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What Did The Sooners Talk About In Their Players-Only Meeting?

When Michael Hunnicut’s field goal clanged off the upright on Saturday night and it became apparent Texas Tech was going to pull out a shock victory over Oklahoma, all of us Sooner fans coped differently. Some people drank, some drank more, others drank even more than that. Everyone pledged to avoid the Sports Animal all week.

The Sooner players handled it by calling a team meeting. Among the topics discussed were the “teams goals [sic], which still included winning a national title, and Travis Lewis apologizing for comments he made about injured teammates after the game.”

Okay, well, this team isn’t winning a national title, but it’s fine to hold out hope and keep playing like you have a chance, and it’s nice that Travis Lewis apologized for his boneheaded remarks, but that’s not really much of a meeting. Surely something else came up? After the jump, our best guesses at some of the other topics covered in the Sooners’ players-only meeting.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 8 Review)

Oklahoma State

Sorry for the slight error in calling “Oklahoma State” Oklahoma. I don’t have an editor. Get over it.

That being said … Poke fan, I am not going to do your team justice this week. I am an unabashed OU fan and alum so it should come as no shock that the Great Storm of 2011 gets all my focus this week.

You should be very proud of your team and your coaches. OSU once again won on the road, defeating the Missouri Tigers in Columbia by three touchdowns. OSU again made plays when said plays needed to be made. The defense will not break. The offense, without it’s best player for much of the game (see OU fan, you can win even if someone gets hurt), still ran up and down the field on Missouri. And now OSU is 3rd in the BCS. Amazing.

So that being said …

The 10 worst losses of the Bob Stoops era…

As you probably know, the University of Oklahoma football team was embarrassed by Texas Tech Saturday night (and Sunday morning) in Norman. The defeat may go down as the most unexpected loss Stoops has suffered since he took the reins of the program back in 1999. This is because:

A) OU was a 29 point favorite
B) The loss snapped a 39 game home winning streak, and
C) Texas Tech just scored again

Anyway, where does this loss compare with the other defeats from the Stoops era? We take a look after the jump.

Also, since Bob Stoops has transformed from the unpredictable (and lucky) riverboat gambler into the college football equivalent of Andy Reid or Marty Schottenheimer, I included a brief #StoopsFail of the Game with each recap.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 7 Review)

In honor of the Big XII’s newest member


One of these days, the Sooners are going to put together a complete game. At least that is what Sooner fan is hoping for. Oklahoma spent 30 minutes playing uninspired, John Blake-era football, leading 27-17 over a moribund Kansas Jayhawk team that gave up 56 points in one half to OSU the week before. Then the Sooners got their asses off the bus and ran away with a 30 point win in Lawrence, defeating the fighting Turner Gill’s 47-17. Oklahoma pulls this crap against a decent team (see Baylor, Kansas State, or Oklahoma State), they will be trailing by a couple of scores at half.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 6 Review)

*She goes to OU or UT or OCU or something like that. I swear*



Oklahoma demolished Texas last Saturday afternoon in Dallas 55-17, a score that: a) could have been much worse had OU thrown the ball more than 6 times in the 2nd half, and b) was still not indicative of how bad Texas looked and how good OU is. Bob Stoops has now handed Texas 3 of its 4 worst losses in this rivalry, and he’s done it in 11 years. It amazes me how far Texas has fallen, and how far away they seem to be from competing with Oklahoma. Both teams are young. I know OU has more experience, but the Sooners’ two deep is loaded with freshmen and sophomores, who frankly fared much better against Texas than the ‘horns young players did against Oklahoma.