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KFOR thinks a Chupacabra is on the loose in Deer Creek…


And you thought Channel 4′s indulgent news articles about injured and missing dogs were bad. Now they’re filing reports about mythical creatures that don’t even exist.

This time it’s the goat sucking chupacbra, or as I like to call it, the ex-wife.


RIP Danny Williams

Dan D Dynamo

Oklahoma City radio, television and broadcasting legend Danny Williams passed away yesterday. Via NewsOK:

Oklahoma City radio and television icon Danny Williams has died.

Williams died from complications following a heart attack in October, daughter Shevaun Williams said.He was 85.

“He was fabulous. Loved by everyone,” she said.

Williams was known for his on-air phrases and sayings, including “watch out for flying chairs!” which he coined after being struck by one during a broadcast for “Live Wrestling,” a professional wrestling program.

“He was just a very popular dude. He had a certain personality that clicked with Oklahomans,” said Ronnie Kaye, on-air personality at KOMA-FM 92.5. “He communicated in a special way, right down there with the people. The man just had that genius about him.”

Williams, a devout Christian since age 12, was also fond of telling callers to his morning radio show, “God bless you!” and “I love you. Pass it on.”…

His broadcasting career began in 1947 at a radio station in Austin, Texas. He was hired by WKY-4, an Oklahoma City television station, in 1950. That same year, “The Danny Williams Show” debuted. He played Spavinaw Spoofkin on the “Gismo Godkin Show” and was an announcer for “Live Wrestling” in his first years at the station.

In 1953, “The Adventures of 3-D Danny” debuted. Williams became known as Dan D. Dynamo for the series, which he wrote, starred in and produced. He also played character parts, including Xavier T. Willard, on the “Foreman Scotty Show” in 1960.

Starting in 1967, He hosted “Dannysday,” a daytime talk and variety program, for 17 years.

Kent Jones, program director at KOMA, first met Williams in 1992 when he came to host their morning show.

“I’m sorry to have lost a good friend. … And he was an encourager to younger broadcasters. So many people, including me, learned a lot from Danny Williams,” Jones said.

Kaye worked with Williams for 53 years.

“He was kind of like a big brother. We were all a family. I don’t think there will ever be someone who comes close to being like him. The time was unique, and he was unique.”

That’s sad. I was either a) not alive, or b) too young to remember Danny’s television career. Here are some old clips I found on You Tube. They are worth watching:

Confirmed: Liz “Mean” Dueweke is moving to Seattle! Hooray!!!

On Monday, we reported that the ridiculously hot, mean and incredibly boring Liz “Mean” Dueweke was engaged. We also tossed out a rumor that she may soon be leaving Oklahoma City for Seattle.

Well, that rumor is now a fact. Via NewsBlues.com, we’ve obtained an email that KOMO-TV (Seattle) news director Holly Gauntt sent to her staff on Tuesday. In it, she confirms that Liz is bringing her trademarked good looks, lack of personality and vanity to Seattle in April:

Graphic: Poor kids in Guthrie have to read this weird dude’s short stories…

nick lyon author

The guy pictured above is Nick Lyon. He’s an Oklahoma teacher, writer and more than likely charter member of Jedi OKC. One of his self-published books, a collection of short stories called “It’ll All Work Out,” is generating some alleged “outrage” in Guthrie.

From the always accurate and eager to hype KFOR news team:

There is outrage in Guthrie over a book assigned to junior high students.

Some parents said the story lines include child molestation, rape, murder and torture.

“It’s sickening; it literally made me sick to my stomach when I read it,” Charlotte Purviance said.

She is disgusted with a book she said 8th graders at Guthrie Junior High were assigned to read.

Her grandson is one of the students.

“A lot of the characters in the book are women who are raped, tortured and killed,” Purviance said.

The book titled “It’ll All Work Out” is a collection of short stories.

One excerpt describes a woman suspended in the air, bound by piercing wires causing her body to drip puddles of blood.

It goes on to talk about a snake and worms crawling around her body then entering her vagina.

Yeah, that’s some sick and disgusting stuff. In fact, it’s so sick and disgusting that I fully expect it to be turned into an episode of Law and Order: SVU…which you can coincidentally watch each Wednesday on Oklahoma’s NewsChannel 4 at 8:00pm.

Anyway, some angry old lady is upset that her grandson was forced to read the book. She’s convinced the story will ruin her grandson’s eternal innocence:

Liz “Mean” Dueweke is engaged and probably leaving for Seattle…

A few months ago, we lost Joleen Chaney — the second hottest and nicest girl in the Oklahoma City media — to an engagement. After hearing the news, I spent a couple of weeks in a state of shock. I was constantly weeping and asking “Why…Why,” but after some deep thought and reading those books that inspired BeeBee Jonez to retire for six months, I realized the entire thing was probably a vast conspiracy by some conservative lobby group.

Well, it looks like my theory has been proven true. The conservatives really are out to get us! On Saturday night, KOKH Morning Anchor Liz Dueweke — the hottest and meanest girl in the OKC media — announced she is engaged to KFOR’s AJ Mertz. In addition to that, we’re hearing rumors that Liz may be leaving for Seattle! Talk about a double whammy. Not only does she get engaged, but then she skips town. Why don’t you cut out our heart, show it to us while we’re alive, and then tell us you’ve built up an immunity to iocane powder while you’re at it?

First, here’s a tweet about the engagement:

She may be mean and only lack a sense of humor, but congrats to Liz and AJ. We wish nothing but the best for them. May their first child be a masculine child.

In case you forgot, this is what her future husband looks like. He kind of gives hope to all other incredibly average guys that they can score a rude, totally-better-than-you hot chick if they get lucky: