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Barry Switzer likes Dunkin Donuts…

As you may have noticed, Dunkin Donuts recently became the newest TheLostOgle.com advertiser.  Since we like chocolate long johns, fresh award-winning coffee, and their convenient OKC metro locations, we thought this was a pretty big deal.  However, in what’s perhaps a bigger (and much more expensive than advertising on The Lost Ogle) deal, Barry Switzer is now appearing in national TV spots for the donut giant.  Check them out:

Yeah.  I’m really not too sure what these commercials mean or if they are supposed to be funny, but I like them.  They are funny-weird in a very Napoleon Dynamite type of way.  I think that’s a good thing.

Also, it’s good to see that Barry Switzer’s finally got out of the restaurant business.  Becoming a character actor is a much better idea than opening another Switzer’s Lighthouse or Chicken Ranch or whatever other silly idea he’s come up with.  It will probably save him (and his business partners) a bunch of money, too.

That kind of leads to this question: How did Barry Switzer land this gig?  I know the local media (aka Sports Animal, Oklahoman) has brainwashed us into thinking Switzer is some sort of local God and coaching legend, but on the national level he has a very tarnished legacy.  In other states, people remember him for his rampant disregard for NCAA rules, inheriting a Super Bowl champion team, and bringing a gun to an airport, more than they do the three OU national championships, recruiting stories at Othello’s and the alcohol binges at every bar in Norman.

Seriously, sometimes I wonder if Barry Switzer has pictures of everyone at the Sports Animal and The Oklahoman attending some gay orgy at David Boren’s house, because that’s the only way to explain why the local media is so far up his ass.  He could get caught tomorrow with JR Ross and Toby Keith hunting some blind homeless man at Arbuckle Wilderness and the local Sports Media would find a way to stick up for him.

You Decide! Who is Oklahoma City’s Hottest Hunk?


Since we are a Mommy Blog this week, I have been instructed by Clark Matthews to avoid writing about hot chicks.  Apparently, that’s a taboo topic in Mommy Blogs land.  To fill the void, I figured we might as well write about something Mommy Blog’s love: hunks.

Fortunately, though, we really know nothing about hunks.  Since that’s the case, we thought it would be good to post a poll to see who is our city’s hottest hunk.  Check out the nominees and vote after the jump:


Ogle Madness II: Midwest Region, Upper Bracket!


First of all, instead of posting our Ogle Madness logo with every post, I thought it would be fun to show pictures of people celebrating Ogle Madness.  Today’s picture is of Taylor Griffin, Alex Brown and some former moderately average and/or bad former OU basketball players.  They love Ogle Madness, and are rooting for Blake to go all the way.  If you have a picture you would like to send us of you, your friends or random “celebrities” celebrating Ogle Madness, send them to us at thelostogle at gmail dot com. If you would like to send a t-shirt to Alex Brown, send it to the OU athletic office.

Anyway, today’s match-ups come from the top half of the Midwest Region.  They will be played at the Chisholm Trail Museum in Kingfisher.

“¢ (1) Sam Bradford vs. (16) Elyse Downs
“¢ (8) Dean Blevins vs. (9) Patrick
“¢ (4) Mike Gundy vs. (13) Sally Kern
“¢ (5) Berry Tramel vs. (12) Lee Symcox

Voting ends at midnight.  Vote after the jump.

Channel 25 Strikes Back!!!

Earlier this week, OPBUCO ran a series of full and half page ads criticizing Fox 25.  The ads were in response to a recent Fox 25 investigative series called “Problems in Print,” that touched on the decline of the newspaper industry, and in particular, The Oklahoman.   A few days ago, Fox 25 responded. Check it out:

I’m still a bit confused here.  How did a fledgling Fox affiliate known more for hiring attractive people than reporting news just totally dominate our state’s “most trusted” news leader in this battle of wits? Seriously, at the end of the report I expected the Dark Tower to fall to the ground and for Nick Winkler to tell everyone that he has spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder.

Anyway, if I was in charge of The Oklahoman, I’d start damage control right now.  The first thing I would do is run some ads showing the person responsible for the ill-advised rebuttal wearing a dunce hat and filling out unemployment paperwork.  The second thing I would do is spend thousands of dollars placing those ads on this site.  The third thing I would do is place more ads on this site.  I would do all that because I’m strikingly attractive and know a good deal when it see it.

The Oklahoman is angry at Channel 25

Buried somewhere in the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing is the idea that anyone can attack the market leader, but that the market leader should never attack the products, people or services that rank below it. Leave it up to The Oklahoman to break one of those immutable laws. Here is a full page criticizing Fox 25 for their report on price hike of the Sunday paper:

(photo from Nate at Okay City)

I think that sound you just heard was the cork being popped from the bottles of champagne in the Fox 25 newsroom. Seriously, the Fox 25 news audience probably just doubled now that people know they have the ability to piss off OPUBCO.

If you ask me, the highlight of the ad was this:

Maybe our local broadcast friend should stick to reruns of Cops and TMZ and let journalists worry about reporting the news.

Yep, The Oklahoman does a great job of letting its journalists report the news. Kind of like when business reporter Don Mecoy reported that Aubrey McClendon was auctioning a portion of his extensive wine collection. Wait…they actually took down that story without any explanation. Oops.

Anyway, I will admit that I’m a bit salty that The Oklahoman went after Fox 25 before officially coming after us. You would have thought we would have got that honor first.  Maybe they didn’t because most of their employees are fans of our site and read us daily, and they don’t want to have a mutiny on their hands. Or maybe it’s because we actually use Wimgo.  Who knows, we’ll let you be the judge.