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Shaping The Minds Of America’s Youth: Aaron Goldfarb

You’ve all seen those self-help books sitting on the shelves at your local bookstore, written by some psychologist or pastor or MD or Jennifer Love-Hewitt BS-ing you about how to lose weight or find love or build your self-esteem. This is, uh, this is not going to be about any of them.

Aaron Goldfarb is the lovely fellow in that picture above, an Oklahoma City native who moved to New York City to… well, I’m not really sure why he moved to New York City, but he did and he wrote a book. Which is how we have arrived at this point. It’s called “How to Fail: The Self Hurt Guide,” and it’s exactly that. It’s also extremely funny and crass, which is why readers of this blog will probably like it.

A brief interview with the author after the jump.

Shaping the Minds of America’s Youth: Singletree Productions

What is the best movie ever filmed in the state of Oklahoma? Some people might say Rain Man. Others might say UHF or The Outsiders. Some weathermen might say Twister. It is a close call. But what about the best movie filmed in the state of Oklahoma about lawn care?

I don’t really know for sure, but I bet it’s S&M Lawn Care, the new comedy about rival lawn care providers from Norman’s Singletree Productions. It debuts Friday night at the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival in New York City, which doesn’t really make any sense given the fact that everyone in New York lives in apartments and has never mowed a lawn in their life, but whatever.

Singletree Productions’ first film The Stanton Family Grave Robbery was named one of the Gazette’s 10 best Oklahoma films of the decade, and their second, Simmons on Vinyl, won the Grand Jury Prize at this summer’s deadCENTER film festival. If this great review from Film Threat is to be believed, S&M Lawn Care will continue Singletree Productions’ string of critical success.

After the jump, an interview with Director/Writer/Producer Mark Potts, as well as the movie’s trailer.

Shaping The Minds Of America’s Youth: The OKC Roller Derby

Before I started writing this post, the only thing I knew about Roller Derby was what I learned in that movie Rollerball starring LL Cool J’s abs and the supermodel that was married to Uncle Jesse. Turns out, I did not even know that. Rollerball, it seems, has something to do with motorcycles and the former Soviet bloc; Roller Derby features very physical women skating around in an oval and making me feel like a wimp.

The Oklahoma City Roller Derby league was started in 2006 by eight women, and has since grown to a group of more than 50. This Saturday is the state tournament, and features teams from Tulsa, Stillwater, Broken Arrow, and Sand Springs. After the jump, an interview with roller derby evangelist and one of the many women in the world that can kick the crap out of me, Mean Mean Maxine.

Shaping The Minds Of America’s Youth: Rebecca Morsman

A couple months ago, Clark Matthews decided to start featuring people who were doing cool things in Oklahoma City. Being the entrepreneurial guy I am, I decided to steal his idea. “Shaping The Minds Of America’s Youth” is a bi-weekly series profiling Oklahomans who are doing creative/unique/fun things that make this a better place to live.

Rebecca Morsman is an Edmond woman who has written a book — the first in a series — about the very scary topic of zombies, but she’s using her powers for good, giving the fine people of Oklahoma a chance to design the cover. Are you an artist interested in doing this? Do you like zombies? Or books in general? Just bored at work? Join me after the jump for a brief interview.