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From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 4 Review)


Oklahoma defeated Missouri Saturday night by a score of 38-28 in what was undoubtedly the most boring game ever to feature over 1000 combined total yards of offense. The lack of excitement was likely the result of how the points were scored – MU scores 14 points in the first eight minutes, then 14 points the last nine minutes. OU scores most of their points in between. Oklahoma couldn’t run the ball effectively, though being down double digits early didn’t help. They also couldn’t stop the run. Sound familiar? Like maybe 2010?

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 3 Review)

Disgusting Update – I apologize for the late entry. Instead of writing a factually questionable and marginally amusing article about OU and OSU football, I was instead busy throwing up my intestines Wednesday night.


The Sooners retrieved some shred of respect by beating the Florida State Seminoles 23-13 last week in Tallahassee in a game eerily similar to those played by Stoops’ teams when his brother was the defensive coordinator. Oklahoma laid down the proverbial wood, knocking Seminole starting quarterback E.J. Manual from the game in the 3rd quarter. This after damn near killing FSU wide receiver Kenny Shaw in the first half. Defense wins championships, they say. OU fan is officially giddy.

Just Let the Big 12 Die

With news that the Pac-12 conference is not going to expand to sixteen team, it appears that the Big “12″ has been granted another reprieve. While most may remember that the death knell was sounded fifteen months ago (Royce even did a retrospective for the league), many still seem to still think the conference is a feasible long-term entity. The Tramels (Jimmy at the Tulsa World, and Berry at The Oklahoman) have been welcoming the likelihood of another year of dysfunctional allegiance that is very likely to end with another Summer of speculation about how the members of the conference will align themselves in twelve months.

I understand that people fear change and that people still consider the Big “12″ as the successor of the Big 8 that most people grew up watching, but any desire to see this organization continue is akin to wanting your elderly, cancer ravaged grandparent to undergo aggressive treatment. It will only prolong the suffering.

There is no magic bullet that is going to save this middle-of-the-country superconference. When the Big “10″ poached Nebraska and Colorado left for the Pac-12, there was too much blood in the water for the competing conferences that bordered Big “12″ markets not to invade like pirate-shark hybrids.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 2 Review)

Oklahoma (Las Vegas Edition)

As you know, OU had an early bye week, giving the Sooners a few weeks to prepare for Florida State. We all know how well OU plays against top notch competition away from Norman when they have more than a week to prepare … uh … yeah, maybe not. On a personal note, the bye week allowed myself and 6 other mid-30′s success stories to venture to Las Vegas for a weekend filled full of more holes than an English muffin. So in place of an Oklahoma review, I bring you Las Vegas Review 2011.

From the Mountain Top – Sports Musings From Someone Better Than You (Week 1 Review)


Oklahoma defeated Tulsa by the score of 47-14 in last’s Saturday evening’s contest between two of the three in-state programs. I don’t think most prognosticators believes Tulsa would win this game, but I think many fans believed Tulsa could keep it close. They did not. Tulsa was outclassed on the field and the sideline for most of the game, and certainly the entire 1st half. Unless your name is Javon Harris, in which case you might want to learn something about “rolling coverage” before September 17th.