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Berry Tramel wants all the single ladies to be a virgins…


As a woman, I know that my self-worth and the worth that society ascribes to me completely hinges upon the presence of a hymen. Berry Tramel knows this, too. At least that’s what I assume after watching this promo clip for “Worth the Wait,” where Berry talks about the sexual purity of his blessed daughter:

5 things we know about the Thunder after 10 games…

This image, and all images below, are courtesy of William Bennett Berry. Seriously, Czech him out.

It’s been another great week of basketball as the Thunder cruised past the Bucks and mounted yet another fourth quarter comeback, this time against the Nuggets. There’s nothing really strange going on, so here’s some general impressions that I’ve had of the Thunder so far this season. Feel free to steal them and pretend you thought of them yourself next time you meet up with your friends.

1. There’s no James Harden/Kevin Martin replacement, but it’s not a big deal.

This might seem strange to people who have followed the Thunder for years. We’ve had an extremely rigid and top loaded scoring system for years. It’s extremely rare to see anyone but Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook at the top of the scoring list, while Ibaka and Harden/Martin would usually slide in at third and fourth, while the rest of the team toiled in the single digits. This type of hierarchy exists on every team to some extent, but very few have as consistent and rigid of a hierarchy as the Thunder do.

5 other memorable fights and ejections involving the OKC Thunder…

Hello again Thunder fans! It’s been a tough week. After a miracle win against the Wizards at home, the Thunder went out West and were narrowly edged out by two of the league’s best teams. Last night’s Warriors game was particularly tough, because an insanely epic comeback was negated by a last second shot from Andre Iguodala.

Wednesday night’s game against the Clippers was different. From the outset, the Thunder looked like the superior team. The Clippers had no defense near the rim (indeed, Hasheem Thabeet was able to score at will), they couldn’t force any turnovers, and their bench was horrible. But Kendrick Perkins’ absence definitely took a toll on the team, as did Nick Collison’s foul trouble and the ever-looming threat of Blake Griffin in the paint.

But what hurt most of all….was what you see above. After a 6-6 shooting night, Serge Ibaka was forced off the floor for supposedly balling a fist after being shove by Matt Barnes. The ejection pretty much cost the Thunder the game, as their big man reserves were depleted and Scott Brooks started giving more minutes to Thabeet and Gomes. The worst part about it is that the brawl wasn’t even fun to watch. Just a bunch of guys clamoring together and a couple of ejections. By far the best part about the whole thing were Barnes’ theatrics, as he picked up his kid and proceeded to Tweet his frustrations.

That got me thinking….what have been some of the best Thunder brawls over the years? The worst? Obviously, there haven’t been many actual fights, as they’re usually broken up as soon as they start. But there have been quite a few scuffles, words exchanged, and technical fouls. Utilizing the power of my intellect and the resources of the internet, I was able to find them. Here’s the most memorable Thunder brawls.

#5: Metta World Peace Tries to Steal the Ball After the Play is Over

This was a particularly intense moment during the second round of the playoffs in 2012. Westbrook tries to keep the ball as he falls to the floor on a rebound. Metta World Peace went after it, managing to muster up a jump ball. But after the ball was solidified, he and Westbrook kept going at it. Kendrick Perkins and Jordan Hill came over to calm things down, but World Peace just shoved them away, resulting in Joey Crawford doing his best offensive line impersonation and pushing Russ to the other end of the court. To me, that last part is easily the best thing about this play. It’s just bizarre to watch him push a man much younger and stronger than him 20 feet down the court.

And the name of OKC’s new semi-pro soccer team is…

Last week, five possible team names and logos for Oklahoma City’s new third-level semi-pro USL soccer team were leaked to the media. The choices were:

• 46ers
• Energy
• Flyers
• Spirit
• Wind

Well, the decision has been made. The name of Oklahoma City’s newest fledgling minor league franchise is going to be called…

The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame has a new bad logo…

oklahoma sports hall of fame

The dated piece of 1980s graphic design nostalgia pictured above is the old logo for the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. Yesterday, the Hall unveiled a new logo as part of a merger with the Jim Thorpe Association.

KFOR‘s third-grade intern has all the details:

The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame announced a new, unified organization, with a new logo to go with it, on Tuesday in Oklahoma City.

The Hall of Fame presents both the Jim Thorpe Award, which goes to college football’s top defensive back, and the Warren Spahn Award, which is presented to baseball’s best left-handed pitcher.

It also runs the actual Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame on Lincoln Boulevard, and Bright Path Youth Programs, which benefit thousands of children in Oklahoma.

Tuesday’s news conference announced the Hall of Fame will be in charge of presenting and running all of these programs, previously run by the Jim Thorpe Association, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame.

The Hall also unveiled a new logo, showing the silhouette of an athlete raising his arms in victory, with the backdrop of a torch and an arrowhead, representing Oklahoma’s native heritage.

First of all, I think the KFOR intern got a bit confused. The Jim Thorpe Association created the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame in the 1980s. Now the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is absorbing the Jim Thorpe Association and the postseason awards it presented. Basically, it’s like the Jim Thorpe Association is man, and the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame is a bunch of terminators. Simple enough, right?

Anyway, let’s check out this new logo: