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Some drunk lake girl wanted to ride the Belldozer (video)

OU quarterback and TD machine Blake Bell, the current favorite to replace Landry Jones as the most loved and reviled man in Oklahoma, went to Grand Lake with some teammates for a little R&R this past weekend. We know this because the Belldozer tweeted about it on Friday.

In addition to that, an Ogle Mole sent us the following pic from the Grand Lake dive bar Big Shots:

blake bell oklahoma bar

That’s not the only thing the Mole sent us. Check out this video of some drunk chick trying to catch a ride on the Belldozer

Bob Stoops was robbed in a very great way…

bob stoops

Bob Stoops’ defenses just haven’t been the same in recent years.

In case you missed it, Stoops’ new mansion – the Casterly Rock of Norman – was burglarized early Wednesday morning. The robber got away with a car, a few other items and respect from the local crime community for years and years to come.

NewsOK.com has all the exciting details:

Some kids in Moore aren’t getting their letter jackets


There are a lot of important milestones that I remember from high school. It’s a great time of your life where you’re meeting all sorts of goals and benchmarks, and skipping algebra class to smoke pot behind the dumpster at the Second Street Denny’s. You’re finally discovering who you were born to be, while also crying in a bathroom stall while people talk about you behind your back in the cafeteria.

Things like your driver’s test, going to prom, underage drinking, standardized tests, big football games, fingerbanging—all important parts of being a teenager in America. And for some, there’s also the letter jacket experience. That’s right, readers. I’m talking about being a jock. It’s that special condition that makes you better than everyone else because you are a player on the sportsball team….or band. But some kids in Moore won’t get to show off their sportiness.

According to KFOR.com:

At least this Memphis Grizzlies blogger didn’t call a Thunder Girl “chunky”

Jonathan Louis May

The piece of bear love pictured above is Jonathan May. He’s an attorney for the Memphis law firm Thomason Hendrix. When he’s not fantasizing about lumberjacks or singing with the Fleet Foxes, he moonlights as a Memphis Grizzlies fan blogger for a website called “Grizz Blog.”

This past weekend, Brawny took the seven hour drive from Memphis to OKC to catch Game One of the Thunder – Grizzlies series. Naturally, he decided to blog about his experience. Here’s the title and first paragraph:

Behind Enemy Lines: A First Hand Account of “Loud City”

In retrospect, one could argue it was a mistake. We decided to drive to Oklahoma City at 5:00pm on Saturday. We knew it was a long way, but you cannot really appreciate the distance until you have been on the road for hours and realize you are still in Arkansas. Then there was that horrible moment. No, not the one when Kevin Durant hit the shot we knew he would hit. I’m talking about the one moment you cross the state line into Oklahoma and you’re renewed with excitement and anticipation, only to realize that you’re still 200 miles from Oklahoma City. Ultimately, we got into OKC at 1:30am Sunday. Just in time to grab five hours of sleep and head to the Chesapeake Energy Arena for an unreasonably early noon tip-off. I couldn’t be less impressed with what we found when we arrived…

Yep, some blogger decided to judge all Thunder fans and the entire organization based upon a Sunday morning playoff game. That’s about as fair as criticizing the looks of a one night stand on the morning after, or forming an opinion on Memphis based on what you’ve seen on the First 48.

That being said, May’s post wasn’t that bad. Yes, he broke one of my blogging rules. And yes, it was full of dumb and misleading arguments (Note to self: If I’m ever stuck in Memphis and need an attorney, do not hire Jonathan May), but I’ve read worse. It’s not like he called a Thunder Girl “chunky” or asked if a pig brings out the ball for the opening tip. In fact, there were a couple of snippets from his blog I kind of agreed with. Here they are:

Apparently, the Barons have a former NHL 50 goal scorer and Internet meme on their roster…

Grand Rapids vs. Oklahoma City Barons 2-8-13

If you’re like me, the only thing you really know about the Oklahoma City Barons is that their fans sometimes take up valuable parking spots during Thunder games. That’s a shame, because in addition to having attainable ice girls who probably hang out at Henry Hudsons, the Barons actually play a decent brand of hockey. I went to a few games last year and the players are fast, know how to skate, can handle a puck, and aren’t a bunch of amateur goons that sell cars on the weekends. Basically, they are the total opposite of those semi-pro Oklahoma City Blazers squads of the 1990s and aughts. I think that’s the biggest compliment you can give to a hockey team.

One example of the talent differential is the Barons Jonathan Cheechoo. Even though the dude is past his prime, he scored 50 goals during the 2005-2006 NHL regular season. You’d never see a player with those credentials in the old CHL. Scoring 50 goals in the NHL would be like a non-steroid era baseball player belting 40+ home runs in a season. It’s not the rarest feat in the world, but still pretty significant. If you’re not a sports fan and the baseball analogy made no sense, scoring 50 goals in a regular season would be like an OU frat boy legally hooking up with 10 hot girls in a calendar year. If you’re not a chauvinist pig and that analogy made no sense, I have to ask what you’re even doing on this website. Sports and inappropriate analogies are the only things we have going for us. Just ask our broads Marisa and Chelsea.

In addition to being a once prolific goal scorer, Cheechoo is also the focus of a hockey interent meme. Back when Cheechoo still played for the San Jose Sharks and his highlights would make SportsCenter, some strange hockey fan created “The Jonathan Cheechoo Song.” The fan’s wish was that the tune “be played evertime Jonathan Cheechoo scores.” In 2009, Cheechoo was traded to Ottawa, so the fan made a new version of the song. When Cheechoo’s career hit a low and he was sent around the minors, the fan recorded yet another version. And finally, after Jonathan Cheechoo was signed by the Barons earlier this season, this happened: