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What do Fisher and Brewer mean to the Thunder?

Hello again Thunder fans! It’s been quite the eventful week, as the Thunder decided to shake things up near the trade deadline. As expected, Eric Maynor was traded away. Apparently he still wanted to be a part of the team, but because he refused to go down to the D-League, the Thunder were miffed and wanted somebody else. He was eventually dealt to the Trail Blazers for a trade exception, a long-forgotten European prospect, and some cap room. With that cap room, the Thunder did two things.  First of all, they traded their second rounder next year for Ronnie Brewer, a defensive wing from New York. Second of all, they re-signed the living fossil known has Derek Fisher, for reasons that no one can possibly understand.

The Hottest and Juiciest Thunder Trade Rumors

(The above video is 100% rigged!)

Hello again Thunder fans! For those of you who don’t know, the NBA trade deadline is coming up this Thursday. As such, the trade rumors are flying around like crazy. If you looked at a NBA rumors site right now, you’d be convinced that the Thunder were about to trade Durant and Westbrook for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Michael Jordan, the rights to Nenad Krstic, and a 2056 first round draft pick. Luckily, that’s what I’m here for. Here’s the lowdown on some of the rumors that have been floating around lately.

The Thunder Trade Eric Maynor to Utah

If any player is to move, by far the most likely candidate is Eric Maynor. He’s been effectively cut out of the Thunder’s rotation. Moreover, he refused to go down to the D-League earlier this year, which is a huge no-no as far as the Thunder are concerned. He was almost traded to Philadelphia, but they decided to go for a D-Leaguer to solve their backup point guard woes. With his salary coming off the books at the end of the season, the Thunder are going to do everything in their power to get some value out of his contract.

Right now, the guys who have the most interest in Maynor are Utah and Detroit. With an injured Mo Williams, Utah has living NBA fossils Jamaal Tinsley and Earl Watson playing the point guard spots, and it’s hurt them at critical times. Maynor would be a solid answer for them, but reports are coming in that the Thunder are asking for too much. If any trade is going to happen, it would have to be a larger-scale deal for Al Jefferson or Paul Milsap, who the Jazz may be forced to trade because of salary reasons. Deals involving those players would have to include Jeremy Lamb, and they would likely include another big man with a big contract, like Nick Collison or Kendrick Perkins.

Verdict: Iffy at best. I seriously doubt the Jazz would let go of their great big man core for a bad replacement, a late lottery pick, and a temporary backup point guard. But hay, I’ve seen crazier things happen.

Kendrick Perkins and his wife were involved in an altercation at an Oklahoma City nail salon…

Earlier this evening, KOCO Channel 5 aired a video of Vanity Perkins involved in a skirmish at an Oklahoma City nail salon. We first heard rumors of the altercation in early January. The emails came within a few days of each other. Both contain some hearsay and probably a few factual errors, but they give you an idea of what may have happened:

Ogle Mole One:

Heard a story that Vanity Perkins threw a fit at a nail salon near Home Depot at Quail Springs Mall. She wouldn’t pay for botched job, they locked her inside so she would pay, she calls Kendrick, he shows up and knocks over carts and throws nail polish, now Perkins are pressing charges for false imprisonment or something. Nail owner has it all on tape and is pressing charges for damage.

Ogle Mole Two:

You guys may have already run a story about it but have you heard about Kendrick Perkins and his wife’s confrontation with a local nail salon a few weeks ago?…

Kendrick’s wife went to get her nails done and the tech that was doing her nails messed one up and his wife wasn’t happy. So they fixed it to her liking & everything was good. Until his wife refused to pay for the services because they messed up her nail. Owner told her they fixed it and that she was going to pay. Situation escalates to yelling. So she calls Kendrick to the salon and he shows up and continues to yell saying they aren’t paying for the service. Not sure if this is true but heard the Perkins are suing. Not sure of the nail salon name either. I just heard that the salon is around the quail springs mall area.

Me: Someone else just emailed me about this. Word must be going around. I may have to swing by the nail salon.

Yeah it is getting around. I just heard from my wife that the lawsuit by Vanity Perkins is real. The mother of her friend I mentioned earlier was in the salon the day the police and FBI agents showed up to the salon to do some investigating for the lawsuit. Apparently she is suing for assault. Vanity is saying that the woman Asian owner held her down on the ground during their argument. Best part about the lawsuit, the Perkins didn’t know that the nail salon has security cameras and picked up the whole confrontation showing their was no assault and that Vanity instigated the whole thing and was in the wrong. I hope you figure out which nail salon it was since I still cannot figure that one out. Hope this helps.
P.S. During the argument, Vanity screamed out “Don’t you know who I am?” like it was going to get her out of paying the nail tech. This whole thing is over a $25 nail service. Makes it even worse.

For what it’s worth, Kendrick Perkins still has about $20-million left on his contract with the Thunder. If your husband makes that kind of cash, you should probably go ahead and pay for your crummy manicure.

Anyway, thanks to catching the flu, forgetfulness and a general irrational fear of walking into an Asian nail salon, I never followed up on the Mole emails. It was on my list of things to do, but I just never got around to it. However, at least I asked Kendrick about the incident during a January 15th chat via Twitter:

I’m not sure why he didn’t answer my question.

Although we never followed up on the report, it has finally made its way to the “legitimate” media. KOCO Channel 5 has landed video footage of the incident, an interview with the shop owner, and in the process, rationalized my fear of Asian nail salons. Here’s the clip and news story from Channel 5:

Matt Kemp has a tattoo of his grandparents on his chest…

Yesterday, lost in all the Manti Te’o fake dead girlfriend hubbub, was this other report from DeadSpin. Former Midwest City High School standout turned L.A. Dodger All-Star turned Rihanna boyfriend Matt Kemp got a tattoo of his deceased grandparents sunk into his chest. And when I write “a tattoo of his deceased grandparents sunk into his chest,” I mean it.

Check it out:

We have a pic of Johnny Football drinking at a club in Dallas, too!

On Saturday afternoon, an Ogle Mole sent me a pic of 20-year-old Heisman-winning bad ass Johnny Manziel drinking champagne at a nightclub in Dallas a few hours after winning the Cotton Bowl. At the time, I remember thinking “That’s cool and everything, but what’s the local angle? The last thing I want to do is write about that stupid game.”

Fortunately, Johnny Football spared me 20-minutes of pain, torment and heavy drinking and provided a better Oklahoma tie-in for our photo. Early Saturday night, he and a couple of buddies that he must have found on Craigslist visited the WinStar Casino (pic above). There’s no word if he urinated on the Roman Colosseum (which according to Clark Matthews is some sort of tradition), but it looks like he had a good time and won some cash.

Via Busted Coverage:

Johnny Manziel went out and gave a historic effort last night in the Cotton Bowl. Tonight he’s giving 110% at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma.

That’s the Heisman winner, 20-years-old, and a fan of cash that we assume he won in the casino. You can relax, it’s an 18+ establishment. According to the Winstar FAQ page:

Due to State and Federal Gaming Regulations, you must be at least 18 years old to enjoy any of the casino games. If you do not meet the minimum required age, you are still able to enjoy any of our amazing restaurants and our Global Event Center, if accompanied by an adult.

Ironically, Manziel deleted a tweet to this photo. If you’re anywhere near the Winstar, we advise you to get there quick and look for the guy wearing a Heat hat.

So there you go. Johnny Football gambled at an Oklahoma Tribal Casino on Saturday, but it looks like he had even more fun the night before. Check out an exclusive photo of him holding a glass — yes, a glass — of champagne at a nightclub…

Yeah, so it turns out our photo is not very exclusive. Since Saturday afternoon, TMZ, DeadSpin, and other websites have posted pictures of Johnny Manziel partying on both Friday and Saturday night. Most of the pictures show him surrounded by hot chicks with a bottle of champagne in his hands and a sparkler in his mouth, but only we have a pic of him holding an actual glass of champagne. That’s correct. He’s holding a glass of champagne! Scandalous!