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So… how about them Dodgers?


Beat the drum and hold the phone, here comes your Los Angeles Oklahoma City Dodgers!

Sure, at first we all had a good laugh at Oklahoma City becoming a branding statistic, but it turns out they’re actually doing pretty darn good, with 59 wins and 33 losses, leading the Pacific Coast League American Northern region. And as if that weren’t enough, the Metro has caught Dodger Fever (also known as LaSorda’s Revenge) as well, with fans packing the stands at last Saturday’s game, according to milb.com:

Pictorial: Scott Brooks’ 10 Greatest Moments with the OKC Thunder…

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat

It’s been a little less than 24-hours since we discovered Scott Brooks was fired as the head coach of the Thunder and I’m still hearing Handel’s music in my ears.

It really is that glorious.

Once again, Brooks isn’t a bad NBA coach. He was a great with most players, was a solid company man and had high character. He was just no longer the right fit for the franchise. Some guy named Sam Presti confirmed this in a press conference:

“Change in organizations are necessary at times. As much as continuity is required for lasting success, change and transition are the engine for progress and evolution. And so we’re embracing that change and looking toward the next stage of our development of our organization in Oklahoma City.”

It must be nice to be Sam Presti. If the whole NBA general manager thing doesn’t work out, he can always turn to a career in politics or writing fortune cookies.

Even though I see why OKC is making this change, it’s still sad to see Scott Brooks go. For one, he is a really good guy. Three or four years ago, I saw him at the Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt on N. May. Somehow I ended up behind him in the toppings bar. After putting on a few blueberries, he was sprinkling some chopped nuts over his FroYo when he turned to me, giggled and said:

“What do you call nuts on your chin?”

Surprised and very flustered, I blurted out “What?”

“A dick in your mouth,” he then paused for a few seconds, let out a smile and said “Haha! Just kidding, buddy. Scale up! Your frozen yogurt is on me.”

It was a strange moment indeed, but the fact that Scott Brooks bought my frozen yogurt shows what a good guy he is. He was really nice. I can see how he relates to his players so well and why they admire and respect him.

Anyway, to pay tribute to Scott, I thought it would be nice to take a look back at some pics that represent Scott’s finest moments as a coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder:

scott brooks

1.  The day Sam Presti finally got him a new Etch-A-Sketch to draw up plays…

Before this advancement, he used watercolors and parchment to draw up those last-second desperation threes.


2. When he showed off his karate skills during a halftime show…

I think this happened during the first season on a Tuesday night game against the Timberwolves.


3. That time he killed the terrorists who took his daughter hostage…

He is a badass.

The bible college that expelled a student for being gay just hired Dave Bliss…

dave bliss

The last time Southwestern Christian University made the news was in July of last year, when CNN reported that the unaccredited Bethany Bible college expelled an honor roll student after learning she married her same-sex partner in a New Mexico wedding ceremony.

That student’s name was Christian Minard, and apparently being gay and falling in love violated the school’s lifestyle covenant – an archaic, holy agreement all students must sign when applying to the school. The covenant, which is found on page four of this application, has four key sections…

1. We affirm and honor scripture…

2. We strive to live in obedience to Christ in word and deed…

3. We will actively participate in the community…

4. We strive to live with integrity…

Yep, apparently being gay and falling in love violates one of those core principles. That’s a shame, because Christian seemed like a good, ideal student. She once played basketball and was on the school’s honor roll. If only she could have been more “normal” (a.k.a. straight) and made false allegations against a murdered teammate, everything would have been fine.

I say that because Southwestern Christian University announced yesterday that Dave Bliss, one of the most disgusting sports figures of all time, will be the school’s next head basketball coach. If you don’t know Dave’s history, read this NewsOK.com article about the news:

The Oklahoma City Not-The-89ers unveiled their new mascots…

dodgers mascots

A few weeks back, the Oklahoma City Not-The-89ers held a contest to determine the names of their new mascots. After a couple of rounds of nominations and voting, their identities have been released:

After receiving over 1,000 submissions for new mascot names, and close to 2,000 votes during the finals, the Oklahoma City Dodgers announced their new mascots will be named Brooklyn (female) and Brix (male).

“We had incredible response from all of our fans who wanted to share their input from start to finish,” said OKC Dodgers President/General Manager Michael Byrnes. “Once we narrowed down the field, it became pretty evident Brooklyn and Brix were the most popular choices. It’s a great combo that not only honors the Dodgers’ history, but also places an emphasis on the local community.”

Brooklyn and Brix? I guess nobody with the Bricktown Association mentioned to the team’s new owners that the worst restaurant in Bricktown’s history was a sports bar called “Brix.” Considering Bricktown was once home to the Daiquiri Zone, that’s saying something.

Also, I’ve known 10 girls named Brooklyn and I’m pretty sure they’ve all asked me to donate $1 to a deejay fund at one time or another. Seriously, they really gave the mascot a stripper name. That would be cool… if it wasn’t the name of a different city. I don’t care about Dodgers history, that’s insulting. They should have gone with a regular stripper name like Diamond, Sage or Pixie.

If you think the names stink like a Bricktown Ballpark bathroom on Thirsty Thursday, check out what the mascots look like…

7 reasons why OSU should keep Travis Ford…

travis ford

Last night, disturbing reports trickled out of Stillwater claiming that Oklahoma State University is considering a buyout of Travis Ford’s contract.

Via ESPN.com:

The Oklahoma State Cowboys are considering the possibility of firing coach Travis Ford after being ousted in the first round of the NCAA tournament for the third straight year, sources confirmed to ESPN.com’s Jeff Goodman.

The chance of Ford being fired is “50-50,” one source close to the situation said.

The news was first reported by The Oklahoman, which cited multiple unnamed sources.

I’m not sure what strange world Cowboys fans live in, but getting rid of Travis Ford would be a colossal mistake. The guy can flat out coach! I know this from watching Bedlam basketball games over the years. Since Ford took over in 2008, he’s defeated my beloved Sooners something like six times. Yes, six times! That’s about .85 wins per season. Considering most universities go years, if not decades, without a victory against Oklahoma, that’s something OSU fans can hang their cowboy hat on.

When I first heard this news, my instinct was to start a Go Fund Me and raise enough money to keep Coach Ford around. He’s the perfect coach for OSU! But that seems like too much work. Instead, let me at least give some reasons why OSU fans, boosters and athletic directors should stick with him. Please remember that I’m not an OSU fan, and all this comes from an unbiased, outsider perspective…

1. He’s made the NCAA Tournament five times…

This is Ford’s seventh season at Oklahoma State, and he’s made the tournament in five of those seasons. In a day and age when only 68 teams make the NCAA Tournament, that’s quite an accomplishment.

2. He has won an NCAA Tournament Game…

Who could forget the Cowboy’s majestic run through the NCAA Tournament in the 2008 – 2009 season. Making the field as an under-the-radar 8-seed, the Cowboys snuck by Tennessee in the first round only to have their one shining moment stopped by a tough Pittsburgh squad.

3. He’s the country’s greatest recruiter of little white guys who can shoot…