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Breaking News: The Pride of Oklahoma tuba players have gone on strike…

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Know how to clean a tuba??? With a tuba toothpaste! Funny, huh? I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitresses and bar staff.

The reason I started this post with a hysterical joke about tubas is because hysterical drama is still unfolding with the Pride of Oklahoma marching band. Just weeks after the Pride issued a list of demands to OU President David Boren, the band’s tuba section has now gone on strike. The Tubateers, as they are affectionately known on campus, are upset by some of the changes implemented by new band director Justin Stolarik, including his strange insistence that they dot the “I” in Oklahoma.

The OU Daily student newspaper has all the details:

The Pride of Oklahoma’s tuba section lacked all but three members at rehearsal Monday after members decided to take a stand against inadequate teaching and changes made to the band this year.

Freshman tuba player Michael Boyd said members of the tuba section decided Sunday not to show up to rehearsal Monday and emailed their director, Justin Stolarik, to voice their concerns with the band’s performance this year.

So your band’s performance has sucked this year, and you combat this by not going to rehearsal? That makes as much sense as hiring an unqualified band director from Wisconsin to lead your university’s marching band.

The article continues:

A couple more thoughts on “Chokie State” and the local media’s response to the SI story

thayer evans

So, does anyone know of anything interesting that happened last week?

The internet was set afire with a five-part series from Sports Illustrated written by George Dohrmann and Thayer Evans. I thought that today I’d write a little bit about the reactions to it. I want to be clear here that I have no interest in defending SI’s story. Even if every single allegation in the story is true, I don’t really care. The NCAA’s rules are dumb, and dinging OSU for breaking dumb rules strikes me as a waste of time, except to the extent that it gives me ammunition to needle my OSU fan friends.

Unfortunately for Sports Illustrated, their series was pretty sloppy, and most bafflingly they devoted half of what has been published so far to marijuana use and sex, both of which strike me more as telltale signs of everyday college life than of an out-of control football program.

Conceding that the SI report was really weak, though, I also didn’t think the local media totally covered themselves in glory.

Before the story even dropped — before we had any idea what would be in it — KFOR, for instance, was already circling the wagons. Here’s Channel 4’s long-time news anchor Linda Cavanaugh:

College Football Musings from the Train: Week Three


So I’ve been busy this past week and haven’t watched TV, surfed the World Wide Web, or turned on the radio. Or talked to any person in the state of Oklahoma. What’s the new word? Anything exciting going on in the area? So did that article about the OSU football atrocities have any legs? Oh … oh really …

10) OSU dismantled Lamar

I mean, what do you say about the Cowboys destroying a horribly over-matched FCS team in the home opener 59-3? That this was just another step on the road to a national championship? That this huge home opener will propel OSU to a second conference championship in three years? I guess Poke fan wants me to say who great the offense looked and how the defense held the mighty Cardinals to 3 points.

The Sports Illustrated report has dropped. OSU fans have some good excuses.

sports illustrated SI cover

Just like any other day, today is not a good day to be an OSU fan.

Earlier this morning, Sports Illustrated released the first of what OSU fans must think is an infinite part series on alleged corruption and scandal within the OSU athletic department. According to SI.com, the OSU football program was an out of control monster where athletes took cash, cheated on tests, smoked marijuana and had sex with girls. Basically, they acted and behaved like college students.

Unfortunately for OSU, NCAA athletes (fair or unfair. Hint: It’s unfair) play by a different set of rules. Because of that, the report has the potential to set the program back a decade and destroy all the progress it’s (rightfully or wrongfully) made under Les Miles and Mike Gundy. That may seem overly dire, but it’s very possible.

Obviously, the article has most Cowboy fans in a very bad mood. Because of that, I thought I’d post a photo to cheer them up:

Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week Two


Welcome to my weekly OU / OSU Football Power Poll, or as most of you call it, the one post that includes pics of college girls. This week OU beat West Virginia in a strange win that felt like a loss, and OSU won its first road game against UTSA. That’s the University of Texas at San Antonio. Embarrassing.

trevor knight

10) Trevor Knight …

Well, at least Trevor Knight the OU quarterback is now the first thing that comes up when you perform a Google image search of his name. 

How is this guy the best passer on the team? And he isn’t even scanning the entire field. He has to make a single read. The coaches have dumbed down the pass plays so much, he looks to one side of the field, then either throws a bad pass, or scrambles. I know he is young and needs time to develop, but against two average at best defenses, his completion percentage is under 50% with just over 200 total passing yards in both games … combined.

Of course, we all know how the “Knight” ended, with a good old fashioned …