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7 Reasons to Destroy the Arts in Oklahoma…


I don’t have any children, but when I do I hope that they don’t get caught up in this whole “Save the Arts” movement that’s hit Oklahoma.

By now, your social media feeds have been spammed with information about certain bills (HB3028HB2580, & SB1859) that are making the rounds at the Oklahoma legislature. Each bill, in a roundabout way, would greatly devalue the Oklahoma Arts Council. One would merge it with the Department of Tourism, another would continue the stagnant “Art In Public Places Act” (that has literally done nothing since 2011), and the third would simply defund the Arts Council.

Of course, this has really upset the local art crowd, millennials, and basically anyone who voted for Ed Shadid. They are rallying to save the arts in Oklahoma, and want to guilt you into it, too. But don’t fall for it. I very much welcome an Oklahoma future without any sort of “arts” interfering in our business, and have compiled a list of seven reasons why you should too…


1. Hinder

We will forever be the state that set Hinder loose upon the world, but we don’t have to repeat our mistakes. In a world without arts and music education, we can prevent shitty bands (or any bands, for that matter) from ever being created in Oklahoma again.


2. The people who would use the arts money could still use it through other various means.

Hypothetical situation: Johnny is an incredible spray-paint artist.

In a universe where the Art In Public Places Act is still being utilized, Johnny could be contracted to paint a beautiful mural downtown that was sanctioned by the great state of Oklahoma.

In the universe that I am proposing, Johnny goes to jail for graffiti.

Either way, government money is still supporting him. It shouldn’t matter how the money got there. Stop being so greedy, Johnny.

10 ways to make Oklahoma the most miserable state…

oklahoma postcard

I love Oklahoma, so it upsets me when we are beaten in polls by states like Mississippi or West Virginia.

Last week, Oklahoma was ranked as “The 9th Most Miserable State” in a national well-being / link-baiting index. USAToday.com:

9. Oklahoma

> Well-being index score: 64.7
> Life expectancy: 75.9 years (5th lowest)
> Percent obese: 30.5% (10th highest)
> Median household income: $44,312 (10th lowest)
> Percent with high school diploma: 86.7% (19th lowest)

Oklahomans had among the most unhealthy behaviors in the U.S. during 2013. Only about half of the population said they ate fruits and vegetables on a regular basis last year, less than any other state. Oklahoma residents also reported poor access to basic necessities. More than 10% of residents said they did not have easy access to clean and safe drinking water, worse than any other state. Oklahomans also self-reported poor physical health. More than 6% of adults said they have had a heart attack as of last year, more than in any other state, and considerably higher than the national average of 3.8%. In 2010, there were 235.2 heart disease-related deaths per 100,000 residents, the third-highest rate nationwide.

10% of our residents don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water? That’s puzzling. Also, 6% of adults claimed they had a heart attack last year? Doesn’t that seem high? But don’t worry. These problems can all be fixed. All we need to do is give a tax break to the rich. Then everything will figure its way out.

Actually, it’s not the easy. In fact, improving our state is pretty damn hard. Since we’ll never do anything to combat these problems, I think we should go all out and try to be the most miserable state in the country. It shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. Plus, we’ll finally be number one at something.

Here are some tips how:

Ed Shadid accidentally mailed the wrong negative campaign postcard…

Last Friday, certain voters in the Oklahoma City area received a very strange postcard in the mail from the Ed Shadid campaign.

Here’s the front of the card:

shadid pc front

Ok, that’s not the weird part. It’s just a typical negative campaign ad. The whole “Mayor Cornett spent two years getting his MBA from NYU, and therefore, he doesn’t care about Oklahoma City and shouldn’t be mayor” message has been consistently delivered by Shadid and his supporters throughout this campaign. Although I see how the issue can irk some people, it really doesn’t bother me. Is it weird for the Mayor to go out-of-state to get an MBA? Maybe. Does it really matter in this age of connectivity, smartphones, emails and a daily non-stop flight from OKC to Newark? Not really. Did it affect his job as mayor? I don’t think so.

Here’s the part where the postcard gets funny / amusing / strange. On the reverse side, it warns that Mayor Mick’s time in New York City may have made him a little too “Big League City” for OKC’s taste. Specifically, it calls out the Mayor for turning Bricktown into 1970s Times Square and being in favor of gay rights. It even quotes Mary Fallin.

Check it out.

Mary Fallin bought new shoes…

fallin open toe shoes governors association 2

Back in December of 2012, we gave Governor Mary Fallin a hard time when she stumbled out of a National Governors Association conference with President Obama wearing black tights with open toed shoes.

Here’s what we had to say about the apparent fashion no-no:

Yikes, who knew Gov. Fallen had such an avant-garde fashion sensibility when it came to women’s hosiery! That’s like the male equivalent of wearing a brown belt with black shoes, only worse, because you’re a damn woman and are supposed to know these things! At least a dude can untuck his shirt to cover up the fashion faux pas. The only thing Mary could do is squint like she just walked out of a movie theater.

The National Governors Association had another meeting with the President this week. It looks like Governor Fallin has updated her wardrobe. Check out her new kicks:

David Boren wants Oklahomans to do the right thing. Unless it involves stolen artwork.

After all these years, OU President David Boren is trying to remain relevant.

Last week, the former state governor, US senator and OU tuba player strike buster penned an excellent editorial in the Tulsa World that criticized our lawmakers’ obsession with cutting taxes for the rich while struggling to fund important things like education, roads and bridges, and tax subsidies for energy companies. Just kidding. We’ll always find a way to help out energy companies.

From Boren’s editorial in The Tulsa World:

Our future is at risk. The current state budget now before the Legislature will put us on the wrong path.

It is time we asked ourselves some basic questions: Who are we as a people? What kind of state do we want to be? What kind of state do we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren?

It’s good to see David Boren using his clout and influence to ask such important questions. Here’s another one he should ask. Do we want the little ones to grow up in a state that fights to keep valuable artwork that was stolen by the Nazi’s during World War II, or a state that does the right thing and returns that artwork to its rightful owners?

From The Oklahoman: