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Top 15 Oklahoma’ish News Stories of 2007

For me at least, 2007 has been a pretty crappy year. So for the last six months, I have been eagerly awaiting writing and posting the obligatory “best of” year-end news stories. Enjoy it after the jump…

Oklahoma Initiative Ideas: 20-11


20. Have Maggie Carlo fight Amy McRee in a bikini oil wrestling match on pay-per-view.

We know that Amy McRee looks good in a bikini. And we are pretty sure that Maggie Carlo would look good in a bikini. But we are 100% sure that Amy McRee and Maggie Carlo would look amazing in a bikini oil wrestling brawl.  This idea must be added to the book. 

Oklahoma Initiative Ideas: 50-41


Here’s a quick review of what we are doing. Last January, State Speaker Lance Cargill created some weird thing called the Oklahoma 100 Ideas Initiative. Here’s how it was described:

The 100 Ideas initiative will change the way business is done at the State Capitol. Instead of legislation originating from lobbyists, special interests and government employees, this initiative seeks ideas from the private sector and from citizens across the great state of Oklahoma. Once the initiative is complete, the top 100 ideas will be published in a book and presented to the Oklahoma State Legislature.

Since we are citizens from the “great state of Oklahoma,” we decide to contribute our own 100 ideas for the initiative. But since we’re pretty sure that Speaker Cargill and his friends won’t put any of them in his book, we figured it would be better to share them here over the next few weeks.

P.S.- Please note that unlike our Top 100 Oklahoma Embarrassments, our 100 contributions are not “ranked” in any way. And if you have any ideas that you would like to see on our list, send us an email. We may include it!

Fun with Pictures: Wayne Coyne

As you hopefully know by now, the Gazette and Wayne Coyne are putting on
the Ghouls Gone Wild Parade through the Downtown and Bricktown
streets tomorrow. Our “sources” with The Gazette claim that the parade will
be a happy good time. They even gave us some good reasons to go. Here’s some of what they said:

There will be Jedis. There will be blood. There will be beer.

The Flaming Lips are leading the festivities.

Bloody schoolgirls



ZERO former Miss Americas or astronauts

Amy McRee in a pink bikini*

*unconfirmed, however Lauren Richardson will be doing her on-the-spot interviews. I’m doing my best to bring my own soft-serve ice cream dispenser

Another thing that’s fun about the parade is seeing Wayne Coyne turn into some well oiled PR machine. He’s presented the Seven Day Forecast on the Channel 25 morning show and even dropped an f-bomb at the dedication of Flaming Lips Alley in Bricktown.

But what’s weird is that he sold his soul and did an interview with the Oklahoman.
Perhaps amazed that Wayne would actually give the interview, NewsOK
went insane and published about 5,000 pictures from the Q & A session at LOOK
at OKC
. I went through them, picked out the better ones, and gave them some poorly
written captions. I did this because that’s what we do with this “Fun With Pictures” thing. Check it after the jump.

Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas

Aaron Tuttle

The other day, Clark, Tony and I were at The Lost Ogle headquarters debating what costumes we should wear for the Gazette’s “Ghouls Gone Wild“ Halloween parade. Clark wanted to be a baseball player. Tony wanted us to dress up like Devo. I thought a costume based upon people or things related to Oklahoma seemed like a good idea.

Check out ten of these ideas after the jump: