morgan had an epic meltdown on Monday night…

gary england mike morgan

Back at my old job, my boss would always say that he wanted his employees to maintain a strong “work-life balance.” I was always happy to oblige. With an easy 8-5 schedule, good insurance, vacation time and the internet on my work PC, achieving a good balance between work and life was easy.

Now that I’m self-employed and run an obscure local media and trivia empire, it’s become a little more difficult to keep up the concept. I guess you can say my work has become my life and my life has become my work. It really is hard to differentiate the two. For example, when I watch the news and see an attractive woman reporting in front of an apartment fire, I don’t just think “I hope no one was hurt” or “Wow, that girl is hot.” I wonder “Wow, that girl’s hot. I wonder where we should rank her in the 20 Hottest Women in the Oklahoma City media. I better hop on her Facebook page and grab pics before it goes private…and yeah, I hope no one was hurt.”

Anyway, I’ve decided to take a few days off from writing for TLO to focus on the “life” part of that equation. While I’m tending to that, you should probably check out this video of Mike Morgan having an epic meltdown on the webcast Weather Brains. It’s pretty amazing. The clip starts around the 2o minute mark. It kind of goes all over the map, but if you want to see and hear Mike go on heated, occasionally incoherent, rants about severe weather, talk trash on Gary England and David Payne, imply that he knows know about weather than the national weather service, and many other fun things, check it out:

Zeke Campfield has finally been charged from the Moore high school graduation incident…

nathaniel campfield

It’s been about four months since Montana pantie raider and former Oklahoman reporter Zeke Campfield was accused of both snapping pictures up girls’ dresses at the Moore high school graduation and having a teenage prostitute over to his house for sex.

Finally, charges have been filed against the creeper from the Moore event. What was he charged with and how many years in prison is he facing? The Oklahoman’s Nolan Clay has all the details:

A former reporter for The Oklahoman has been charged with disorderly conduct.

Nathaniel Zeke Campfield, 32, was charged Oct. 7 in Oklahoma City Municipal Court. He is accused of “disrupting the public order of the community by repeatedly bumping into multiple women on purpose.” The offense is punishable by a $167 fine.

That’s no joke. After paying what amounts to the approximate cost of a year-long digital subscription to The Oklahoman, Zeke Campfield is going to walk away from the Moore High School incident without facing any serious criminal charges.

Before you flip out and complain about our criminal justice system, remember that the memory card for Zeke’s camera had mysteriously disappeared by the time police intervened. With no physical evidence to support the accusations, it was simply Zeke’s word against the victims. That can easily hold up in the court of public opinion, but not the law. In fact, one Ogle Mole claims that Oklahoma County DA David Prater did not want to push for harsher charges because “it’s not a great case” and that disorderly conduct charges were filed only “because of pressure from Moore high school parents.”

With that out-of-the-way, let’s see how The Oklahoman tried to spin this thing:

Beer and Radishes: A History of OKC Sports Radio through the archives of The Oklahoman…

If you’re anything like me, you spent a good part of your formative years listening to Bob Barry help people pick golfers in the morning, Jim Traber scream at people in the afternoons, and Al Eschbach play Stump The Chump in the evenings. If the concept of any of this seems insane to you, then congratulations on having had a normal, well-adjusted adolescence, and carry on with your life. This post probably isn’t for you.

For those of you still here, I thought the recent launch of The Franchise would be a good excuse to take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of the high- and low-points of the history of sports radio in the Oklahoma City market. Because I have this subscription to The Oklahoman sitting around, I decided to get my money’s worth and dive into their archives. This is the result.

We begin with the man they refer to as The Legend of Sports Talk radio in Oklahoma City — Al Eschbach — which kinda tells you something about the quality of sports talk radio in Oklahoma city. Eschbach began his radio career on KTOK in the 70’s and by 1984 had established himself as a force in the market:

Jenni Carlson really needs to get over Landry Jones…


It looks like Jenni Carlson is still doing a good job at writing bad sports columns.

Earlier this week, Jenni penned a preachy column to OU fans about former Sooner QB Landry Jones. The gist is that Landry is a better passer than Blake Bell, Trevor Knight and probably Charles Thompson’s son, and therefore, Sooner fans should be more appreciative of the guy and wish he was still on campus guiding the Sooners to impressive bowl wins over college football stalwarts like Iowa, Connecticut and Andrew Luck-less Stanford.

The column is typical Jenni Carlson fare. It takes the form of an open letter, is full of one sentence paragraphs, contains generalizations that are not supported by fact, deals with absurd hypothetical situations, is filled with asinine opinion, goes out of its way to defend Landry Jones, and as usual, totally misses the mark.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Via NewsOK.com:

OU football fans should be grateful Landry Jones returned for senior year

COMMENTARY — After three Oklahoma receivers (and a defensive back) were suspended last week, Landry Jones’ return as the Sooners’ signal caller became all that much more important. Without him, OU would be breaking in a new quarterback with an almost completely new receiving corps.

Oops! I selected the wrong piece! That’s a May 2012 column where Jenni reminded OU fans that we should all be grateful that Landry Jones stuck around for a fifth and final year, and in the process, hurt his NFL draft stock.

Here’s the real article about Landry: