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Emily Sutton was spooked by The Lost Ogle for Halloween…

emily sutton weather vane

Early today, Oklahoma Weather Queen Emily Sutton was being her cute and adorable self on the KFOR Channel 4 morning show when this happened:

Top 20 Callers in OKC Sports Radio History (20 – 11)

As we established a couple weeks ago with my preposterously exhaustive research on the history of sports radio in Oklahoma City, I grew up listening sports radio in this town. Morning, news, and night. When other kids were learning to play the piano or play soccer or develop social skills or do anything, really, that would benefit their lives at some point down the road, that is what I would do.

A sports radio junkie doesn’t just listen to the hosts; you also get to know the callers almost as well as the hosts. Today I thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and rank some of the best callers in sports radio history. I consulted with Patrick, who has lived a similarly sad existence, and we came up with this list of the top 20 OKC sports radio callers in history. Part one is below the jump, and part two will be posted later today.

Stop the presses! Cars are being robbed in Nichols Hills…

car breakin

Auto burglary and theft is one of the most common crimes in America. At least I think it is. Everyone has had their car broken into once or twice, right?

It’s happened to me at least a half-dozen times. The first two experiences occurred while I was in high school. One time, thieves I probably knew stole my JVC pullout tape player. Not only did they unnecessarily break out an expensive-to-replace vent window when the car was unlocked, but they made sure to eject and leave behind the Stone Temple Pilots cassette tape that was in the unit. At least they had good taste in music.

The third, fourth and fifth time all occurred when I lived in Lincoln Greens near 122nd and Penn. The one that burned the most was when they jacked the new Pioneer 5 Disc CD changer from the trunk of my Mitsubishi Galant. The device cost like $350, and that didn’t include the installation and / or interest I paid on my credit card. The assholes also took my booklet of 100 CDs. They (fortunately) didn’t leave behind any STP.

Just a few years ago, my car was broken into while parked in my garage. It was a Sunday night and I accidentally left my garage door open until about 10:00 p.m. That means while I was in my living room watching Sunday night football and eating spaghetti, some creepy and bold-as-fuck prick was in my garage going through the glove compartment of my car. King Big Balls took an old iPod Shuffle and change from my cup holder. I didn’t even notice until I was driving to work the following morning and saw the contents of my glove compartment on the floor.

Finally, just a few months ago, a Level 4 Ogle Groupie’s car was burglarized while parked in my drive way. The person grabbed some boxes of books from the trunk, and then proceeded to rummage through them by the side of my house. By the way, did I tell you I recently acquired a gun?

Anyway, I shared all that with you for a couple of reasons:

1. I felt like needlessly showing my age and enjoyed the transition from tape player to CD changer to MP3 shuffle stick.

2. I wanted to hit home the point that auto burglaries are common and frequent crimes that target lower-income folks and don’t really deserve special media attention… unless, of course, you work for KFOR and the burglaries take place at an affluent country club in Nichols Hills. Then we need to be worried and alert and aware and watch KFOR for the details:

Regular Jim Traber should do more live TV…

traber pizza

Last week, we learned that Regular Jim Traber successfully played 107.7 The Franchise to secure a lucrative new three-year deal with The Sports Animal. If you believe some of the rumors floating around town, the contract pays up to $300,000 per year. That’s a lot of radio remotes at car dealerships, casinos and New Balance of Edmond.

Via NewsOK.com:

Sports Animal radio network afternoon personality Jim Traber said he has agreed to a new three-year contract as the network continues to lock up its talent in wake of added competition from 107.7 The Franchise, which launched in late August.

“I’m excited about moving forward,” Traber said Monday of the new deal, noting he was pleased with support from Cumulus Media management in Oklahoma City and Atlanta. Traber, a former OSU quarterback and Baltimore Orioles first baseman, said his current contract expires at the end of the month.

“Jim is an intricate part of the team,” said Cumulus market manager Larry Bastida.

Bastida noted Cumulus management has shown a “real investment in sports talk radio. They believe it’s one of the formats of the future. They give us a lot of support here.”

Initially, I was happy to hear this news. Regular Jim Traber signing a new contract means three more years of easy material, punchlines and posting pics of Pizza The Hut. Of course, we really don’t need Regular Jim to be on the radio to get all that. We could always just watch him fail at live television. That’s what he did last night on Channel 25:

Reviewing Steve Lackmeyer’s former life as a movie critic

Steve Lackmeyer is a regular punching bag around these parts, but the truth is he’s a pretty nice guy. You probably know him best from his popular Twitter account, his well-publicized love affair with tall buildings, and his NewsOK blog, OKC Pangloss. But did you know that in his former life, he was also a movie critic? Not just a movie critic, actually, but a DVD (and before that, VHS) critic. I guess he was the critic for people too lazy to actually go see movies in the theater.

I have to confess I didn’t remember his stint in this role until I accidentally stumbled on one of his old reviews while looking for something else in the Oklahoman’s archives. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at some of his old columns to find out if he was better at judging movies than Dino Lalli.