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7 reasons why Scott Brooks continues to play Derek Fisher…

This week, the Thunder have recovered a bit from their back to back losses in Denver and Memphis by stampeding over the lowly Magic and Trail Blazers. Still, one problem remains paramount on everybody’s minds.


The dude has missed his last 14 straight shots, has ceased to become a part of effective ball movement, and is a gigantic defensive liability. To be fair, I wrote a post over on Welcome to Loud City stating the ways you could and should use Derek Fisher. But, I’d still rather have anybody not named Daniel Orton playing ahead of him on this roster right now.

So, since Scott Brooks is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you or I, let’s get inside his brain. I’ll list off all the reasons Scott Brooks insists on playing the Fish the isn’t saving anybody.


When recently asked about why he was playing Derek Fisher, other than intangibles, Scott Brooks responded with intangibles and experience. Experience is great and all, but there’s other guys on the Earth right now who could provide better experience at the backup guard spot. Ever heard of a guy named Bob Pettit, who’s currently a free agent?? He scored close to 30 points per game and consistently averaged more than 16 rebounds, leading the St. Louis Hawks to several division titles. So what if he’s 80? He’s got experience. That’s something you can’t get at the store.

According to the South Koreans, The Lost Ogle is the official team mascot of the Oklahoma City Thunder

By now, you probably know about the Thunder fan who hit a $20,000 half-court shot during Sunday night’s game. The story of the fan who made the shot is awe-inspiring. His wife is battling cancer and they are going to use the prize money to help pay for her bills and treatment. You can donate to his wife’s medical fund by clicking here.

Here’s video of him nailing the $20,000 shot.

Wait. I got my half-court shot winners mixed up. The guy who won on Sunday is just some TV reporter dope that’s dating Miss Missouri 2011. What a heart-stirring story, huh? I can’t wait for the Tom Rinaldi profile.

Anyway, you may notice that Kevin Durant ran from the Thunder bench and awkwardly tackled the guy after he made the shot. Apparently that’s a thing now, and because of it, the video has made the rounds all over the globe. This includes South Korea, which for some reason got us confused with Rumble.

From KPopStarz, Korea’s best pop music and stars:

After seeing this photo, we may have to call him Bulge Ibaka…


If Serge Ibaka seems kind of cocky, you really can’t blame him. He’s an elite athlete, multi-millionaire and is dating a hot, chart-topping singer. Plus, there’s, uhm, this:

Gay men rejoice! Some gossip blogger is claiming Russell Westbrook is bisexual…

russell westbrook nina earl

The girl pictured with Russell Westbrook is his long time girlfriend Nina Earl. She’s a former basketball player at UCLA, (I think) a medical student, and from all accounts, a very nice girl.

I’m posting that photo because gossip blogger Jacky Jasper from the website “Diary of a Hollywood Street King” recently outed Russell Westbrook as bi-sexual. The source of Jacky’s information was the always reliable “anonymous” source:

The Top 5 Thunder Destroyers

Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry.

Hello again Thunder fans! I’m sure that you slept horribly last night. There’s no way that you could sleep well after the Nuggets totally creamed the Thunder at home. With the loss, it’s still uncertain as to whether the Thunder can seal the Northwest Division, much less the #2 seed. OKC is still in control of it’s destiny, but Denver holds the advantage and hasn’t lost this month.

But let’s take a look outside of our immediate bubble for a second. The Thunder are a team with very powerful strengths, but also very powerful flaws. Part of being a flawed team is accepting that some players are just going to destroy you on every single night. I’m not talking about the LeBrons of the world, who will destroy everybody regardless. I’m talking the other guys. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 of the Thunder’s biggest headaches. I’m gonna need a pizza after this.

#5: LaMarcus Aldridge
Times Seen This Season: 2
Normal Averages: 21.1 Points, 47.9% Shooting, 8.8 Rebounds, 2.6 Assists
Averages Vs. Thunder: 27.5 Points, 47.9% Shooting, 13.0 Rebounds, 1.5 Assists

I know, LaMarcus Aldridge is an All-Star, so he should probably be exempt from this list. But his performances against the Thunder are hard to deny. The numbers above are pretty consistent over the past couple of seasons, and the reasons why should be obvious. The Thunder have lots of trouble guarding bigs who can shoot well. This was pretty apparent against the younger Dirk Nowitzki, who pretty much single-handedly destroyed Oklahoma City in the 2011 West Finals with lots of turnaround jumpers. Not only that, but Aldridge has an excellent back-to-the-basket game. This would be fine and dandy if he was going against Kendrick Perkins, who’s really solid at holding his ground. But against the more wirey Serge Ibaka, he’s able to back into him and create more space, thus creating more scoring opportunities. If Aldridge was playing power forward on a more competitive team, he’d be public enemy #1 in this town.