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The Oklahoman’s John Rohde got into a Twitter fight with the guy from Daily Thunder

Yesterday afternoon, the NBA unveiled a new commercial featuring Russell Westbrook. It’s pretty cool. You should watch it here if you haven’t seen it.

Since he covers the Thunder for the Oklahoman, Darnell Mayberry posted the video on his blog. And since he covers the Thunder for his site Daily Thunder, Royce Young also posted the video.

This is where John Rohde stepped in.

Rohde, who apparently does not understand how the internet works, took offense that Royce would post a YouYube video on Daily Thunder without crediting The Oklahoman.

According to this internal Channel 9 email, the news station had a “banner day” on Wednesday…

news 9 weather coverage

Yesterday, we published a post about the less than stellar debut of Channel 9′s new severe weather “Dream Team.” Apparently our critique resonated with a bunch of people. In just 24-hours, the post garnered over 12,000 pageviews and was liked more 700 times on Facebook.

Here are some snippets:

To say that Channel 9 had too many cooks in the kitchen would be an understatement. (Their coverage) was like watching a group of people have an argument on a reality show; there were lots of screamers, not enough listeners and you really wanted to change the channel…

There were several awkward moments where Gary tried to pull a CNN and use a gigantic touchscreen to show what was happening on radar. He couldn’t get the device figured out and was obviously frustrated. It was like watching your grandpa attempt to figure out an unfamiliar remote control and TV set-up…

The Channel 9 weather crew was supposed to be a Dream Team, but right now they’re looking like this season’s Lakers. They seem to be heavy on egos, but low on teamwork and chemistry. Let’s just hope they get everything figured out before Gary England tears his achilles. That would suck.

Despite the awkward and sometimes painful to watch storm coverage, Channel 9 did win the ratings war. We know this because their Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Rob Krier sent a rousing email to the station’s staff congratulating them for the “banner day” and “dominating in the ratings.”

Here it is:

Mike Morgan has unleashed his new secret weapon…

kfor weather team

That image is the new promotion graphic for the Channel 4 weather team. I’m not sure why they look so disappointed. I think they were either trying too hard to be serious or they know you just spent 20-minutes today looking at Internet porn. It has to be one of the two.

The Mountain Dew drinker pictured on the far left is Reed Timmer. He’s the station’s new bionic storm chaser. Mike Morgan announced yesterday that Reed will be the guy to replace longtime KFOR weather sidekick “Daredevil” David Payne.

Reed is actually a well-known celebrity in the storm chasing world. He’s starred in a reality show, has 65,000 Twitter followers, and even has his own Wikipedia page. Here’s his bio:

Reed Timmer is a meteorologist and professional storm chaser who starred in the now canceled American documentary reality television series Storm Chasers. He also starred in the documentary film Tornado Glory.

Timmer became interested in the weather at a young age after experiencing a severe thunderstorm that reportedly dropped golf ball-sized hail in his yard. After winning the national championship in the tree identification event at the 1996 Science Olympiad, Timmer began studying meteorology at the University of Oklahoma in 1997. In October of that year, he filmed his first tornado. He earned a B.S. and M.S. at OU and, as of March 2010, is a Ph.D. candidate.

So not only can provide the strength, size and track of a tornado, but he can tell you what trees it destroyed, too. That’s impressive. The only thing David Payne could do was smell pine.

In addition to all that, Reed rolls around in an armored vehicle called Dominator 4. No, I’m not making that up. I think the vehicle was made in a secret underground lab by Morgan Freeman.

Here are a few pics:

Channel 9 totally failed at last night’s severe weather coverage…

news 9 weather coverage

Last night was the first big weather event of the 2013 severe storm season. It was pretty typical stuff. There were heavy rains, strong winds, damaging hail, hook echoes, flash floods and an occasional tornado. That being said, the night was also strange and unfamiliar. We had David Payne yelling over Gary England on Channel 9, witnessed Damon Lane have a mild panic attack on Channel 5, and watched some hotshot young storm chaser on Channel 4 drive around in a car that was stolen from the set of the A-Team (more on him later today).

Yes, last night we got a first look at our new local severe weather teams. If you remember correctly, David Payne and Jim Gardner left Channel 4 and jumped ship to Channel 9, Rick Mitchell fled Channel 5 for Dallas and was replaced by Damon Lane, and, as we learned yesterday, Mike Morgan hired some guy named Reed Timmer to be his new bionic storm chaser.

The most anticipated debut was that of the new Channel 9 Dream Team. They had Gary England and Michael Armstrong in studio, Jim Gardner in the air, and David Payne and Val Caster chasing storms with Gentners in hand. Their wall cloud to wall cloud coverage of the storm can be summarized by this clip.

Full-time Hobby Lobby employees now earn more than entry level journalists…

jennifer palmer opubco

The lady pictured above is Jennifer Palmer. She’s a business writer for the Oklahoman. Now that she’s wrapped up vulturing out “PICKELOS!”  into the speakers at Sonic, her editor’s gave her the cruel and demeaning task of interviewing Hobby Lobby employees that probably make more than she does.

Yes, Hobby Lobby employees have received another raise. Live, laugh, and love it all after the jump…