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Dear God, Tom Coburn is actually making sense!

Tom Coburn has always been the least crazy of our two well-known US Senators. Granted,  that’s kind of like being the least creepy Mathis Brother, but it should count for something.

Anyway, Senator Coburn appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night and would you believe it, he didn’t say anything embarrassing. Here’s a clip:

Christina Fallin has filed for an annulment from Matt Bacon

I’m not sure if this is a surprise to anyone, but Governor Mary Fallin’s hipster runoff daughter, Christina Fallin, has filed for an annulment just 10 months after having her dream wedding at a castle in Ireland. This totally sucks for us, because we were banking on a lifetime of easy material and jokes at the expense of Oklahoma City’s least favorite pretentious and totally-better-than-you couple.

We first heard rumors that the couple was separating about a month ago. The word from several Ogle Moles was that Matt Fallin-Bacon, a recovering drug addict, had relapsed and Christina kicked him to the curb. If that’s true, I guess you can’t blame him. If Mary Fallin was my mother-in-law, I’d probably do a bunch of drugs, too.

Here are a few thoughts:

Here’s video of Mike Reynolds screaming and yelling on the House floor

As Scott mentioned earlier today, the controversial and bizarre Personhood Act was essentially shelved yesterday by the Republican leadership in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Considering that our state Republican’s do just about anything possible to limit the rights and freedoms of women in Oklahoma, this turn of events was pretty damn shocking.

The group that was perhaps the most shocked and surprised by the news was the social wacko wing of the state GOP. Special interests groups hastily descended on the capitol and tried to change minds. One group even sent a threatening letter.

But the highlight of everything was an epic (and pathetic) temper tantrum thrown by State Rep Mike Reynolds on the House floor yesterday afternoon. He asked to suspend House rules in order to force a vote on the Personhood. When his motion was denied, he whined, screamed and complained until his was escorted off the floor.

Here’s a video of the tirade that we found on Facebook:

Mary Fallin is considered a “real long shot” to be Romney’s running mate

I’ve never heard of Jonathan Karl before last night, but he’s apparently the Senior Political Correspondent for ABC News. Yesterday on Good Morning America, he listed some potential running mates for Mitt Romney. One of the names he mentioned was our hot tub loving Governor Ms. Mary Fallin.

Here’s what Karl wrote on his ABC News blog:

Mary Fallin: The Oklahoma governor is a real long shot. She’s also a former member of Congress and a lieutenant governor and is considered now to be one of the most popular governors in the country.

Yeah, “a real long shot” is probably a good way to describe Mary’s chances, but perhaps a more accurate term would be “no way in hell.” Just look at the search suggestions Google gives you when you type her name:

Ralph Shorty, Constance Johnson and the Personhood Act got The Daily Show treatment

So, I just got back from the doctor to get my throat checked out because it feels like Brian Davis just glued 500 of his catchphrases with molten lava to my tonsils. I thought I had strep throat, but apparently it just an infection or impending death. Regardless, ain’t nobody have time for that!

Anyway, since I’m not feeling too good, I don’t really feel like analyzing this hysterical Daily Show segment on the Personhood Act and Constance Johnson’s accompanying amendment that would prohibit men from depositing semen on or in anything that is not a women’s vagina. All I have to say is that it’s pretty fukcing funny and awesome. Enjoy.