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Gary England is going to be on The Colbert Report tomorrow…

I guess when the New York Times rips off an obscure blog and refers to someone as the “Weather God of Oklahoma City,” people take notice. We have learned that Gary England, our Severe Weather Lord and Savior Emeritus, will be a special guest on tomorrow’s Colbert Report.

And we’re not joking. Here’s the proof:

gary england colbert report

I think I need to put on a bicycle helmet, move to the center room of my house, and take a bath in a tub of hailstones just to make sure this isn’t a dream. You have Gary England, my hero, being interviewed by Stephen Colbert, the host of my favorite TV show. Did the Make a Wish Foundation get me confused with somebody else? What’s next? Is Kate Upton going to show up at my front door with vodka, cake and a DVD of the 2001 Orange Bowl? I hope so.

Outside of me, the only person more excited about this is Lord England. He’s been in New York tweeting about it. He even provided a glimpse of his wardrobe:

Gary England’s Final Broadcast is Tonight…


Back when we first reported that Lord Gary England – the man who the New York Times so cleverly and originally called “The Weather God of Oklahoma” – was stepping down as Chief Meteorologist at News 9, the date of his final broadcast was reportedly going to be Friday, August 30th.

The timing seemed odd (Friday night of a holiday weekend), but fitting. If Gary was going to go out, it might as well be on a “Friday Night in the Big Town” when Oklahomans of all ages could stay up late and watch the legend give his signature catchphrase one last time.

Well, leave it to News 9 to screw that up. Since OKC’s “news leader” seems to care more about ratings than a perfect ride into a partly cloudy sunset, they’ve bumped up Gary’s farewell to tonight. From the stupid Channel 9 website, where dreams go to die:

The one where Mike Morgan’s wife emails us some vacation photos…

mike morgan 5 alive

In addition to the questions regarding Sarah Libby that we covered yesterday, we also received several emails from readers asking about the whereabouts of KFOR Channel 4’s Mike Morgan. The bedazzled tie wearer has been off the air for a couple of weeks, and some readers didn’t know if they should be happy or concerned.

Here are a few of them:

Subject: Mike Morgan

Just where has mike Morgan been?

Subject: Mike Morgan’s absence

Just wondering why mike Morgan has been unseen these last couple weeks? Then this evening they have a new female weather women in addition to Emily. Could wishes really come true and Morgan has finally seen the light and given us all relief from his melodramatic weather casts and lack of sense in regards to what to do when a storm is heading your way. It has been so nice these last couple weeks without him. Please tell me it’s not just a pleasant dream and next week I’m going to have to wake up.

Subject: Mike Morgan fired??

Have you noticed Mike Morgan is not on Channel 4. Did he leave? Who’s the blonde girl?


Depending on your point of view, we have good news and bad news. Mike Morgan isn’t going anywhere. He’s just on an extended European vacation. We know this because his Ogle Mole of a wife Marla randomly sent us a few photos. Yep, Marla Morgan sent us photos…again. One of them even made me blush.

Check it all out:

So, who’s that “new” severe weather babe on Channel 4?

kfor weather team

Over the weekend, I received several inquiries from Ogle Moles asking about a “new” attractive severe weather babe who mysteriously appeared on KFOR Channel 4 this past Friday. They wanted to know who she was, what she’s doing on Channel 4 and if she can yell “MIKE MIKE MIKE MIKE MIKE!”

Here are some random emails we received in the Ogle in-box:

Subject: Blonde Meteorologist

So, did Emily Sutton go blonde and change her name??… Inquiring minds want to know!

Subject: New weather babe?

David Payne’s replacement? If so well done!

Subject: N/A

So who is that new weather gal on kfor?

So, who exactly is the “mysterious” weather babe? Well, this isn’t her first stop in front of a green screen in OKC. Here are some pics:

Ryan Tate is now a “Financial Expert” and Fox News Contributor…

It looks like Fake Miss Oklahoma isn’t the only Oklahoman playing make-believe on Fox News. Tate Publishing CEO Ryan Tate appeared on the network twice this month under the guise of a “financial expert” to talk about how rising healthcare costs are hurting his family’s business.

Yep, you read that right. The nepotism product who’s best known for praying with, bullying and then firing 25 employees in a secretly recorded staff meeting is the same guy Fox News chose to be an ambassador for disgruntled right-wing small business owners across the country. Isn’t that awesome!?

So far, Ryan has appeared on two shows. On each of them, he’s blamed the health insurance price hikes on his stupid, lazy, moronic employees who voted for Barack Obama in the 2012 election. He claimed to know who those employees were, and as a result of their idiotic actions, Tate Publishing would have to fire people at its Mustang offices and out-source 50 more local jobs to the Philippines.

It’s very “dramastic.” Here are a couple of clips: