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Here are some of the State Fair pics that didn’t make the cut…

As I mentioned, we received about 150 entries for the Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest. Out of those 150, only 20 made the semi-finals and were published on the site. Since this year’s field was so deep, I figured I’d go ahead and post some of the other ones we enjoyed — like the one above — after the jump. Enjoy:

Here’s the winner of our 2011 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest…

After a week of voting, the winning pic from the 2011 State Fair Photo Contest has been crowned. It is Boomer Sooner on My Back. It received 51% of the vote in the finals.

Congratulations to our reader Evan for submitting this awesome photo. As a reward, he wins a dinner for four to Deep Fork Grill in Oklahoma City. The other finalists win a TLO shirt of their choice from Tree and Leaf.

I asked Evan if the classy OU fan knew her photo was being taken. He wrote:

Not until after. Her daughter came over and asked us to put it on Facebook. I thought that was a little weird. I thought she was going to yell at us!

In hindsight, I guess she probably should have yelled at you. She also should have probably grabbed your camera or phone and smashed it to the ground. But that would have required her to get off her seat and chase you. I doubt that would have happened.

Anyway, that is it for this year’s contest. Later today we will upload some of the pics to our Facebook page that barely missed the cut and didn’t make the semi-finals. We had a lot of good pics this year and they are worth checking out.

We’d also like to thank everyone who submitted a photo or voted. We received about 150 submissions and over 4,000 votes. We obviously couldn’t do this without the help and participation from our readers and Ogle Moles.

And one other thing. If you followed the voting for most of last week, you may have noticed “The Two Fister” was leading for most of the competition. That’s because some Douche Bag(s) with the IP Addresses, and cast about 500 votes for the photo. We don’t tolerate automated ballot stuffing for our contests and removed the duplicate votes. That’s because we are so dapper and handsome.


2011 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest: Finals

YouTube Preview Image

Last week, we posted the 20 semi-finalists for our 2011 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest (Group 1, Group 2). Now, just seven days and 6,000 votes later, only five photos remain.

View the photos and vote for your favorite after the jump! The photo that gets the most votes will be declared the champion, and the photographer/submitter will win a dinner for four to Deep Fork Grill!

One of our State Fair photos was part of a “fashion” magazine photo shoot…

The picture above was one of the 20 semi-finalists for our State Fair Photo contest. We called the photo “Emorella.” Here’s what we wrote:

I knew about weird shoes, but when did it become fashionable for emo kids to dress up like medieval characters from 1950′s Disney cartoons and visit the state fair? I thought they just pouted in their rooms all day, listened to Dashboard Confessional and fantasized about being in Beetlejuice sequels.

Come to find out, the two weirdos shown in the photograph are not weird emo kids. They are actually just a couple of models participating in a photo shoot for the online-only local fashion magazine TwentySomethingMagazine.com. You may remember that publication for their “controversial” photo shoot of Christina Fallin at the Governor’s Mansion. Now you can remember it for something else: trying too hard.

Just check out these weird art fashion photos:

2011 Oklahoma State Fair Photo Contest: Semi-Finals (2 of 2)

Yesterday, we posted the first 10 photos from our annual State Fair Photo Contest. Today we bring you the other half. View the pics, possibly laugh, and vote for your three favorites after the jump. The top two move along to finals that will be unveiled on Monday.

p.s. – Before you vote, remember that these are real photos email to us by our readers. The reader who submits the winning photo will be treated to a dinner for four to Deep Fork Grill on N. Western.