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Here’s some video footage from deep within Derplahoma…

derplahoma town hall

Earlier this week, video footage was released on YouTube from a town hall for Congressman Jim Bridenstine. With all apologies to Jim Inhofe, he may be the nuttiest member of our congressional delegation. That’s saying something. It’s like being named the sluttiest girl at Twin Peaks or slowest employee at Braum’s. It’s insulting, but considering the field, also an accomplishment.

Bridenstine’s Town Hall took place deep within the borders of Derplahoma. As you know, Derplahoma is that scary, paranoid, dark place where President Obama is both a fascist and communist, tyrant and coward, and atheist and Muslim. According to their constitution, the bible is the ultimate law of the land, being gay is a choice, and all citizens must own a gun and/or squadron of bald eagles.

Overall, the Town Hall was reminiscent of a Tea Party rally from 2009. During a Q&A session, some crazy old lady called for Obama to be executed for shipping Muslims into the country, another called him an S.O.B, and Congressman Bridenstein seemed to be loving all of it.

Check out the clip:

Mary Fallin’s “The State of the State” address in pictures…

fallin pic 6

Yesterday, Governor Mary Fallin gave her annual “State of the State” address at the State Capitol. The Oklahoman actually provided pretty good, semi-balanced coverage of the event. They even led with most insane part of the speech.

Via NewsOK.com

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Monday called on the Legislature to cut the state’s highest income tax rate by 0.25 percent and recommended that lawmakers cut most state agencies’ budgets by 5 percent to help pay for it.

“I believe responsibly lowering the income tax is the right thing to do,” Fallin said during her State of the State address. “Let’s take this opportunity to show our country that lower taxes and limited government do work.”

That makes perfect sense. Let’s cut services across the state so that a few wealthy Oklahomans can put a few extra hundred dollars in their high-end savings account each month. How are state agencies going to handle these cuts?

Fallin said she knows her request for 5 percent cuts in most agency budgets will cause some to proclaim the sky is falling.

“But guess what? It’s not,” Fallin said. “Any business worth its … salt can find 5 percent cost savings without crippling the services it provides. Families have to make the same decisions and the same choices all the time.”

What a great example. Talk to the C.E.O. of any company “worth its salt” and they’ll tell you it’s easy to find 5-percent in cost savings. All you need to do is reduce spending and layoff employees. That’s always a great thing for the economy. Not only do people lose their jobs, but vendors, suppliers and contractors then lose revenue and have to layoff workers and cut spending. At that point, the dominos begin to fall. Consumers spend less, more layoffs occur and unemployment rates skyrocket. With so many unemployed workers and fewer quality jobs, people then turn to the leaching bureaucratic evil government for economic assistance. The only problem is the government can’t help anyone because all agencies are dealing with their own 5% budget cuts. But yeah, back to what Mary said, any business worth it’s salt can easily find 5% in cost savings.

As I mentioned above, the Oklahoman’s coverage was pretty fair and balanced. Well, at least it was for the Oklahoman. They didn’t overly promote any of the conservative rhetoric, and they were fair with everything. They even had a photographer on hand to take awkward photos. Let’s take a look at some of them:

fallin pic 1

As is now custom, Mary Fallin began the speech by showing off her invisible popsicle.


fallin pic 2

Anyone else creeped out by the old dude in the back trying to sneak his way into the hug? Why’s he patting that dude on the back? That’s as awkward as getting drunk and dry humping a platonic friend. Okay, maybe not that awkward, but close. Speaking of dry humping, nobody’s a fan of it. But we’ve all done it. And yeah, I have no clue what that has to do with anything.

Oklahoma State Sen. Nathan Dahm thinks all gun violence is caused by “sin nature”

nathan dahm

Sometimes I think this site should have one of those little counters like you see in the workplace, only instead of listing the number of days since a workplace injury it should be “number of days since an Oklahoma politician made national headlines for saying something dumb.” Enter Broken Arrow Republican Nathan Dahm.

Last week Dahm went on Piers Morgan’s popular CNN show British Guy Interrupts People to argue with Morgan about gun control. Dahm has introduced a bill that would get rid of all basically all licensing requirements including background checks for mental illness and criminal records. His reasoning is that all gun violence is caused by sin, and not by guns.

From Tulsa World:

“Sin nature in mankind” causes gun violence, not the guns themselves or mental illness, state Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, told combative CNN commentator Piers Morgan on Monday night.

Dahm appeared on Morgan’s program in connection with a bill Dahm introduced for the upcoming legislative session.

The legislation is called the “Piers Morgan Act,” a dig at Morgan’s outspoken criticism of the United States’ relatively lax gun laws.

Dahm’s bill essentially would eliminate all handgun licensing requirements in Oklahoma. Dahm said he opposes all background checks, including those for mental illness and criminal records, as unconstitutional….

“If the key issue in gun deaths is not the guns and it’s not mental health, what is it?” Morgan asked.

“It is the sin nature of mankind,” replied Dahm. “It’s that somebody is willing to take someone else’s life.”

I don’t know what to say other than that is just objectively not true. Some gun violence is caused by sin, sure, but some gun violence is the result of other things, like mental illness. Or something else entirely.

Here are just a handful of the shootings that took place in Oklahoma in 2013. Read them carefully, because contrary to what Senator Dahm claims, it doesn’t appear that anyone was willing to take someone else’s life.

Rocky Point — According to authorities, a woman was wounded when a gun accidentally discharged inside the residence.

Tulsa — Cheyenne Monique Cunningham, 22, told police that her boyfriend, DeAndre Wilson, 22, had recently purchased a gun and wanted to show her how to use it, Solomon said. The small semi-automatic weapon accidentally fired, striking Wilson once in the stomach, police said.

This crazy bill would let cops write you a ticket without getting out of their patrol cars…


It looks like Republicans are not the only ones who can write silly legislation in Oklahoma.

Recently, popular Democratic State Sen. Al McAffrey introduced SB1872 that, if passed, would make it easier (and safer) for cops to issue speeding tickets and other citations. Basically, it would let cops write you a ticket without having to approach your car and hear about how you were running late to work and thought you were going the flow of traffic.

The bill has been endorsed by several law enforcement officials and 2 Chainz’ bus driver.

From Insurance Journal:

Another tea party wacko wants to destroy the arts in Oklahoma…

josh cockroft

The Derplahomans war against the arts continues.

Last year, we told you about State Rep. Josh Cockroft’s (pictured above) failed efforts to destroy the arts in Oklahoma. The Batman fanboy introduced HB1895, that if passed, would have stripped the Oklahoma Arts Council of all public funding and shutdown art programs all the way from Quartz Mountain to Bartlesville. Fortunately, the idiotic bill was so unpopular with Democrats and Republicans that it didn’t make it out of committee or get a hearing. Good times, huh? Victory!

Well, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. Not be outdone by Cockroft’s idiocy, State Rep. Dan Fisher has introduced a similar bill for the 2014 legislative session.

From the OK Gazette:

Experts warn that funding for the arts in Oklahoma may soon hit a crisis point if proposed cuts are approved. House Bill 2850 is a measure to cut public funding for the Oklahoma Arts Council on what is phrased an “emergency basis.”  The bill lays out a plan to defund the OAC and is cued for consideration when the Oklahoma Legislature convenes Feb. 3. Bill author Rep. Dan Fisher proposes that OAC funding be cut by 25 percent each year until 2018. The bill states, “It is the intent of the Legislature that by the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, the Oklahoma Arts Council shall not receive appropriations from the Legislature. Fisher did not return requests for comment by deadline.

I don’t think you need a Ph.D. in common sense to know this is a bad idea. The Arts Council receives maybe $3- or $4-million a year out of our state’s budget, which equates to a dollar or two a year per taxpayer. That money is distributed, along with private donations, to programs all over the state–programs that help stimulate local economies, educate kids (and adults), and contribute to our culture. Even if you’re not an “art” person, you can deal with that, right?

Anyway, instead of wasting time constructing a more detailed and thorough argument against an absurd and a ridiculous proposition, let’s get to know the legislator who introduced the bill. Once again, his name is Dan Fisher. He’s a freshman member of Sally Kern’s Derplahoman caucus. He’s also a Baptist minister (theocrat), gun nut, libertarian tea partier, and just like Josh Cockroft, enjoys dressing up in strange black costumes.

Here’s a pic: