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Hot Girl Friday: Oklahoma State Cheerleaders

orange pride

Remember back in 2013 when Sports Illustrated published that not-so-shocking Thayer Evans account of the dark, inner workings of the OSU Football program?

One of the allegations made in the piece was that a few members of Orange Pride, a school-supported organization of young nubile coeds who “donate their time and efforts to assist with Recruiting for Oklahoma State and the Football Program,” were taking their jobs a bit too seriously and sleeping with the players they were recruiting. Hard to believe, huh? Athletes and pretty girls actually hook up with each other. I thought that was a myth and stereotype perpetuated by movies, music, television, the media and real life.

Well, earlier today the NCAA announced they have put Oklahoma State on a year of probation as a result of an investigation that followed the SI hit piece. Most of the penalties basically equate to a slap on the wrist, and will do far less damage to the football program than what signing a basketball coach to a 10-year contract following one trip the NCAA tournament did to the basketball program, but the university will have to suspend Orange Pride for four years.

Via Jake Trotter w/ ESPN:

The NCAA has placed Oklahoma State on probation for one year after finding the school did not follow its drug testing policy and allowed its all-female Orange Pride student group to engage in impermissible hosting activities during football prospects’ official and unofficial visits.

Penalties include one year of probation, $8,500 in fines, suspension of the Orange Pride program and university-imposed recruiting restrictions…

The NCAA also found the school committed recruiting violations through the Orange Pride program.

NCAA rules prevent a school from the use of student hosts in a way that is inconsistent with a university’s policies on providing campus tours or visits to all prospective students. Oklahoma State will not be allowed to use the Orange Pride program for four years.

That’s a shame. I guess OSU recruits will have to meet hot college girls the good old-fashioned way, like at a frat party, bar or while pretending to enjoy the atmosphere at Eskimo Joe’s.

Anyway, when I read about all this stuff earlier this morning, I thought “Hey, let’s make the ladies of Orange Pride our Hot Girl Friday,” but there’s really not a lot of photos of them around the Internet. The only one I could find was the pic above from the soon-to-be-taken-down Orange Pride page on OKState.com.

I then thought “Hey, maybe I can post hot pics of OSU cheerleaders instead. That’s topical!” After several hours of searching Busted Coverage (and our photo archive), I found some suitable photos for publication. Here they are. These random OSU Cheerleaders who have probably all graduated by now are our Hot Girl Friday…

If praying for rain doesn’t work, turn to mad science…


After four years of unanswered prayers to God, the City of Lawton has announced a new plan to bring rain to Oklahoma’s armpit. They’re turning to the mad science of cloud seeding.

Via NewsOK.com

City officials hope to begin seeding clouds across southwest Oklahoma on Wednesday. The program is the first weather modification effort in the state in more than a decade.

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board approved Lawton’s application for a weather modification permit Tuesday during a meeting at the board’s Oklahoma City office. In a separate request last month, the board granted a weather modification license to Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research, or SOAR, a cloud seeding contractor based in Wichita Falls, Texas.

First of all, I’d like to apologize to all the chemtrail conspiracy theorists out there. I still don’t believe that our incompetent federal government is trying to brainwash us by dumping toxins in the sky, but I don’t blame you for being paranoid. If the government was trying to poison all of us, Lawton would be a great place to start.

Here’s how the cloud seeding works:

Ziggyz was raided and no one should be surprised


There are a few rites of passage in the OKC Metro that not only signal one’s transition from childhood to adulthood, but are straight up silly. You know, like doing 21 shots on your birthday. There are bars that will say that they won’t serve you that many. But as a person who has been cut off twice in one visit at The Mont, I can say that you can totally get away with the 21 shots. Anyway, that’s not what I’m talking about today. Today I’m talking about my favorite rite of passage–the trip to Ziggyz when you turn 18.

What is it about dusty porn and glass blown pipes that are so damn cool? Who doesn’t love shelves and shelves of bongs that are for “tobacco use only?” Well, apparently a lot of government agencies don’t like them. According to KFOR.com:

Deputy Oops-That’s-Not-A-Taser is going to vacation in the Bahamas

deputy bates

Remember when those racist OU frat boys sang that catchy tune on a bus about hanging black people from trees and how they’ll never be SAEs? Forgot about it, huh?

Well, one of those frat boys was Levi Pettit. A few days after being identified, he met privately with the Oklahoma City African-American community where he apologized, asked for forgiveness, promised to read Invisible Man, listen to Charlie Christian, and all that good stuff.

Following that meeting, Levi then addressed the media via a very controlled press conference in Northeast Oklahoma City. There, with the African-American community leaders behind him, he admitted his mistake, took responsibility for his actions, apologized, and said he was a changed man before likely flying out of the country to get a face change operation and a new identity.

I bring this up because it was all part of well thought out and calculated PR strategy, a term that volunteer Tulsa county deputy and infamous taser confuser Robert Bates has never heard of.

Last Friday, Deputy Oops-That’s-Not-A-Taser appeared on The Today Show to discuss how he mistook a taser for a gun and accidentally killed Eric Harris during a police sting operation. While surrounded by either his family or a group of massage therapists that he found shopping for wall ornaments at the neighborhood Hobby Lobby, Bates used the opportunity to apologize and explain that accidentally killing a man was either the first or second worst thing that’s ever happened in his life.

Here’s the video:

Well, that was awful. I know hindsight is 20/20, but if you can’t handle an interview with Matt Lauer, you probably shouldn’t be running around town pretending to be licensed deputy. Seriously, what did we just watch? Was he apologizing for killing a man or promoting his family’s new massage parlour of sadness? Also, doesn’t his lawyer look a bit too much like Stuart Smalley and Willem Dafoe’s love child? I almost expected the lawyer to look off into a mirror next to the couch and say “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!” while the music from Platoon plays in the background.

As if his blundered apology wasn’t bad enough, Bates – who, mind you, has been charged with manslaughter – decided to show everyone how remorseful he really is when he asked a judge if it was okay for him to go on a planned family vacation to the Bahama’s while on bail. Because we live in a strange place called “Oklahoma,” the judge said “Why Not?”

From USA Today:

The Do’s and Don’ts Of The Norman Music Festival


Norman Music Festival is back. And I don’t just mean in the sense that it starts this week, I mean it’s actually back. A year ago I was a vocal critic of NMF, and wrote something that declared the Center of the Universe in Tulsa as the best music fest experience in Oklahoma. But a whole lot can change in a year.

While CotU was busy booking that band you kind of liked in high-school, Norman Music Fest has quietly put together a lineup of all the best bands in the OK/TX region and topped it off with some solid headliners. One of my biggest complaints in 2014 was that NMF really dropped the ball with how they booked the out-of-state talent (how Diarrhea Planet didn’t headline 2014 is a mystery that will never be solved), and they essentially put together a festival of Oklahoma bands playing in front of people who didn’t know any better. But in 2015, NMF has not only managed to convince Ra Ra Riot to come play and bring a big-name dance party authenticity to the fest, but also booked Natalie Prass as the pre-headliner at the perfect time in her career as she seems poised to break out into a mega-star any day now.

My other complaint about NMF in 2014 was how out of touch they seemed to be. The biggest things happening in Oklahoma music exist on the americana and hip-hop spectrums. There is an entire outdoor main stage dedicated to Americana/singer-songwriter/alt-country bands every year at NMF, but hip-hop is usually misrepresented and sloppily thrown together in the back of a small room with no foot traffic. But in 2015, they’ve got it right. There is a new outdoor stage at this year’s festival that is dedicated to hip-hop and EDM that I think will be the biggest success of the weekend and will make the organizers wonder why they didn’t try this sooner.

So I have bought all the way back in to Norman Music Festival. This is the eighth year they have done NMF and it’s also the one I am the most cautiously optimistic about attending. I have been to all the previous years, and have put together a list of do’s and don’ts to make your experience as good as possible.

don spencer

DO wear your bulletproof vest.

As we all know by now, a group of radical rednecks are going to be parading around Main Street showcasing their second amendment rights and wrongs in an area of excessive drinking and casual drug use. The NMF organizers tried to fight this, but where some festivals are able to ban something as stupid as selfie sticks, the judges in Oklahoma don’t give a shit if your view of Chelsey Cope’s legs is being obscured by a drunk person’s AK-47 waving in the wind. Imagine how much worse the Christina Fallin incident of 2014 could have been if people knew they were allowed to bring guns to the show; it’s pretty terrifying. Here’s hoping for a safe weekend and that the only guns we see belong to Jacob Abello.