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Vanity Perkins interviewed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Fashion Week

vanity perkins

Oklahoma Fashion Week is the gift that keeps on giving.

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole alerted me to this amazing video of Vanity Perkins interviewing Mary Fallin for a few minutes at the Oklahoma Fashion Week media day. Vanity is apparently now a special correspondent for “Oklahoma Live” on KSBI Channel 52. I would have posted the video sooner, but sometimes I forget KSBI Channel 52 exists.

If you do anything productive today, make sure it’s watching this video a few 100 times and then sharing it with all your friends. It kind of reminds me of an SNL spoof, only a lot more funny and terrifyingly real. In fact, Vanity is the best celebrity interviewer I’ve seen since Harry Caray on Space: The Infinite Frontier.

Here’s the clip:

An exclusive tour of Kevin Durant’s house

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 8.12.54 PM

It’s no secret that Kevin Durant is pretty much the best person to ever walk the planet. For one, he’s fantastic at basketball. And two, he’s a crazy good dude. When he’s not giving new Nikes to underprivileged children, he’s donating money to rebuild Moore and getting leaves out of the gutter for his middle-aged Asian wife. Or maybe that was a commercial. Regardless, I’m sure his mom makes him get stuff off the top shelf and he obliges. My mom makes me get stuff off the top shelf for her, and I grumble the whole time, but that’s because I’m not a salt of the earth sort of person like Mr. Durant.

All of this leads me to wonder what happens in his home. Sure, it’s not any of my business, but how does the golden boy of basketball spend his time off the court? Well, his house is currently on the market. I know. You’re sad that we never got an episode of Cribs with Kevin Durant. But that’s where you’re wrong. We have an exclusive look at the home where Mr. Durant lays his head. And after you take a look, maybe, you can put in an offer. They’re only asking $1.95 million.

Regular Jim Traber and Vanity Perkins don’t like each other…

traber perkins

It looks like we’re not the only ones who can’t stand Regular Jim Traber.

Earlier today, while Jim was breathing out his typical rant about the Oklahoma City Thunder – Kendrick Perkins makes too much money, Derek Fisher is too old, and then you wrap the turkey in a cheesecloth – Vanity Perkins sent out the following tweet:

Annoying OKC Thunder fans want you to pay for their season tickets…

thunder super fans

Here’s some good news if you sit in Section 101 at Thunder games. The two Thunder fans pictured above (Thundor and Thunder Princess) can’t afford their pricey season tickets for the 2014 – 2015 season. Awesome, huh? Now only those damn McDonald’s french fry balloons will distract you from the game.

Or maybe not.

Thundor and Thunder Princess created a Go Fund Me to raise money for their season ticket renewal. Of course, this “news” got the attention of KWTV News 9. If you remember correctly, they’ll cover any story that can be tied back to the Thunder:

10 things Russell Westbrook has been up to

russell westbrook

Well, Thunder fans. We need to talk. The basketball season is in full swing, and the Thunder is missing one crucial element—my little Russie. Like eating a Quarter Pounder with cheese without a side of fries, I’m just not satisfied. I know that he’s convalescing and taking care of himself so he can come back and play some more, but sometimes I worry that maybe he forgot about all of us drunken yahoos in Loud City.

Well, I’ve done some research and figured out what he’s been up to when he hasn’t been playing basketball. And by research, I mean this is definitely what he has to be doing so don’t even fact check it because it’s right. Here are the ten things that Russell Westbrook is doing when he isn’t wearing a suit on the sidelines.