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Kendrick Perkins and his wife were involved in an altercation at an Oklahoma City nail salon…

Earlier this evening, KOCO Channel 5 aired a video of Vanity Perkins involved in a skirmish at an Oklahoma City nail salon. We first heard rumors of the altercation in early January. The emails came within a few days of each other. Both contain some hearsay and probably a few factual errors, but they give you an idea of what may have happened:

Ogle Mole One:

Heard a story that Vanity Perkins threw a fit at a nail salon near Home Depot at Quail Springs Mall. She wouldn’t pay for botched job, they locked her inside so she would pay, she calls Kendrick, he shows up and knocks over carts and throws nail polish, now Perkins are pressing charges for false imprisonment or something. Nail owner has it all on tape and is pressing charges for damage.

Ogle Mole Two:

You guys may have already run a story about it but have you heard about Kendrick Perkins and his wife’s confrontation with a local nail salon a few weeks ago?…

Kendrick’s wife went to get her nails done and the tech that was doing her nails messed one up and his wife wasn’t happy. So they fixed it to her liking & everything was good. Until his wife refused to pay for the services because they messed up her nail. Owner told her they fixed it and that she was going to pay. Situation escalates to yelling. So she calls Kendrick to the salon and he shows up and continues to yell saying they aren’t paying for the service. Not sure if this is true but heard the Perkins are suing. Not sure of the nail salon name either. I just heard that the salon is around the quail springs mall area.

Me: Someone else just emailed me about this. Word must be going around. I may have to swing by the nail salon.

Yeah it is getting around. I just heard from my wife that the lawsuit by Vanity Perkins is real. The mother of her friend I mentioned earlier was in the salon the day the police and FBI agents showed up to the salon to do some investigating for the lawsuit. Apparently she is suing for assault. Vanity is saying that the woman Asian owner held her down on the ground during their argument. Best part about the lawsuit, the Perkins didn’t know that the nail salon has security cameras and picked up the whole confrontation showing their was no assault and that Vanity instigated the whole thing and was in the wrong. I hope you figure out which nail salon it was since I still cannot figure that one out. Hope this helps.
P.S. During the argument, Vanity screamed out “Don’t you know who I am?” like it was going to get her out of paying the nail tech. This whole thing is over a $25 nail service. Makes it even worse.

For what it’s worth, Kendrick Perkins still has about $20-million left on his contract with the Thunder. If your husband makes that kind of cash, you should probably go ahead and pay for your crummy manicure.

Anyway, thanks to catching the flu, forgetfulness and a general irrational fear of walking into an Asian nail salon, I never followed up on the Mole emails. It was on my list of things to do, but I just never got around to it. However, at least I asked Kendrick about the incident during a January 15th chat via Twitter:

I’m not sure why he didn’t answer my question.

Although we never followed up on the report, it has finally made its way to the “legitimate” media. KOCO Channel 5 has landed video footage of the incident, an interview with the shop owner, and in the process, rationalized my fear of Asian nail salons. Here’s the clip and news story from Channel 5:

Thunder Mid-Season Report Cards

Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry.

The NBA Season is at its halfway point, and that means it’s time to bust out the mid-term report cards. In other words, it’s the one you didn’t want your parents to see. Report cards posts on their own aren’t very fun, so I spiced things up by comparing every player’s performance to one of my favorite (or least favorite) video games. And if some of you are non-gamers, don’t despair! This list is easily understandable if you can’t tell the difference between a Pac-Man and a pizza.

Also, keep in mind that the scale goes as so:

A- Far Exceeded Expectations

B- Exceeded Expectations

C- Met Expectations

D- Fell Short of Expectations

F- Fell Far Short of Expectations

In other words, if I ranked player X above player Y, it doesn’t necessarily mean that player X is better than player Y. It just means that player X played farther above his own expectations. Anyway, on to the rankings, which were done in order of points per game.

Kevin Durant: A+

Video Game Comparison: Pac-Man

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Kevin Durant, and you can’t go wrong with Pac-Man. The innate appeal of Pac-Man is that it’s easy to pick up, and it never gets old. With something like Galaga, you might get tired of hammering the button. With something like Super Mario, you get to the end of the level, and the game is over. But with Pac-man, you can just keep playing to your heart’s content. It gets harder, but the game remains the same. Similarly, Durant always gets better, but his game has remained incredibly consistent and solid. He’s made tweaks here and there, but made sure to never mess with the classic formula. Mr.4th Quarter has bailed us out of more situations than I can count, and he almost never ceases to amaze.

Russell Westbrook: B

Video Game Comparison: Sonic

It’s always hard to put a finger on Westbrook. His game constantly changes, and you never really know what direction it’s going to take next. But one thing that doesn’t change is his fearlessness. I feel the same way about Sonic. Some of Sonic games are absolute gold, while others are absolute garbage. The creative direction in those game changes so much that it’s hard to really get a feeling of consistency anymore. The same goes for Westbrook. While the good definitely outweighs the bad, he’s still the enigma of a player he always was. Still, it’s hard not to think of Sonic when you think of Westbrook’s hard-headedness and reckless abandon.

The Best Performances By Thunder Injury Replacements

Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry.

It’s been another fantastic week, and no one can deny that. The Thunder have swept all four of their games, including revenge in Minnesota, another pounding of the Lakers, squeaking by Portland at home with some late defense, and a KD-Russ scorefest against Phoenix. But those wins have been more unorthodox than you think.

During the game against the Trail Blazers, Serge Ibaka and Thabo Sefolosha were sitting out with injuries. Those injuries resulted in training camp invitee DeAndre Liggins being thrust into the lineup. Liggins played like a man possessed, exhibiting lightning quick defense, excellent offensive awareness, and an impressive ability to pressure.

His performance got me thinking. What are some of the better performances that we’ve seen from injury replacements in the Thunder’s past? Obviously, the Thunder have been blessed with an almost totally injury-free roster, which has been a huge contributor to their success. However, on those rare occasions where somebody gets the flu, contorts a quad, or drinks too many shots with Wayne Coyne, a benchwarmer has had to step in. Some have failed, but others have flourished.

This post is a chronicle of some performances you’ve probably forgotten. The list here focuses on performances in individual games, rather than over a long period of time. And it doesn’t necessarily focus on who replaced who tit-for-tat, but rather who was able to step up and fill the injured player’s role.

What in the world is wrong with the Thunder?

YouTube Preview Image

Hello once again fellow Thunder fans! The Thunder have gone 2-2 in the past week, and it’s definitely one we’d all like to forget. Not only did the Thunder drop a game to former head coach P.J. Carlesimo, they also dropped a game to the worst team in the league. Then again, if the Thunder’s worst week this season involved two easy wins over crappy teams, then it tells you that the Thunder don’t have a lot to complain about.

Still, we’re Oklahomans, and we like winning. So let’s put our stethoscopes on and diagnose what’s wrong with the Thunder as they are now.  To keep things fun, I’m going to add a hilarious picture of each person I’m complaining about. You know, for good measure.

Scott Brooks Isn’t Very Creative With Rotations

It’s hard to hate on a guy who brought the Thunder from a lottery team to a title contender, but man, Scott Brooks really loves putting in certain guys. Barring injuries, the Thunder have had the same starting lineup since February of 2010. The manner of rotations has stayed the same as well, with Kevin Martin taking Harden’s minutes, Thabeet getting Mohammed’s minutes, and Jackson getting Fisher’s/Maynor’s minutes. But not every player is the same, and as such, replacements with different skillsets shouldn’t be given the same roles as those guys.

What should Scott Brooks do? Well, there’s tons. He could stop abandoning Martin, who can’t score on his own, with the bench. He could let Ibaka play with the bench, to add more scoring power. He could use Reggie Jackson alongside Russell Westbrook, and have them develop a repertoire. He could put in Collison when Perkins isn’t suited to a particular opposing center. The list goes on, but I’d really like to see some more on the fly decision-making. It’s what helped Carlisle win the championship with the Mavericks in 2011.

How to make a Thunder drink that actually tastes good

Image shamelessly stolen from the Oklahoma Gazette.

Well, readers, we are way into the Thunder season, and there’s something that has been weighing pretty heavily on my heart. Every time there’s a game I find myself at a sports bar imbibing heavily and eating my body weight in cheese fries dipped in ranch dressing. And in order to support my boys, I feel it necessary to order whatever Thunder-themed drink is on the menu. Unfortunately, every stinking bar in the OKC Metro area does this awful thing where they put blue curacao in the drink to mimic that Thunder blue.

This is problematic for a number of reasons. Blue curacao is gross, it eats away at the lining of my stomach and gives me heartburn, and it’s fruity and lame which does nothing to highlight the athleticism and masculinity of our team. Bartenders, hear my cry! The Thunder is the one thing that brings us all together. Where college football tears us apart, basketball makes us one. And it’s a damn shame that the bars are serving the jankiest swill under the guise of team spirit that does nothing to honor the great men that represent our city on the court.

So, I’ve made a list of beverages that do not contain blue curacao. Take note, city bartenders.

The Sefolosha

My mom likes to call Thabo “Swiss Chocolate.” Sefolosha may be number 2 on the court, but this drink will be number 1 to your taste buds. Mix one part vanilla ice cream, one part Frangelico, and one part of your favorite Swiss chocolate almond liquer. Blend until smooth. Serve in a parfait glass.