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The one where David Payne thinks we’re a leprechaun…

david payne oklahoma

It’s been a few months since David Payne left Channel 4 to be Gary England’s severe weather deity in waiting at Channel 9. So far, it doesn’t appear the new gig (and larger paycheck) has changed the guy. He’s still the same casual, laid back, chatty weatherman we’ve all grown to moderately enjoy. When May gets here, we fully expect him to drive into a tornado and end up in heaven or Oz.

If you need proof, check out this clip of him presenting the seven-day forecast on News 9 at 10:00pm. He yucks it up with Kelly and Amanda and suggests that we may be a computer animated leprechaun.

Wait. What?

From YouTube:

According to Channel 4, this guy doesn’t own a guy…

It’s been a rough week for the intern who writes the captions at Channel 4. First they forgot the name of their own reporter, now they are making claims that Jim Wyett doesn’t own a guy.

Via an Ogle Mole on Twitter:

jim wyett guy

Know what else Jim doesn’t own? A fashionable pair of sunglasses. He does own the 1990s Mark McGuire goat-tee look, though. That will be in style again before you know it. In fact, some hipster in the Plaza District is trimming one as you read this.

Since owning a guy has been illegal for 150 years, you have to think the caption was supposed to read “Jim Wyett doesn’t own a gun.” But I even question the accuracy of that statement. If Jim’s not a gun owner, why does he look like every other gun owner (minus the overly patriotic hat)? Also, why’s he at a place where guns appear to be readily sold and available? That’s like showing a pic of a girl in front of Baker’s Street with the caption “Is not easy.” It’s just not accurate. Also, what’s the ghost from Three Men and a Baby doing over Jim’s left shoulder? That kid has grown up.

This isn’t the worse typo KFOR’s ever committed. Anyone remember this:

According to this internal email, KFOR is compiling a list of local “movers and shakers” to follow on Twitter…

kfor facebook post child rape

What do Kevin Durant, sex attorney David Slane and The Lost Ogle all have in common?

Apparently, we’re all “movers and shakers” and a great source for local news tips.

At least we are according to KFOR Channel 4. We’ve acquired through the Ogle Mole Network an odd email sent by KFOR Social Media Director Ashton Edwards to the station’s staff. She’s apparently compiling a Twitter list of notable people, places and things and is looking for a few suggestions. She even provided some examples of what she’s looking for.

Check it out:

Great, Dave Morris is dating one of the 20 hottest women in the Oklahoma City media…


It’s been a while since we’ve written about NewsOK’s Dave Morris. Back in our early days, the guy was always good for a cheap punchline or two. He had all the qualifications. He played keyboard in a cheesy rock band, took pics like the one above, and pees sitting down. He also had a hot wife. Basically, he offered an unlimited supply of TLO-worthy material. He was like Christina Fallin, only without the pink hair and an even longer face.

As the years have passed, we gradually quit writing about “Know Your Mo.” I chalk this up to him being out of sight and out of mind. You see, a few years ago I finally installed Flash Block on my web browser. This means I no longer see Dave in those annoying NewsOK’s auto-play videos that accompany every article and alert your co-workers that you’re goofing off on the Internet. Those videos are only cool when Jennifer Wardlow tells you about a bank robbery on the southside from a really odd camera angle. Or when this happens.

Another reason we quit writing about Dave is that he’s actually a nice guy. I’ve met him a few times and he hasn’t tried to beat me up once! On the other hand, his hot wife was terrifying. The one time I met her I thought she was going to grow wolverine claws and tear out my soul. She told me I was a terrible person, the scum of the earth and dirtier than AIDS. At least I think that’s what she said. I was too distracted by at her perky breasts.

Anyway, apparently Dave and Hotzilla divorced over the summer. I learned about this a couple of weeks ago when a high level Ogle Mole informed me that Dave is now dating this local media hottie:

The Tulsa World was bought by Warren Buffet, and the Oklahoman will share content with just about anyone.

warren buffet newspaper

In case you missed it while trying to figure out what to do with the pallet of ice melt in your garage, the state’s second largest newspaper, the Tulsa World, was recently purchased by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire-Hathaway. That means two of Oklahoma’s largest and arguably most influential media outlets are owned by out-of-state interests:

Warren Buffett’s BH Media Group is buying the Tulsa World for an undisclosed price.

World Publishing Co. Chairman Robert E. Lorton announced the sale in a meeting with newspaper employees Monday morning.

“This has not been an easy decision, as you can imagine, after more than 100 years for the Lortons, but for our employees – you all – for the Tulsa World and for the Tulsa community, we believe – and have decided – this is the best path to the future,” Lorton said.

Robert E. Lorton III, the company’s CEO and the newspaper’s publisher, will leave the newspaper and will be succeeded as publisher by John R. Bair, previously the company’s president and chief operating officer….

Larry King, BH Media Group vice president for news and content, told a gathering of Tulsa World editors that news decisions will continue to be made locally.

“When it comes to news, you’re not going to hear from me,” King said. “I just want to assure you that there’s no one from Omaha looking down your throats and trying to tell you how to cover Tulsa.”

I know Warren Buffet is a financial and business genius, but is this a good decision? Newspapers are the dinosaurs of the media. They’re either going extinct or evolving into birds. That’s why I think Warren should buy The Lost Ogle. Wouldn’t that be a better investment? If I was a rich old guy I’d rather own the hunter than the hunted. Then again, maybe that’s Warren’s problem. He’s old and still reads newspapers. He probably has the Tulsa World IT department working on an app for his Palm Pilot. Seriously Warren, buy The Lost Ogle. If you do, we’ll finally be able to afford a mobile app. My asking price is only a couple of shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock. Make it happen.

While we wait for Warren’s phone call (I doubt he uses email), let’s ask the big question. Will the Oklahoman and Tulsa World still share content? Here’s the answer:

King said the Tulsa World’s content-sharing agreement with The Oklahoman will likely continue and that content-sharing options with other BH Media Group newspapers likely will develop.

Whew, that’s a relief. I was worried the agreement was going to end and I’d no longer be able to read the oddly erotic prose of Barbara Hoberock. Just kidding. It’s not odd.

Perhaps a better questions should have been “Why do they even have a content sharing agreement?” Over the past month or so, it appears the Oklahoman will “share” content with just about any media outlet. It’s like they’re turning into a giant news aggregator. Here are some recent examples: