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The Oklahoma Gazette has lost all editorial standards…

Remember when the Oklahoma Gazette was a cool newspaper that covered local news and entertainment happenings that people cared about? You know, things like this.

Well, those days are apparently long gone. Just check out this week’s cover story:

Yep, the Oklahoma Gazette is now running feature articles on dwarves, gingers, and Bosley rejects. At least the headline’s accurate. That really is no laughing matter.

Seriously, what’s going on there? Are they profiling comedians, computer lab technicians or soon to be sexual predators? That makes me want to watch TwinProv and cry. The only thing that could make that photo any sadder is if Joel Decker was in the background performing stand-up.

Actually, I’m kidding about all that. Those are some good people. The guy in the center is our very own Spencer Hicks. You may be familiar with him. Even though he didn’t mention it in the Gazette article, he writes a column for The Lost Ogle every Tuesday that’s literally read by dozens of people. The bald guy is Bradchad Porter. No, that’s not one of my typos, his name really is Bradchad. I heard he goes by that just to throw off the girl who calls out the names at City Bites. The dude on the left is Gróin, son of Nimód of the cave people.

Anyway, go read about them and the good things they do for the OKC comedy scene over at the Gazette’s website. They really do bring some funny comedians to town. You should also check out one of their shows at the 51st Street Speakeasy. I’m not sure you’ll laugh, but you’ll feel like you’re supporting a good cause.

Also, people at the Gazette who take us too seriously, we still like you guys. Just make sure you never do anything like this:

Channel 5 has hired a new anchor. She’s rich and attractive.

If you’re one of the few people who admit to watching Channel 5 on a regular basis, you may have noticed a new pretty face in their lineup. The face belongs to Erielle Reshef. She’s an Oklahoma City native and finishing up her first week at Oklahoma City’s ABC affiliate. She comes to KOCO after being an anchor / reporter for IBA News in Isreal

From a November 5th update to her Facebook Page:

Hey Everyone,

Tomorrow I begin a new and exciting chapter in my career as Reporter/Anchor for KOCO Eyewitness News5 in OKC, OK.

I am unfortunately unable to make changes to this account due to the high volume of followers (of course I’m truly grateful for that) so please follow me on Twitter @ErielleReshef.

I plan to set up a new updated Facebook page ASAP. Be sure to stop by. I’ll post on this site to let you know where to find me!

Wow. When it rains, it really does pour. About a month ago we landed Miss Wisconsin at KSBI, and now we got a hot Oklahoma Jewish girl at Channel 5. That’s quiet a unique combination. It’s like cheese latkes or something, which I hope is not offensive. I ran it by three of our Jewish Moles — Phil Bacharach, Ryan Drake and Mordechai Schechter (or as they are collectively called, the “Mews”) — and two of them said it was a perfectly fine reference. One even mentioned that he’d like to take Erielle and some Matzah balls and do you know what with them. I don’t even know what that means!

In addition to being attractive, there’s a good chance Erielle is wealthy. Her dad is prominent OKC fertility guru Dr. Eli Reshef. He’s the guy that helps insane people intentionally have children. Thanks to him, News 9 got a good year of solid material from Amanda Taylor’s pregnancy. He is also one of those hardcore tort reform (a.k.a. corporate immunity) guys. Take that for what it’s worth.

Unfortunately, Erielle is married. Or at least we think she still is. According to the OKC Friday, she’s married to some corporate douche from San Francico named Daniel Hans Frankenstein. I’m not making that up. Daniel. Hans. Frankenstein. I heard they met when he saw Erielle throwing flowers in a pond. And wouldn’t having “Hans” or “Frankenstein” as part of your legal name be a deal breaker?

“Thanks for the drink. What’s your name?”

“Daniel Hans Frankenstein.”

“Thanks again. Have a nice night.”

Anyway, we’d like to welcome Erielle back to OKC. We hope she enjoys KOCO, wears a bikini and spends time at the lake. Also, lets also hope she’s not rude and catty like Mean Dueweke. Here are some more pics for you:

There’s been a little shake-up at the News 9 morning show…

When she’s not pumping out babies, Bobbie Miller is a pretty good news anchor. In fact, she’s so good that Channel 9 recently stole her from Channel 4 and put her on the 4:00am news broadcast.

Well, that was short-lived. We’ve learned that Bobbie will be replacing Robin Marsh on the traditional News 9 morning show. The move is expected to happen when Bobbie returns from her annual maternity leave in a few weeks.

From an Ogle Mole email:

Emily Sutton was a weather vane for Halloween

Attractive girls are everywhere — especially on TV — but the one thing that separates Emily Sutton from the pack is that she can be cute and nerdy. It’s a rare, deadly and downright adorable combination to have and it’s a big reason why Emily is so popular. If you need proof of this, check out her Halloween costume. It won second place in a local contest:

Shux, isn’t that adorable. Most girls dress up as slutty nurses or sexy luffas for Halloween, but Emily Sutton was a weather instrument. She’s so cute and clever. Plus, it’s also a whole lot better than what she did for a recent karaoke contest at Baker’s Street.

Update: Fake Barry Switzer wrote a letter to the Norman Transcript

Yesterday, the Norman Transcript published a “Letter to the Editor” by Barry and Becky Switzer. The letter enthusiastically supported SQ 766, which would stop intangible property taxes (whatever that is). Here it is:

I write to express my support for State Question 766 and to urge your readers to vote yes on SQ 766 this November.

SQ 766 is a statewide ballot question that would correct a 2009 decision by the Oklahoma Supreme Court that opened the door to all kinds of new taxes on Oklahoma citizens and small businesses. Put simply, it means that local governments can tax things that are intangible — literally, things that they cannot touch or cannot see. This includes things like your pension, a lease to hunt on someone else’s land, and your insurance policies.

It also means small businesses could be taxed on things like intellectual property or patents — the type of innovations that we need to keep Oklahoma moving forward. Those jobs and job creators won’t come to Oklahoma, they’ll go to where the environment is more favorable.

In my time at OU, it was never OK to lose a football game to Texas. But now we are talking about jobs, and without passage of SQ 766, businesses looking to expand or move to Oklahoma will take those jobs across the border. That’s unacceptable.

So, I ask your readers to join me in voting yes on SQ 766.

Barry and Becky Switzer

Yeah, I’m not so sure Barry and Becky Switzer actually wrote that.

For one, Barry is a big time supporter of Democrats, and SQ 766 is Chamber of Commerce backed legislation. It will (possibly) lower taxes for businesses and utilities, and (possibly) hurt education funding for rural school districts. It doesn’t seem like something Barry Switzer would endorse, much less enthusiastically support by sending a poorly written campaign chain letter to the Norman Transcript.

Plus, Becky Switzer denies that she or her husband wrote the thing. From her Facebook Wall: