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Watch this lady faint during Tuesday’s Oklahoma City Council meeting (video)

This past Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Council held one of its most highly anticipated, controversial, and lengthy meetings in some time. Towards the end of the nearly three-hour session, a couple of citizens came to the podium to voice a complaint.

And then this happened:

24 Bold Predictions for 2013 (2 of 2)

Yesterday we counted down our first 12 predictions for the year. Here’s the second half of the list. There’s a good chance some of them will come true.

13. Christina Fallin DOES NOT get married this year.

(Remember, these are supposed to be bold predictions. The rest are after jump. And yes, that’s some girl with pink hair whose name rhymes with Latina Howlin’ partying at Saints in the Plaza District. Thank you, Ogle Mole Network.)


14. Meg Alexander openly admits that she has been trying to “Single White Female” Joleen Chaney for over a year now.

The Westboro Baptist Church follows Mary Fallin on Twitter…

Because of their close proximity to Oklahoma, we get our fair share of Westboro Baptist Church “protests” here in the Sooner state. Since about 2009, our general policy at TLO has been to ignore the hate group. They do what they do for publicity and to create controversy, and by giving them the attention they crave and letting their actions upset you, you’re basically falling into their trap and letting them win. As Dave Morris’ hot wife would say, they’re a more hateful, sick and religious version of us.

Anyway, consider this post a one-time exception to our policy. Earlier this week, Westboro’s Twitter account was hijacked by the hacker group Anonymous. The hacktivists did things like post the personal information of Westboro members and link to a petition to have the church named a hate group. This heroic act by Anonymous alerted us to a couple of strange facts.

1. The Westboro Baptist Church (for some reason) has over 3,000 Twitter followers.

2. The Westboro Baptist Church follows 6 people on Twitter and (for some reason) one of them is Mary Fallin.

Here’s a screen shot:

We’re going to the Mary Fallin Open Records Request Party and staying all night!

Back in November, we wrote about Governor Mary Fallin’s refusal to comply with Oklahoma law and not release certain emails and documentation that were sought by the Oklahoman in an open records request. Since then, several other media organizations have joined the party and filed their own requests. I contemplated doing so at the end of my post:

I think later today I’m going to research how to file one of these open records things and see what info I can get. Remember, we’re not real journalists here, so we have no clue how this stuff works. When our request is denied, maybe we can file a lawsuit. Do any attorneys know how that works? We’ve been sued before, but have never actually filed one. Also, can some rich Democrat with a vendetta finance it? That person would be an instant finalist for the 2012 Ogle Mole of the Year award. Just saying.

Although we were never contacted by a rich Democrat with a vendetta, something better actually happened. We were approached by the ACLU! You know, those godless liberal creatures that vigorously protect the rights and freedoms of all US citizens? One phone call, two meetings, and five certified letters later, they issued the following press release:

Mary Fallin may need to get some fashion advice from her daughter…

Say what you want about Christina Fallin and her divorces and all that good stuff, but she does seem to have a decent taste in style and fashion for an Oklahoman. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told by some Ogle Groupies. The only thing I really know about women’s fashion is that lingerie models have wings.

Anyway, maybe it’s time for Christina to set down with her Mom and have a little heart-to-heart fashion talk. Check out this photo a Mole alerted us to of Mary Fallin leaving a meeting with President Obama at the National Governors Association conference. Pay particularly close attention to her feet: