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Amanda Taylor is an American hero…

amanda taylor 6

In case you missed it, News 9 evening anchor Amanda Taylor saved a toddler from drowning this past weekend. It was all part of an investigative report at North Park Mall called “Grandmas who let their grandkids run rampant in public.”

Because News 9 would never hype a story like that and milk it for all it’s worth, here’s the astonishing video:

Kelly Ogle wants to know if we are living in Revelation…

Last night, News 9 ran a special report investigating whether or not we are living in Revelation. The report was brought to us by Kelly Ogle, because as this promo shows, he’s a real journalist who’s not afraid to ask the tough pandering questions for religious Oklahomans.

From News 9:

The Book of Revelation has been known for centuries as a prophecy of Jesus’ return to earth. A time of tribulation and ultimately the end of the world. Could earthquakes, tsunamis and political tension today be evidence of the predictions listed in the final book of the Bible?

I don’t know about you, but I’m already convinced. Earthquakes, tsunamis and political tension are all relatively new things and are obviously controlled by supernatural beings, so something must be up. News 9 went to a random pastor from Edmond to find out what in the Hell is going on:

Edmond’s Faith Bible Church Pastor Doctor Mark Hitchcock has written 25 books on Biblical prophecy. While he says we don’t know the day of God’s return, Hitchcock believes right now the stage is being set for the end times.

Hold on. The guy’s published 25 books (probably with Tate Publishing) on the Biblical prophecy but doesn’t know when the rapture is going to happen? That would be like writing 25 books about sex and not being able to find a G-spot.

I wonder what makes him think the stage is being set for end times. Global warming? Asteroids?? Oklahoma State being the preseason favorites in the Big 12???

No. He’s concerned about these three things:

Holy Mackerel! KFOR is giving away a fishing trip with Emily Sutton.

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a boring afternoon with Emily Sutton, today is your lucky day. KFOR has announced a contest where you can go fishing with the two time Ogle Madness champ.


Let’s go fishing! Emily Sutton loves to fish and we are giving you a chance to go fishing with her. Watch NewsChannel 4 at 6:00 am to find out more. One lucky winner will win a fishing trip with our NewsChannel 4 meteorologist Emily Sutton.

Fishing sucks. It’s about as fun as mowing the lawn, waiting in the doctor’s office or watching your girlfriend play Candy Crush. That being said, who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of hours in a pond hopper knocking back some cold tall boys with Emily Sutton. You could shoot the shit, identify cloud types, and maybe find out if she’s ever going to get her own Dominator.

So how do you win this fishing trip of a lifetime?

There is a catch (get it?). You will need to send us a photo of you fishing, holding a fish, or in the great outdoors.

Uhm, what??? KFOR really wants user-submitted pics of viewers fishing, holding a fish or enjoying the great outdoors? I’m sure that’s going to work out great. Just take a look at some of the pics from the Bare Knuckle Noodling Babes Facebook page:

OKC Media Update: Sports Radio, Departing News Personalities and Morgan Chesky’s Attractive Sister

There’s been some moving and shaking in the local media over the last few weeks. I haven’t really got a chance to write about it any of it, so let’s go ahead and do that now.

jim traber sleeping

Sports Radio:

As we first reported last week, Tyler Media is flipping 107.7FM KRXO to a sports radio format in August. Since we broke the news, there have been a lot of rumors as to who is joining the new station. We’ve addressed some of this on Twitter and Facebook, but I thought I’d officially clarify them here.

This is what we know:

The Oklahoma City sports radio landscape is about to change…

As we first reported last night via Twitter, big changes are happening to the local sports radio universe. Tyler Media is switching 107.7 KRXO from a classic rock format to local sports talk radio in August. The new station will air OU football, NFL games and has already poached regional radio curmudgeon Mike Steely from the Sports Animal. The classic rock format that KRXO has aired since the 1980s, including some of the station’s personalities, will move to 104.5 FM:

Mel Bracht at the Oklahoman conveniently spelled out some of the details for us.

The already crowded sports talk market in Oklahoma City soon will be getting its sixth sports talk station. Tyler Media announced Wednesday that it is launching a sports talk radio station in August on FM 107.7.

Classic Rock KRXO, which had been at 107.7, will move to a new frequency at FM 104.5, the company announced. According to the news release, KRXO’s lineup of Bob and Tom, Cara Rice, Buddy Wiley, Kelso, Unkle Dave and Rick Caldwell are expected to move to a much smaller signal on 104.5. Ty Tyler, president of Tyler Media, said in an email the new frequency recently was granted by the FCC and will reach more than 800,000 people in the metro area.

Tyler said it is in the process of hiring local sports talent from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. for the new unnamed station on 107.7 FM, which he said will have the strongest signal in the market. The station will include play-by-play of OU sports and be associated with NBC Sports. It plans to air NFL broadcasts on Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights, and other programming is under consideration.

“We are excited to expand our portfolio of stations,” Tyler said in the release. “A Big League City needs a Big League Sports Station.”

Sports Animal radio personality Mike Steely is expected to join the new station. Steely, a member of the Morning Animals, last appeared on WWLS-FM 98.1 on June 29. He said he could not comment if he was leaving the station.

This is a big deal. The Sports Animal has had a near monopoly on the local sports radio market for 15 years. Others have tried to chip away at this stronghold, and all have done so with limited or no success. I’ve boiled down this dominance to the following four factors:

• Strong FM signal.

• Resources and Sales Infrastructure.

• OKC Thunder Radio Partnership

• The most popular sports personalities in the market.

With this new venture, all of those advantages have been neutralized. 107.7FM is one of the strongest FM signals in Oklahoma, Tyler Media has the resources and infrastructure to compete, and OU football is still a bigger draw than the Thunder. In addition to all that, Mike Steely may not be the only Sports Animal personality to jump ship. The rumor mill on this story is spinning out of control. Ogle Moles from all corners have been sending me information, gossip, tips, etc. about this story.

I’ve tried to sort through them and get to the bottom of things. Here’s what I know: