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Remember when Damon Lane claimed today could be 15 degrees below zero?

Two weeks ago, we called out KOCO Chief Meteorologist Damon Lane for hyping on the Channel 5 website that record cold temperatures “may” be making their way to Oklahoma City on January 17th.

In a post titled “January is About to Get Incredibly Cold,” Damon wrote:

The image above comes from the GFS model. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, this is a model that goes out 2 weeks, how accurate can it be? And I am with you on this one…

So, what is this image above telling me? This map shows the temperature departure from normal. The purple shading, which is over Oklahoma, means temperatures about 40 degrees below normal on January 17th at 6 a.m. Just for fun, if we did the math, this would mean that Oklahoma City that morning would have a morning low temperature of about 15 degrees below zero. That would almost be a record low for the city as the coldest temperature ever in OKC is -17.

Do I believe this? It’s tough to believe that exact number there although anything is possible.

Well, today is January 17th. Let’s put his dire (yet on the fence) prediction to the test and see how cold it’s going to be today. Remember, “anything is possible.”

From the KOCO website:

Here’s an Emily Sutton bikini pic…

When Emily Sutton first moved to this market in late 2009 (pic above), I don’t think anyone would have predicted that she’d blossom into the local pop culture phenomenon that she’s become today. I’m not sure if it’s due to her charm, sneaky (and somewhat nerdy) good looks, or the fact that Oklahomans seem to love anything that has to do with the weather, Emily Sutton’s popularity is just off the charts! Hell, she’s so popular that we had to dedicate an entire posts to her bangs.

If you need proof of the adoration people have for her, take a look at the top 15 Emily Sutton search engine queries we’ve received over the past six months. They’re both funny and and creepy…like dedicating an entire post to her bangs:

Okay, so maybe her sneaky good looks have something to do with it.

Anyway, today is a lucky day for those 59 Internet perverts who found The Lost Ogle by searching “Emily Sutton Bikini.” Behold the Emily Sutton bikini pic:

KFOR wants to know if you think more teens with STDs is a bad thing…

Back in December, we let you know about KFOR Channel 4′s bizarre Facebook post asking if it’s okay to rape a child. We determined the question was part of a bigger social media problem at the NBC affiliate.

Well, it looks like the folks at Channel 4 have learned their lesson. Now they are asking less controversial questions on social media, like whether or not more teens with STDs is a bad thing.

Face palm. Here’s a screenshot sent to us by an Ogle Mole:

According to Damon Lane, it may or may not get “incredibly cold” in two weeks. Let the hype begin.

After the Christmas Blizzard fizzle of a few weeks back, you would think our local TV meteorologists would have learned their lesson regarding dire long-term winter weather forecasting. But did they? Of course not. They’re back at it like never before.

This time, the hype machine is being fueled by KOCO’s Damon Lane. Yesterday, he warned that advanced computer models are forecasting record-breaking low temperatures in OKC… for January 17th.

Yep, here we go again. From KOCO.com:

Great, now Channel 4 is bringing us news stories about lost dogs…

Other than the Cotton Bowl debacle and Johnny Football gambling at an Oklahoma tribal casino, this was a pretty slow news weekend. In fact, it was so slow that our own News Channel 4 decided to abandon all journalistic standards and bring us a story about an old lady who lost her yorkie: