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Top 20 callers in OKC sports radio history (10-1)

Earlier today we brought you 20 through 11 in our highly scientific ranking of the top sports radio callers in Oklahoma City history. Now it’s time to finish up the list. The top ten is after the jump.

effie sports animal obit

10. Effie

Who didn’t love Effie? She was an adorable old lady who would begin each call with “This is Effie,” and then proceed talk about local sports and Sherri Coale for 10 minutes. Not to be a downer or anything, but she sadly passed away a couple of years ago.


9. Paintbrush

Has been around forever. I really stopped listening to sports radio a few years back, but the last time I heard him his schtick was calling into show and re-creating the play-by-play of famous plays from OU history. Real fascinating radio. He would even scream out “JIMINY CHRISTMAS” like John Brooks.

Top 20 Callers in OKC Sports Radio History (20 – 11)

As we established a couple weeks ago with my preposterously exhaustive research on the history of sports radio in Oklahoma City, I grew up listening sports radio in this town. Morning, news, and night. When other kids were learning to play the piano or play soccer or develop social skills or do anything, really, that would benefit their lives at some point down the road, that is what I would do.

A sports radio junkie doesn’t just listen to the hosts; you also get to know the callers almost as well as the hosts. Today I thought we’d take a trip down memory lane and rank some of the best callers in sports radio history. I consulted with Patrick, who has lived a similarly sad existence, and we came up with this list of the top 20 OKC sports radio callers in history. Part one is below the jump, and part two will be posted later today.

10 things you need to know going into tonight’s Thunder season opener…

Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry.

Tonight, we will embark on the 6th season of Thunder basketball, and tomorrow will mark the 8th year since the Chris Paul led Hornets hosted the Sacramento Kings on opening night back in 2005. That should make you feel old.

With tonight being opening night, I thought I would give a quick refresher course on 10 things you need to know going into tonight’s season opener. It reviews some of the storylines of the off-season and what you can expect to see from this year’s team. It’s more for a casual fan than a hardcore basketball junkie – think of it as a Cliff’s Notes season preview – but is still worth reading for the YouTube clips alone.

1. Yes, Russell Westbrook is STILL INJURED!

Yes, Russell Westbrook will be missing the first 4-6 weeks of the season, as the doctors had to go back and repair the meniscus tear in his knee. But don’t worry, the injury shouldn’t slow him down. (Here’s an interview explaining the repair, if you’re interested.)

2. Kevin Martin is gone.

Put bluntly, the Thunder knew that getting Kevin Martin would be a one year rental the second that they traded for him. If they were to stay under the much feared “Luxury Tax” and keep Kendrick Perkins, they couldn’t spend more than a few million dollars. And that money was earmarked for their new draft picks. Thus, the Thunder said sayonara to Kevin Martin, and any free agent that asked more than the minimum.

3. Kevin Martin’s Replacement is some guy named Jeremy Lamb.

Here’s the bad news: Jeremy Lamb averaged 37% shooting during the Pre-Season, and 17% from three. Here’s the good news: The Pre-Season is entirely meaningless. Case in point: Perry Jones lit up the floor during last year’s Pre-Season, and Scott Brooks insinuated that he would get 10-12 minutes a game. He never saw the floor. Also, when the Hornets were in their 2006 Pre-Season, a Polish man named Macej Lampe has something like 20 points and 10 rebounds.* But he too never saw the floor and was out of the NBA by the end of the season. So we can really only judge whether Lamb will succeed when he hits the actual NBA floor, though I’m not holding my breath for anything spectacular.

*That fact was completely stolen from Clark Matthews.

The best gold-plated OU vs. Texas jokes on the Internet…

In case you missed it, OU and Texas both unveiled new gold-plated uniforms that will be worn in Saturday’s Red River Rivalry. No, that’s not the beginning to one of the best OU – Texas jokes on the Internet. It’s real.

Here’s a pic of the bedazzled uniforms:


Say what you want about OSU’s many uniforms. Some work, some don’t, but at least we don’t have gold leaf on the jerseys.

Anyway, the Red River Rivalry is a long and storied tradition that was started to give fans of both teams the chance to tell the same jokes, but with different teams at the butt of joke. When the jokes didn’t do very well, the students were forced to pull pranks, like branding the Texas Longhorn “Bo” with the score 13-0. The Texas students then rebranded it to read, “BevO.” Interesting huh? Oh, the Texas team also killed and ate that steer.

Some other interesting facts: Both head coaches make roughly $5 million a year. They each have one national championship. And they both have stupid looking pinkies (Stoops is caused by genetics, Brown’s from making the damn Hook’em Horns sign for the past 15 years).

After the jump I’ll provide you with the best jokes floating around the internet!

Top 10 Russell Westbrook Fashion Statements

So, there’s this guy. His name is Russell Westbrook. you might know him. He plays point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, and is considered to be one of the NBA’s best players, no holds barred. Above you’ll see a photo of him on draft night, in 2008. He looks like pretty much any other NBA Draftee. You’ll notice the sheepish grin, the ill-fitting suit, the professional as possible tie, and the soon-to-be-outdated Sonics hat. But one thing really stands out about that strapping young lad. That glint in his eye. Something tells you that this is as guy who wants it all. And it’s almost certain that it all won’t come on a basketball court.

Fast forward to 2013, and Russell Westbrook has become the NBA’s most prominent fashion icon since Dennis Rodman. He’s appeared in ESPN the Magazine, GQ, VMAN, Vogue, and the New York Times, on all occasions solely for his fashion interests. (He’s yet to appear in the legendary So6ix magazine, but that’s probably because he knows about the curse.) I couldn’t name a single other active player in any other major American sport that comes even close to the notoriety and bravado of Westbrook’s style. The irony of it all is that Westbrook plays for a team in Oklahoma City, where fashion is about as important as who the Democratic candidate for senate is going to be.

In the spirit of Westbrook’s fashion achievements, I’m here to bring you his greatest outfits. They will be graded in three categories: Creativity, Plausibility (in other words, how well the outfit works for everyday wear), and Memorability. The photo with the highest total score wins. Also, before we begin, I think it’s important to disclose that THIS is my idea of excellent fashion. Moving on, here’s to you, Russ!

10. The Hillbilly Homage

Creativity: 2
Plausibility: 8
Memorability: 9

Personally, I absolutely despise this outfit. Mainly because it’s something you’d only seen worn by rednecks who don’t take showers and drive 40-year-old pickup trucks. But, somehow, Westbrook messes with your perception here. He brands it with some ultra-chic semi-transparent horn-rimmed specs, and stands in front of a futuristic wallpaper. Basically, you’re looking at a strange dichotomy that somehow finds a way to blend together through color.

9. Vladimir

Creativity: 9
Plausibility: 3
Memorability: 8

How many jackets can one man wear? That’s the question Russell Westbrook attempted to answer with this outfit. It’s hard to tell what’s going on exactly, but the high collar and the black capeish looking thing on the second layer make me thing he’s a vampire. That, and the extremely intense glare he’s giving me. Capping off this photo is a Nike basketball turned upside down, because Westbrook is signed with Jordan bland.