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Hooters girl accidentally shares Al Eschbach vacation story.

A little over a month ago, we ran a caption contest for a pic of Al Eschbach hanging out by himself at Hooters. It was pretty funny.

Since then, I’ve received two additional photos of Big Al spending time in the oasis of wings, breasts and uncomfortable chairs. What a cool life I live, huh?

Here’s one of the pics:

al eschbach hooters

Okay, that pic kind of sucks. There’s really nothing special to it. Al and some dude are probably talking about what it feels like to wear a stupid hat. But the email that accompanied the pic, well, it is Ogle Gold.

Check it out. And when you do, have a trashcan nearby:

10 Ways the OKC Media Can Make a Snowpacalypse Fail Entertaining

Before we get started, I should let you know that I am writing this post on Monday night trapped under 12-feet of snow, snacking on the corpses of my neighbors. I’m just kidding. I don’t live in Alva or Woodward. It’s cold and wet outside in northwest Oklahoma City and I’ll most likely have to go to work in the morning. I guess it’s good the weatherman all suck.

While watching the news coverage of yesterdays storms, I noticed one important thing. It’s boring. It lacks the urgency, anticipation and fear of spring severe weather coverage. Other than being over-hyped, and showing the occasional over-turned semi, it’s the complete and total opposite of spring coverage. Instead of twisters, David Payne chases sand trucks. Shots of funnel clouds are replaced with rulers in the ground; take cover in the hall closet is switched out with dress in layers, wear some gloves and play outside.

Since the winter weather coverage is boring — and these winter false alarms are becoming more common (for the metro, at least) — we’ve decided to list ten ways our media can make these snowpacalypse fails entertaining.


10. Show Jed Castles pictures of his wife.

This would heat things up.

The News 9 weather team was also disappointed in their weather forecast…

I posted the following graphic on Facebook and Twitter a few times on Sunday and Monday. It shows the snowfall total predictions made by each OKC TV affiliate on Sunday night at about 6:00pm.

okc snowfall predictions

As you can see, our weatherman once again missed the mark on a much-hyped winter storm. Woodward received 15-inches of snow, while parts of the Oklahoma City Metro— where I’d guess 90% of their viewing audience lives —barely received a dusting. And yes, that sentence just made Steve Shaw giggle.

If you are extremely disappointed or upset with the winter weather forecasting incompetence of our local weather folks, don’t worry, you should be. You probably changed plans or made a big batch of chili like I did in preparation for the weather, so you have a right to be upset. But when you gripe, complain and make jokes at the office today, don’t forget how pathetic and lonely our AMS certified weather folks must feel. Their job is to accurately predict and forecast the weather and they failed miserably. The over-hype and coverage of this event has to be embarrassing. They must feel pathetic and terrible, right?

Well, that’s exactly why Gary England and his weather team made the following video:

News 9′s Steve Shaw asked an OSU student if she can handle 5 to 8 inches…

spanky mealy

For the last two over-hyped weather events, we selected a couple of images that “summarized” the excessive severe weather coverage provided by our local media. One was the famous graphic of Mike Morgan declaring a cold windy day or life threatening blizzard. The other was a screenshot of the KOKH webpage that featured a bunch of weather maps with nothing on them.

This time around we’re not choosing an image to summarize the coverage. If we did, it would be Spanky Mealy, the ringleader of the famed Mealy Boys. Instead, we’re going to go with this video clip of Steve Shaw asking an OSU student a very peculiar question:

Oklahoma City is the third best city in the country for pet lovers…

lucy sparkles

The real estate website Movoto.com recently released its ranking of the Top 10 American cities for pet lovers. Oklahoma City made the list. Here’s the Top 10:

10. Dallas, TX

9. Charlotte, NC

8. Milwaukee, WI

7. Louisville, KY

6. Phoenix, AZ

5. Austin, TX

4. San Diego, CA

3. Oklahoma City, OK

2. El Paso, TX

1. Jacksonville, FL

Although it’s kind of embarrassing to be beaten by El Paso at anything, I guess it’s cool that we made the top 10. That being said, I think we got robbed. Check out the data Movoto used to compile the rankings: