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Norman wants to get rid of terrifying pet snakes…

gary barksdale

The guy pictured above is Norman mayoral candidate Gary Barksdale. He’s a weirdo. I say that because he’s a snake guy, which means he likes to own snakes, touch snakes, and apparently hold piles of snakes in his arms like they’re a loose collection of laundry.

Gary’s apparently upset by a proposed Norman ordinance that would ban certain types of snakes from city limits.


Oklahoma lawmakers are now waging war on… Daylight Saving Time


I love scheduling my day. I literally carry two planners, each made up of 3 separate calendars each. I understand this is excessive, but I feel better and more organized with my planner setup. And I’m sure it’s probably ridiculous to others, but my idiosyncrasies hurt no one, so leave me be. One of the main reasons I like to have complete control of my daily schedule is so that I can ensure I schedule time to get enough sunlight so as not to become a depressed, weepy puddle of a person. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I need to spend at least one hour outside every single stinking day.

And one of the great things about summer time is that the sun is out later. If I need to stay late at work, I’m definitely not going to miss any sunshine because it will be there until 9 or so. That is, unless Rep. Harold Wright has his way. Homeboy wants to take away Daylight Saving Time.

NBA All Star Honorable Mentions – Thunder Edition

durant westbrook harden

The OKC Thunder has a mixed bag of how to view the often loathed NBA All Star Weekend. On the positive side, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook earned enough votes from the fans to be named automatic starters for the Western Conference, and the only two players from the same team to be named starters.

However, no other player was selected to participate in the other weekend events. In the past, guys like Steven Adams, Serge Ibaka and James Harden were part of the “Rising Stars” event. Ibaka was a Slam Dunk contestant in 2011. Scott Brooks was the Western Conference coach in 2013. Even Durant was in the three-point contest in 2011 and 2012, while Westbrook and Reggie Jackson have combined for four appearances in the Skills Challenge.

There are alternatives to honor the Thunder players who will likely be sitting in the arena in a suit. Here are some honorable mentions that have potential to be incorporated into future NBA All Star weekends.

Epic Mustache Contest


The Thunder have this one locked down. When your biggest competition is Kurt Rambis, Adam Morrison, and the occasional LeBron James, I’m not worried.

Meet Chase Reeser – The Hipster Prince of Edmond

It looks like we found a Valentine’s Date for Hipster Boo Boo!

Earlier this week, a Mole sent me a link to a website called ChaserThePrince.com. It’s apparently a website / blog for some guy named Chase Reeser. His dad is prominent Edmond realtor Brad Reeser, who is better known as the annoying “I Sell Edmond” guy from NewsOK.com auto-play video lore.

According to Chase’s website, he is a singer, performer, writer, and I’m not making this up, “The Prince of Edmond.”

Here are a few pics from his website:

chase reeser


prince of edmond2

Yeah, we need to hook this guy up with Hipster Boo Boo immediately. It must be done. He’s a hipster. She’s a hipster. He thinks he’s a prince. She thinks she’s a princess. He likes to spend all day looking into a mirror. She likes to spend all day looking into a mirror. They really would make a perfect couple. Well, that is if they haven’t already met, married and had an annulment. Then things would be awkward.

But seriously, the two really do have a bunch of common interests. For example, Chase is also a musician. Here’s a video of him singing:

Pro Tip: Don’t joke about cutting a cop’s “break lines” on Facebook

fb post

The guy threatening to cut the “break lines” on the cop car above is Gene Stretch. Just like his friends Bill Fold and Dick Hertz, Gene has a pretty warped sense humor. Unfortunately, that sense of humor cost him his job.

Via News on 6: