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Journalism is dead, and Mitt Romney is the beneficiary of its will

As newspapers lay dying, they continue to maintain their superiority complex when it comes to the topic of the internet. Just mention the world wide web in the presence of a print journalist and you can count on a soapbox rant about how the anonymity afforded by the medium is ruining public discourse and how the ease of publication is watering down the collective intellectual capital of society.

It is a good thing that this state’s largest print publication is around to set an example.

Patrick pointed out on Monday that The Oklahoman published their endorsement for President of the United States about eleven months prior to the election. They did it with an article that clearly communicated that it was the opinion of…well, every single person in the made up utopia of “Heartland.” But at least we know that it was written by…nope, they didn’t even give the author an anonymous handle like “Reaganisgod40.” Personally, I have J. E. McReynolds in The Lost Ogle’s office pool about the identity of the writer, but even if it seems obvious, no one associates their name with the loosely supported opinions.

This means the anti-Obama, slightly pro-Romney, diatribe can best be described as the prevailing wisdom of the entire brain trust of the most influential news organization in the 405. It was printed in the most heavily circulated edition of the organization’s weekly distribution. So, one would expect that it would not read like an ill-informed message board posting.

After the jump, we test that theory.

The Oklahoman, on behalf of the Heartland, endorses Mitt Romney for president.

In a 1,500 word editorial in yesterday’s paper, The Oklahoman officially endorsed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for president. The endorsement isn’t that big of a surprise. The Oklahoman has always leaned more towards the wealthy Chamber of Commerce Republican mainstream (a.k.a. the big business, anti-middle class hypocrites) rather than the Tea Party fringe (the social conservative wackos).

I guess what’s surprising is that the endorsement came on December 18th.  At last check, the Oklahoma primaries occur in mid-March. That’s three months away. Can’t things suddenly change during that time span? For example, what if something crazy happened like Mitt Romney suddenly converting to Mormonism or documents being leaked to the press that he showed once supported government-enforced health insurance mandates and gay rights?

Wait. Mitt Romney has already admitted to those socialist, un-American beliefs and activities. Why in the world then would The Oklahoman endorse him?  Well, because according to The Oklahoman, Romney is a self-made man, actually took the time to meet with their mysterious editorial board, and best of all:

The Oklahoman sports department is deeply concerned about athletes on Twitter

Last Sunday, Travis Haney, the University of Oklahoma football’s excellent (really!) beat writer for the Oklahoman, used his column inches to warn athletes that they should think twice before using Twitter:

If I tweeted disparaging or sarcastic things about other newspapers and their writers, surely there would be consequences – either with my employer, or with them directly. What good comes from saying those things? “Dang…Iowa.” What good comes from that?

And, well, he’s right. I can’t think of many good things that can come from writing the words “Dang… Iowa.” Although, frankly, “Dang… Iowa” seems pretty innocuous to me and if that’s on the shortlist of problematic tweets than there’s probably not a huge issue to worry about but still… yes, Haney is right. Athletes should be careful about what they put on Twitter.

It’s just that… I have this nagging feeling I’ve heard this all before. After the jump I’ll try to remember where that was.

Jenni Carlson is going to be a mother of children

Usually when we write about Jenni Carlson, it has something to with her terrible sports columns or t-shirt coffee mugs. That’s not the case today. As the headline above clearly states, we have learned from several Ogle Moles that Jenni Carlson is pregnant and expecting her first child. Even though she claims not to read this site, we’d like to send our sincere congratulations to Jenni and her fine husband Mr. Jenni Carlson.

Anyway, I wonder if the Oklahoman sports department is going to play up this news?Maybe Berry Tramel will spin a folksy column about his first memory of Jenni into a fond tribute to his own mother, or perhaps Mel Bracht will simply post pictures from the office baby shower on his sports media blog. Whatever they do, let’s hope they don’t go all News9 on everyone. That’s more tacky than a Jenni Carlson column.


Wimgo is almost dead…

Ever since Phillip Anschutz purchased OPUBCO a few months back, we’ve heard rumors that Wimgo’s days were numbered. Well, that’s not the case anymore. According to the Ogle Mole network and other local media reports, it looks like OPUBCO is ending their social networking turned event calendar turned online directory turned event calendar again turned free Papa John’s pizza for everyone web experiment.

From OKC Biz:

Wimgo is Wim-gone — or soon will be. OPUBCO Communications Group’s ill-fated online project is coming to an end, according to OPUBCO employees who asked not to be identified. OPUBCO officials informed Wimgo staffers on Dec. 6 that the company is pulling the plug on the operation, which began in February 2008.

Yeah, the most surprising part about this story isn’t that Wimgo is (almost) dead, but that OKC Biz actually broke a news story. I think the last time they did this was when they announced Whole Foods was moving to Oklahoma City. I hope this isn’t a new trend for them, because I like their profiles on local businesses and individuals who have hired good PR firms.

Anyway, back to Wimgo.