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The OU marching band has released a list of demands!!!

If you haven’t been paying attention – and let’s be honest, hopefully you haven’t – there’s apparently been a lot a controversy surrounding the 2013 Pride of Oklahoma marching band.

Apparently, the longtime director of the Pride of Oklahoma recently retired, and OU President David Boren and some micro-managing regent went around a search committee and handpicked Justin Stolarik from Wisconsin to be the new director. This raised some eyebrows on campus because Stolarik allegedly did not meet the minimum requirements for the job and he failed to kiss President Boren’s ring when they first met. Also, I guess band members and alumni were both hoping OU would go with an internal candidate or something. At least I think that’s the story. I was in band in middle school and some of high school, and writing all this just brings up some really bad memories.

Instead of trying to blend in and go with the flow, Stolarik acted like a new dog in the backyard and ran around pissing on everything like he owned the place. He toyed with new formations and tried to infuse traditions from Wisconsin into the Pride’s pregame marching routine. This really pissed off OU football fans, alumni and band members, so they took to social media to complain. They posted pics of the Pride’s new routine on Facebook, and pointed out how closely it mimicked pregame rituals and tradition from Wisconsin.

Of course, this angered Joe OU football fan because OU is a storied college football institution drenched in traditions that are not allowed to be changed, and Wisconsin, well, they had Ron Dayne. Due to the complaints and to save face, High Commander Boren nixed some elements of the new Badger-inspired pregame routine, while allowing a few new things, like a different marching formation (see video above).

Despite all of this, the members of the Pride were still not satisfied. They continued to make noise like an 8th grader playing the oboe. This lead to the following amazing headline to be posted on KFOR:

Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Week One


First weekend of the college football season. Which of course meant getting hammered at 9 am in Norman while smoking some brisket, ribs, and chicken awaiting certain disappointment in a few months

Oh, that was last year. And the several years before life kicked me in the crotchel region. I was in Kansas City. With my in-laws. And my 2 kids under the age of 3. Playing golf on Saturday. And having a family gathering that evening.

mike stoops long john

10 things NOT to do at a post-grad college football tailgate…


Football season is a mere days away, and along with my overwhelming sense of excitement also comes a tinge of anxiety. Here I am, a few years out of college, and I just realized that I have no idea how functional adults (who don’t live within a thirty-mile radius of Norman or Stillwater) properly tailgate.

To prepare myself and any of you fine Ogle Moles who are also in this awkward, transitional phase, here are some guidelines for the fantastic twelve-hour daytime ragers known as home football games. Although I’m sure I’ll be participating in at least half of these over the course of OU’s (inevitably disappointing) season, at least this tells the world that my head’s in a healthy and mature place–well, at least while sitting in my cubicle in Tulsa. Check them out after the jump. 

Gravy Train’s OU / OSU Football Power Poll: Preseason Edition


(Editor’s Note: Due to popular demand, Gravy Train is returning this year for his smug little college football power poll. Read at your own risk.)

Like the herpes you scored one Thursday night in 2011, I return. A few liver enzymes less. A few pounds more. Another child added.

Unlike these hipsters who spend the majority of their time drinking PBR at Henry Hudson’s (Editor’s Note: Hipster’s at Hudsons? Really???) and composing witty commentary on this locally famous, moderately relevant blog, I have been busy at my palatial midtown estate raising two children within 30 months of each other and running a successful law firm. So apologies for the absence, but eff you and my social life/sleeping patterns.

Alas, Patrick allows me to return for yet another football season sure to be filled with idiotic musings and soul crushing disappointments. Or, as my wife calls it, date night.


10) OU Quarterback Situation Controversy

“I totally saw this coming. I knew Trevor Knight was going to be the guy replacing Landry Jones all along!” Said no one ever.

I watched Blake Bell play markedly better than Trevor Knight last spring. I saw in Knight a lack of confidence. I saw a quarterback with less physical skills both through the air and on the ground than BOTH Blake Bell and Kendal Thompson. He didn’t look like a Division I quarterback.

Now, here we are a couple of months later and the prohibitive favorite to win the quarterback position is relegated … again … to short yardage and goal line duties, assuming Knight can’t get that done on his own. The insiders will tell you Knight grasped the offense quicker than Bell, which is as much a knock on Bell as praise on Knight. TK looked better through the air. He runs the zone read with greater explosion. And perhaps the public would have an opinion if Coach didn’t pattern the program’s security after the Bourne trilogy (yes, there are only three of them).

This competition might be over for the coaching staff, but after a drive or two against Louisiana Monroe, classic OU daywalker will re-institute his favorite pastime – bitching about something and calling for a backup.

107.7 The Franchise launches Monday. Here’s the station’s lineup.


Back in July, we first told you the Oklahoma City sports radio landscape was about to change. Well, that change becomes a reality next week.

We have confirmed with Tyler Media that 107.7 The Franchise will take the air this Monday afternoon at about 2:00pm. On the following Tuesday, the station will launch its full weekday lineup of shows and hosts.

That lineup was released last week in a John Rohde blog post on the station’s new website. Somehow we missed it. The post is classic John Rohde. It’s long, boring, egotistical and uses a dated analogy to try to make a weak point. The only thing it was missing was a Vijay Singh slam:

In 1994, Billy Tubbs left Oklahoma to become the new men’s basketball coach at TCU. To many people, myself included, Tubbs’ decision to leave the Sooners to coach a bunch of Horned Frogs seemed inexplicable. For Tubbs, however, his reasoning was quite simple.

Tubbs believed coaches shouldn’t stay at the same place for more than five or six years. “I always knew your honeymoon would be about a six-year stint,” Tubbs recalled. “Because once you reached a certain level of success, if you didn’t obtain that level every year, people started to think you weren’t doing your job.”

So after 14 years in Norman that included 13 straight post-season appearances, 12 straight 20-win seasons, four Big Eight titles, a national runner-up finish in 1988 and an overall record 333-132 (.716), Tubbs bolted for Fort Worth.

Tubbs lasted eight seasons at TCU (1994-2002) and then returned to Lamar, where he previously served as head coach (1976-1980) before heading to OU. Tubbs coached Lamar for three seasons (2003-06) and finished his 31-year coaching career with 641 victories.

Tubbs has since come full-circle. He never fell out of love with Oklahoma, which is why he and wife, Pat, returned to reside in Norman.

For Tubbs, there were no regrets. “I had almost reached a burn-out point at OU,” said Tubbs, now 78. “If I had stayed, the next good year that I had I probably would have quit. You’re so hung up in what you’re doing, and you’re so burned out while you’re doing it, you fail to realize until it’s over how much of a burden your job has become.”

Tubbs’ departure nearly 20 years ago was perplexing to me, but it became much clearer last month.

After working 30 years – 3½ years with the Colorado Springs Sun (1982-86) and 26½ years with The Oklahoman (1987-2013) – I decided to leave OPUBCO.

With the newspaper industry doing its damnedest to survive the Perfect Storm, Tyler Media president and general manager Ty Tyler threw me a life raft. Had I not climbed on board, I’m convinced I soon would have become another drowning victim in a sea of journalistic uncertainty.

Yeah, that’s a totally natural and fair analogy. Billy Tubbs was a successful basketball coach that made the Final Four, turned OU into a title contender, and helped change the college basketball game. John Rohde was a bored newspaper columnist who toiled for 27 years at a mid-level newspaper. The comparisons are endless.

Also, I like how Rohde thinks that sports radio is an escape from “the perfect storm” hitting newspaper journalism. Uhm, I hate to tell him this, but radio isn’t too far behind. Everything’s changing. Maybe instead of waiting for people to throw him life rafts, he should learn how to swim and navigate the waters (a.k.a. adapt, change, work harder, don’t mail in sports columns, etc.)

Here’s the station’s new line-up: