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This Oklahoma lawmaker used the N-word on Facebook…

Paul Wesselhöft obama

The guy in the photo who looks terrified of black people is Oklahoma State Representative Paul Wesselhöft from Moore. When he’s not voting with his Republican colleagues, impersonating Old Man Withers from Wayne’s World, or forcing bloggers to figure out how to type an umlaut, he moderates some weird online group called Socrates on Facebook.

Here’s a snippet from the group’s mission statement:

Socrates on Facebook (SOF) is a forum for discussing the serious questions of the day. This site is developed by Paul Wesselhöft but inspired by Eric Metaxas whose work with Socrates in the City is a great success in NYC.

Socrates, the Greek philosopher said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Using this statement as our model, we invite facebook friends to publish serious (conservative, moderate & liberal) articles, essays, poems or extended comments.

We expect clashing ideas, openness, and a learning experience. We ask for civil discussion; therefore, we will not accept hate, directed profanity, directed antisemitism, racism, bigotry, or name calling.

That sounds interesting. Clashing ideas. Openness. Learning. And all of it done in a civil tone that’s void of racism, bigotry or name calling. Let’s take a look at a recent example:

Now Oklahoma even sucks at killing people…

death penalty

As you surely know, yesterday’s double-execution house party at the state penitentiary in McAlester was ruined when we accidentally tortured and killed a vile, worthless, murderer with an experimental lethal-injection cocktail.

According to sources in the T.W. Shannon campaign, the botched execution was the result of Obama, Common Core and the United Nations Agenda 21.

From a Hippie Lee Brewer article on NewsOK.com:

Oklahoma is winning the war against… solar energy?


Did you know since the 1970s it’s been illegal for Oklahoma utility companies to charge extra fees to customers who use solar or wind energy at their home or business? Yes, it’s true. Under Oklahoma law, you can literally install solar panels on your property, use the energy they create to power most of your home, and then sell the excess clean energy you don’t use back to the utility company during peak hours. And guess what, the utilities can’t charge you an additional dime for it. What a racket, huh? Those utility companies that have a bunch of Os and Gs in their names sure are screwed.

Well, until now.

Fortunately for all of us, one brave Oklahoma lawmaker noticed that totally outlandish, unfair law and decided to do something about it. Mike Turner, the trust fund baby who eats his own eye boogers and wants to ban marriage, recently sponsored SB 1456, which gives utilities the right to impose fees – or what Judge Roberts may consider a tax – on selfish, game-rigging assholes who generate their own clean solar energy. You know, because that’s a concern we all stay up late thinking about.

Turner’s legislation sailed through the House and Senate and was signed into law yesterday by Mary Fallin. Now, thanks to our Republican-controlled legislature and Governor, Oklahoma utility companies will finally be playing on a level playing field with the asshole who wants to put some panels on his roof.

From NewsOK.com:

Bill may raise utility fees

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill Monday that would allow regulated electric utilities to establish a new customer class for users of rooftop solar panels or small wind turbines.

In signing Senate Bill 1456, Fallin also took the rare step of issuing an executive order directing its implementation.

SB 1456 would allow electric utilities to apply to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to establish a higher base customer charge for users of rooftop solar or small wind turbines. The higher fixed charge would be used to recover some of the infrastructure costs to safely send excess electricity back to the grid.

Of course, this extremely logical legislation that benefits the people (and natural gas companies) and discourages use of clean, pollution free, solar power has drawn the ire of the liberal, solar panel loving elitist national media. Blogs, message boards and even MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow have chimed in to criticize what I’m now calling the The Oklahoma Utility Equality Act:

The Oklahoma Volunteer Militia is here to protect us from the Federal Government

oklahoma volunteer militia

The three men pictured above are the founding members of the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia. If they look kind of scary, don’t worry. They’re actually going to be the ones who protect us from the evil Federal Government when it decides to invade Oklahoma. Comforting, huh?

We know this thanks to KFOR Channel 4. They sat down with the militia men to get their thoughts on the Cliven Bundy controversy. In case you’re not familiar, Cliven Bundy, like most men named Cliven, is an insane right-wing extremist from Nevada who owes the government nearly $1,000,000 for allowing his cattle to graze illegally on public lands. The government tried to round-up his cattle and, well, a mini-militia convention ensued.

Here’s what the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia thought about it:

Study: 25% of Oklahoma Biology I teachers think humans walked with dinosaurs


Oklahoma lawmakers are not the only ones who have difficulty understanding (and believing) the fundamentals of biology and evolution.

According to a recent study by researchers Tony Yates and Edmund Marek, a good chunk of Oklahoma Biology I teachers don’t know a lot about those subjects either. Considering we live in Oklahoma, where our TV channels “accidentally” block information about evolution, that’s so surprising.

Here’s a good breakdown of their incredibly depressing study from IAcknowledge.com: