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See Jen Kirkman perform comedy before she blocks Spencer on Twitter… again


Jen Kirkman was just finishing up a taping for the Comedy Central show @Midnight, when I had the chance to talk to her about her OKC show this Wednesday. It’s the first time I’ve spoken with Jenn since she blocked me on Twitter a few years ago after a little spat.

Wait… what?

Back in 2012, Jen boycotted Twitter because of all the sexism, misogyny and basically all of the assholes with access to the internet. After her hiatus, I decided to chime in and be a misogynistic asshole to her by tweeting:

Has @JenKirkman rid the internet of misogyny and assholes yet?

This lead to….

TLO Q&A: W. Kamau Bell


W. Kamau Bell has been pegged as a “political” comic, but that’s probably just because he doesn’t talk about airline food, the difference between cats and dogs, and other trivial topics. Because he pokes fun at the things that interest him, i.e. social issues, pop culture and politics, he has been labeled as a political comic. He’s fine with it, and has made a career with this label, but it should be noted that he is a comedian first. Discussing things that matter to him has landed him some impressive titles. Kamau was recently named an Ambassador of Racial Justice by the ACLU. And he sits on the advisory board of Race Forward, a racial justice think tank and home for media and activism, and Hollaback, a non-profit and movement to end street harassment.

He was also the host of Totally Biased: With W. Kamau Bell, an amazing show that aired on FX for two seasons. I’m super excited to see his show, and was happy to chat with him on his maiden voyage into OKC.


How are you enjoying OKC so far?

So far so good. I ate lunch at an Indian restaurant and am now watching Fox News in my hotel room.

2014 Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is upon us, and unless you’re diabetic, it’s one of the funnest holidays of the year!

I used to enjoy having an excuse to check out girls in slutty outfits and drink and eat candy, but now that I have a kid I assume my Halloweens will be filled with making sure people aren’t putting razor blades in food. I also have to stay vigilant against all the pedophiles that are apparently dressed like Iron Man.

So for the people out there who are still free to go out and party, Patrick and I want to give you some ideas on what Oklahoma-themed costumes to wear. Wear them to your party, the Halloween Parade, or whatever you’ll be doing while I’m at home checking candy…

Christina Fallin

Vampire Native Hipster Boo Boo

The only thing better than shitting on the sanctity of marriage by being married and divorced multiple times in a year, is shitting on the culture of Native Americans. It’s a pretty easy costume, just paint your face as white as a vampire and put on a sacred headdress.


Oklahoma Islamaphobe

Go to Walmart and buy the best OU or OSU apparel you can find. Then go around telling everyone that you are a Christian while at the same time condemning all Muslims. You know, just like Jesus!

Spencer’s recap of last night’s Gubernatorial Debate…


While most of you were watching Thursday Night Football or Scandal last night, I took in a gubernatorial debate that featured Mary Fallin bumbling through stock answers with a shiny diamond cross around her neck and Joe Dorman trying to recall facts and figures with a shiny bald head on his head.

As a loyal service to our TLO readers, I thought I’d spend a couple of minutes to provide a recap of the questions, answers and share other random thoughts. Check it out. Despite my preference for Dorman, and the fact that I served as the personal assistant for Governor Henry, I have been completely fair and balanced in my summary of their responses.

Here we go!

Question 1: How do we fix the teacher crisis and education system?

Joe Dorman: We shouldn’t give 3rd graders tests and we should give more money to education.

Mary Fallin: I have never met Janet Barresi, and I have given more money to education this year. Remember when the economy collapsed? Yeah, now that it’s all better I will give more money to schools. But I’m going to keep the A-F school grading systems. Again, I don’t know Janet Barressi. And also the economic recovery had nothing to do with Obama.

p.s. – The audio and video was kind of screwy… OSU A/V club needs to get their shit together or let the OU kids have a crack at it. Also, the moderator seemed more nervous than the candidates. I would crap my pants too if I was in the same room as these two political powerhouses.

13 local programs for Griffin’s new KSBI Channel 52…

oklahoma live ksbi

Last week, we reported that KSBI Channel 52 cancelled its local programming and fired most of its on-air and production staff. Included in the report, we published some emails that alluded to the station possibly being for sale.

Well, apparently David Griffin read our post, because he announced yesterday that Griffin Communications – the owner of News 9 – is buying the fledgling UHF channel. From an email Griffin sent to staff:

I am pleased to announce we have signed an agreement to buy KSBI from Family Broadcasting Group.

Creating a duopoly in Oklahoma City has long been part of our strategy.  This will be similar to the duopoly we have in Tulsa.  Our plan is to focus on improving KSBI programming while integrating operations into our current structure and facilities.

In addition, this purchase fits perfectly with our corporate strategy of focusing on media within the state of Oklahoma, and it will allow more flexibility for flipping of CBS and syndicated programming during breaking news and severe weather.

The sale is expected to close later this year once we receive final approval from the FCC and we will take over operations at that time.  Tony Welch will lead an integration team that includes representatives from all departments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Tony.


That’s cool. I sure am glad Mr. Griffin reads this website, otherwise this sale would never have happened and Vince Orza would still be drawing up new programming ideas with crayons on old unused Garfield’s tablecloths. That wouldn’t end well.

Anyway, since Mr. Griffin is looking for new shows, Spencer and I came up with a list of some locally produced programs we’d like to see on the channel they should call Freedom 52. If someone can forward this to Tony Welch, we’d appreciate it.

Here they are:


1. Win Kelly Ogle’s 2 Cents!

It’ll be like Win Ben Stein’s Money, except you have to guess Kelly’s opinion on such topics as: Vegans, ISIS, and FUPA’s. The winner is awarded $0.02, which after taxes is about $0.01. – Spencer

joleen chaney joe dorman bobbie miller emily sutton

2. The Lovers Lounge with Playboy Joe Dorman

Looking to impress that single lady at the bar? Want to know the perfect way to talk your girlfriend into a threesome? Are you a lonely fireman who’s feeling a strong disconnect from your fiance? Get answers to those questions and more with Freedom 52’s late night talk show – The Lovers Lounge with Playboy Joe Dorman. Each week, the Playboy politician and a special guest will answer your emails and phone calls by offer dating advice and sexy bedroom tips. It will be sponsored by Patricia’s. – Patrick