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Expect the OU football team to finish 7-5 this season

By now, you’ve seen the picture of OU wide receiver Kenny Stills dressed in drag. I say that because you more than likely glanced at the picture below before you read this sentence:

Yeah, that’s kind of gross and disturbing and deeply symbolic of Stills perceived lack of maturity, but it’s not why I think OU is going to struggle next season. To see why I think that, check out the next picture from Sooner Gabe Ikard’s Twitter account:

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You

Linsanity has taken over the sports world, probably because an Asian dude, who likes Jesus, is playing in New York and setting the sports world on fire with his turnovers scoring, distributing and game winning shots. Though not everyone is happy about the attention Mr. Harvard is receiving. Probably because he is an Asian dude, who likes Jesus, and is playing in New York.

Jeremy Lin is Tim Tebow. Except he’s actually good at the sport he plays. Plus, Lin can’t drive, scoffs at customer service and is good at math.

Yeah, I can’t do this without racial stereotyping.

Which brings me to this – why is it OK to make fun of Asians? Don’t get me wong, I am as guilty as the next white guy with a semi-regular blog column. But what PC god mandated that we can’t make fun of black people, or women, or gays. But Asians? Sure! What the hell!! It was probably Obama.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You

Alabama cock slapped the Bayou Bengals 21-0 on Monday, in a game that inexplicably coerced dozens of OSU fans to flood Facebook and the internet chat rooms with “booooring” and “this is bad football” and “we would have hammered LSU/Alabama”.

Earth to idiot Aggie. It was bad offense by LSU because Alabama plays NFL defense. Don’t think for one blue second the Crimson Tide would have allowed the Pokes to run roughshod in the Superdome. And don’t think OSU’s defense would have shut down LSU. Be happy you beat OU for the first time in eight years. Be happy some genius from Stanford 2-ironed a 35-yard field goal. Don’t go all Sooner daywalker and start whining and bitching about what could have or would have been.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Bedlam Review)

I seem to recall a certain smart guy who writes a relatively unfunny, yet condescending weekly article on a regionally well-known politico/current event blog saying something about something being an important aspect of Bedlam. Something about turnovers or somesuch …

Oh ...

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Bedlam Preview)

Look, I know Oklahoma played this past weekend. But if a tree falls in a forest, and nobody hears it fall, did it actually fall? Something something no fans were at the game something it was boring as hell something something metaphor. It was a brutal game to watch at home. I pity you fools who paid upwards of $10 to watch that waste of 4 hours. Dropped passes, no running game, punt, punt, punt. I would suggest that perhaps the Oklahoma brass not schedule a shitty home game the Saturday of Thanksgiving break if they want to have more than a few hundred students roll out.