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And the name of OKC’s new semi-pro soccer team is…

Last week, five possible team names and logos for Oklahoma City’s new third-level semi-pro USL soccer team were leaked to the media. The choices were:

• 46ers
• Energy
• Flyers
• Spirit
• Wind

Well, the decision has been made. The name of Oklahoma City’s newest fledgling minor league franchise is going to be called…

The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame has a new bad logo…

oklahoma sports hall of fame

The dated piece of 1980s graphic design nostalgia pictured above is the old logo for the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Yesterday, the Hall unveiled a new logo as part of a merger with the Jim Thorpe Association.

KFOR‘s third-grade intern has all the details:

The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame announced a new, unified organization, with a new logo to go with it, on Tuesday in Oklahoma City.

The Hall of Fame presents both the Jim Thorpe Award, which goes to college football’s top defensive back, and the Warren Spahn Award, which is presented to baseball’s best left-handed pitcher.

It also runs the actual Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame on Lincoln Boulevard, and Bright Path Youth Programs, which benefit thousands of children in Oklahoma.

Tuesday’s news conference announced the Hall of Fame will be in charge of presenting and running all of these programs, previously run by the Jim Thorpe Association, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

The Hall also unveiled a new logo, showing the silhouette of an athlete raising his arms in victory, with the backdrop of a torch and an arrowhead, representing Oklahoma’s native heritage.

First of all, I think the KFOR intern got a bit confused. The Jim Thorpe Association created the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in the 1980s. Now the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is absorbing the Jim Thorpe Association and the postseason awards it presented. Basically, it’s like the Jim Thorpe Association is man, and the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is a bunch of terminators. Simple enough, right?

Anyway, let’s check out this new logo:

Why was Toronto Mayor Rob Ford wearing an OU Football T-shirt?

Rob Ford, the crack smoking mayor of Toronto, wore an “OU beat Texas” shirt to the gym recently. The photo was uploaded to Instagram, and then NewsOK.com patched together a bad article about it.

From NewsOK.com:

Oklahoma football: Under-fire Toronto mayor Rob Ford loves the Sooners

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has become well known for his affinity for recreational drugs. He also loves OU football, apparently.

At least when he’s working out. The admitted crack-smoking politician has been all over the media for his confessions of drug use “probably in one of my drunken stupors,” he said. “Probably approximately about a year ago.” It hasn’t killed his support, however.

“He’s human. We all make mistakes,” one resident told Canadian broadcaster CBC Toronto.

“If he smokes and saves me money, I’ll vote for him — even if he’s a bum,” said another.

That kind of support is enough to keep Ford out and about, as he was photographed wearing an “OU beat Texas” shirt at the gym.

As far as we know, Ford has no direct links to OU football or the university, except this T-shirt. Boomer Sooner, Rob.

First of all, that headline is a bit much. He’s wearing a shirt. Let’s not go crazy. I own a Redhawks shirt. That doesn’t mean I love the Redhawks. Also, the mayor has an “affinity for recreational drugs?” He wasn’t caught smoking a doobie at a Widespread Panic concert. It was crack, as in “I’ll suck your dick for crack.” Referring to it as a recreational drug is like calling “Two Girls, One Cup” an experimental art film.

Anycrap, I came up with some possible reasons why Mayor Ford was wearing an OU shirt. Here they are:

ou fan fat

1.) OU shirts are the only thing that fit…

Oklahomans are fat. In fact, the shirt he is wearing is a child’s size medium! We need to send him some Mississippi State shirts, NOW!

College Football Musings from the Train: Oklahoma State Rolls



For the depressing first half of this post, where I talk about the violation of the University of Oklahoma, click here.

5) Oklahoma State hammers Kansas in an ugly manner

When you play the conference cellar dweller at home, and you put up 359 yards of total offense, and you allow your opponent to have the ball 15 minutes longer than you, and barely complete 50% of your pass attempts, yet win 42-6, your fans roll their eyes, shrug their shoulders, and curse paying a dime for having to watch that boorish game.

OKC’s new pro soccer leaked some potential team names…

A month or two ago, HBO Real Sports ran a cool segment on the Seattle Sounders of the MLS (clip above). If you’re like most Oklahomans and not familiar with the franchise, you should be. They win games, sell out their stadium, and the fans cheer and chant like they’re European hooligans. Plus, they get to vote every four years on whether the team retains its general manager. Can you imagine Sam Presti making one of 10 worst trades in NBA history if he had to answer to the fans? I don’t think so.

When I watched the segment, the first thing that popped in my mind was that we need an expansion team like the Sounders for Oklahoma City. I think it would be a perfect fit. OKC is a sports town with loyal fans and plenty of places to build a stadium (would you rather have an outdoor soccer stadium as part of MAPS III ,or a boring convention center for no one). Also, we’d have a natural rivalry with Seattle. If we ever get a team, we should name them the Sonics.

Anyway, I’m not the only one who thinks professional soccer in OKC makes sense. Earlier this year, some group called Prodigal LLC announced they were bringing soccer to Oklahoma City this spring. Today, potential team names and logos were leaked for the new expansion franchise.

Via NewsOK:

Prodigal Soccer has moved a step closer to naming its USL PRO soccer franchise.

Prodigal, which will field the USL team starting this spring, filed five logos and team names with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Hold on one second. USL Pro? After a quick look at Wikipedia, that’s a group of third-tier minor league franchises. The average attendance for the league is only 2,600 fans per match, and franchises are in world-class cities like Rochester, Harrisburg and Richmond. That’s almost as bad as the old Central Hockey League. We’re a Big League City that’s supposed to compete with the New Yorks, Chicagos and L.A’s. We’re better than that, right?

The short answer to that questions is “Probably,” but let’s continue with the NewsOK.com article and see what team names they dreamed up for Oklahoma City’s newest minor league franchise that no one will really care about:

It is uncertain when the decision will be made which logo and team name will be used, but it appears they will come from these filings.

The names are: Oklahoma City 46ers FC, Oklahoma City Energy FC, Oklahoma City Flyers FC, Oklahoma City Spirit FC and Oklahoma City Wind FC.

The team names and logos were submitted to the patent and trademark office on Oct. 31.

Let’s check out those logos: