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People who think Marcus Smart should stay in school are dumb…

marcus smart

After doing nothing but watch basketball over the last weekend, I pretty much hate the sport right now. I want to think about basically anything else. But my mind doesn’t work that way.

The low point of my weekend was on the first day. After spending three years waiting for my alma mater to return to the NCAA tournament, I’m going to have to wait a minimum of another twelve months to see them play in the tournament. From the tipoff, the Oklahoma State Cowboys were putrid. It started with the team’s leading scorer turning the ball over, leading to an easy basket, then the same player failing to successfully inbound the ball despite zero defensive pressure. Things did not improve much from there.

Getting bounced in the opening round in the first ever match up of ranked teams in the tournament’s first day was not necessarily unexpected. However, it did hurt that this was the final image I would have of Marcus Smart’s time with OSU.

This is the part where deluded Oklahoma State fans remind me that the college Freshman of the Year and Naismith Award finalist has not declared for the NBA draft yet. He could still come back for another season in Stillwater and make a run at a championship with his dwarf best friend and midget coach at his side. I have been getting this a lot in the past week.

“If he leaves, I’m going to call him Marcus Dumb,” my mother-in-law and fellow alumnus informed me because people of that generation think saying such things are witty. Meanwhile, a NewsOK poll of whether Smart–projected as a lock for being one of the first five players selected in the draft and a very possibly the first guy taken–will leave school early barely registered in favor of starting his lucrative career (52%-48%). The comments were predictably questioned his moral character for considering his own best interest instead of that of the Oklahoma State University men’s basketball program.

No one has appreciated the resurrection job Marcus Smart did for OSU basketball more than me. I attended the school when Eddie Sutton reigned supreme and mourned the ever worsening product that current head coach Travis Ford kept putting on the floor. It got so bad in their sub-.500 season from last year, that I stopped even watching the games on television. Smart instantly changed the culture. Only 18 year old, the kid brought an old man game to Gallagher-Iba Arena. He was steady where the rest of the players tended toward erratic and made the big plays when they were needed. His back flip to celebrate the upset victory in Lawrence belongs in the pantheon of big sports moments for the school.

Yet, if Marcus Smart wears the orange and black of Oklahoma State next year, I will be disappointed.

These are the reasons people think he should come back, and why they are dumb:

After seeing this photo, we may have to call him Bulge Ibaka…


If Serge Ibaka seems kind of cocky, you really can’t blame him. He’s an elite athlete, multi-millionaire and is dating a hot, chart-topping singer. Plus, there’s, uhm, this:

Gay men rejoice! Some gossip blogger is claiming Russell Westbrook is bisexual…

russell westbrook nina earl

The girl pictured with Russell Westbrook is his long time girlfriend Nina Earl. She’s a former basketball player at UCLA, (I think) a medical student, and from all accounts, a very nice girl.

I’m posting that photo because gossip blogger Jacky Jasper from the website “Diary of a Hollywood Street King” recently outed Russell Westbrook as bi-sexual. The source of Jacky’s information was the always reliable “anonymous” source:

Amanda Marcum Enfield, a former supermodel from Mustang, is married to the head coach of Florida Gulf Coast

Amanda Marcum

In May of 2008, we ran a silly feature called “Hot Girl A Day In the Month a May.” It was a play off The Sports Animal’s old “Driver a Day in the Month of May” gimmick and gave us an excuse to post pictures of hot chicks from Oklahoma. The 4th girl we featured was Mustang-native and former swimsuit model Amanda Marcum. Here’s what we wrote:

Honestly, we don’t know too much about Amanda. We know she is from Mustang and modeled for Stuff. Also, I swear that I hooked up with her one night at the Silver Stallion. But as I said, we don’t know too much about her.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we now probably know way too much about Amanda. Earlier this week, Yahoo revealed to the masses that she is the wife of this guy:

andy enfield

That dude is Andy Enfield. He’s an NCAA basketball record holder, accomplished businessman and an inspiration to gap-toothed men everywhere. He’s also the head men’s basketball coach at Florida Gulf Coast University. They play Georgetown on Friday in the NCAA Tournament.

From Yahoo:

Andy Enfield is a young basketball coach with sterling credentials, having worked under Mike Dunleavy, Rick Pitino and Leonard Hamilton. He’s guided the once-unknown Florida Gulf Coast University to a berth in the NCAA tournament, a first-round draw against Georgetown…

Meet Amanda Marcum Enfield, wife of Enfield and legit supermodel. You can bet she’ll be all over Friday’s telecast when GCSU plays, Katherine Webb-style. In addition to that Maxim cover there at right, she’s been on the covers of Elle and Vogue, and in ads for Victoria’s Secret and more. She and Enfield met when he gave her a ride from New York City to Boston to watch the Oklahoma State Cowboys in — synchronicity alert — the 2003 NCAA Tournament. The ride was apparently pleasant enough that the two were engaged six months later.

Since the Yahoo story broke, Amanda’s hotness has been picked up by just about every major sports blog and BuzzFeed’esque dump site out there. I guess you can add us to the list. I did some research to see what else we could find out about Amanda. First of all, here are some current pics we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network:

The Top 5 Thunder Destroyers

Image courtesy of William Bennett Berry.

Hello again Thunder fans! I’m sure that you slept horribly last night. There’s no way that you could sleep well after the Nuggets totally creamed the Thunder at home. With the loss, it’s still uncertain as to whether the Thunder can seal the Northwest Division, much less the #2 seed. OKC is still in control of it’s destiny, but Denver holds the advantage and hasn’t lost this month.

But let’s take a look outside of our immediate bubble for a second. The Thunder are a team with very powerful strengths, but also very powerful flaws. Part of being a flawed team is accepting that some players are just going to destroy you on every single night. I’m not talking about the LeBrons of the world, who will destroy everybody regardless. I’m talking the other guys. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 of the Thunder’s biggest headaches. I’m gonna need a pizza after this.

#5: LaMarcus Aldridge
Times Seen This Season: 2
Normal Averages: 21.1 Points, 47.9% Shooting, 8.8 Rebounds, 2.6 Assists
Averages Vs. Thunder: 27.5 Points, 47.9% Shooting, 13.0 Rebounds, 1.5 Assists

I know, LaMarcus Aldridge is an All-Star, so he should probably be exempt from this list. But his performances against the Thunder are hard to deny. The numbers above are pretty consistent over the past couple of seasons, and the reasons why should be obvious. The Thunder have lots of trouble guarding bigs who can shoot well. This was pretty apparent against the younger Dirk Nowitzki, who pretty much single-handedly destroyed Oklahoma City in the 2011 West Finals with lots of turnaround jumpers. Not only that, but Aldridge has an excellent back-to-the-basket game. This would be fine and dandy if he was going against Kendrick Perkins, who’s really solid at holding his ground. But against the more wirey Serge Ibaka, he’s able to back into him and create more space, thus creating more scoring opportunities. If Aldridge was playing power forward on a more competitive team, he’d be public enemy #1 in this town.