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Some Tulsa World columnist wrote a very nice article about Oklahoma City…

michael overall

The Dave Matthews Band fan pictured in the photo above that’s apparently the property of The Tulsa World is Michael Overall. A few weeks ago, we told you about the stupid article he wrote titled “Tulsa isn’t so jealous of OKC anymore.” The column, and our response to it, ignited quite a reaction. My favorite was this email from Tulsa World Chief Photographer Tom Gilbert.

Please remove the image of Michael Overall from your site.  It is being used without permission.

Tom Gilbert
Chief Photographer
Tulsa World Media Company

At first, I thought that was a fake email. Seriously, what news organization would want to claim ownership of that pic? This was my reply:

Hi Tom!

I actually grabbed the photo from his Twitter profile.

I believe I have fair use rights to use and criticize the photo, which is what I did in the intro paragraph:

The guy pictured above is Tulsa World reporter Michael Overall. When he’s not modeling for credit counseling brochures or bringing his own pool stick into Magoo’s, he apparently likes to troll cities that are superior to Tulsa.

If you want, I can add “like in the image above” after Magoo’s to be more clear. I can also add Tulsa World copyright info if you like.

Let me know.
– Patrick

Fancy, huh? It kind of sounds like I know what I’m talking about. I think it may have worked. Tom sent this:

Ok I will check on the fair use. But you might read this.


Yep, the Chief Photographer for a major American newspaper is not familiar with fair use. That’s good to know. Also, the link he sent me was about how Getty sold and licensed some photographer’s Twitter photos without his permission. The photographer sued and got $1.2-million. Totally comparable situation, which is why I replied:

The day I take Tulsa World photos and secretly sell them to Getty Images for profit, licensing and use in other publications, I would encourage you to sue me.

Tom never replied to that. He’s still probably checking on fair use.

Anyway, this past Sunday, Tulsa World Editorial Editor Wayne Green decided to chime in the OKC / Tulsa debate. His verdict? Maybe Tulsa should be jealous OKC.

From The Tulsa World:

The Tulsa World accidentally tattled on the Tooth Fairy


Last week, The Tulsa World ran a sweet story on the school nurse from St. Mary’s who kids often turn to for help pulling their baby teeth. It was the fluffy sort of piece that the Today Show is almost entirely made up of–one that you’ll skim through, maybe smile about, then forget 5 minutes later. That is, unless you’re on the Oklahoma Dentistry Board. Then you might take as one heckuva tip into some potential criminal activity.

From the The Tulsa World:

The Tulsa World featured a school “Tooth Fairy” in a story on Monday. Now that Tooth Fairy is under investigation by the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry.

The story, which was published in Monday’s Scene section, profiled School of St. Mary health-room director Jeanne Mandeville. Affectionately referred to as the Tooth Fairy by students at the school, she has assisted a number of fearful students over the years as their teeth teetered on the edge of falling out.

Over the years, many parents have depended on Mandeville to help their children with this part of growing up, but from the dentistry board’s perspective, this was a problem.

Mandeville might be keeping children at the kindergarten-though-eighth-grade school from going to a licensed dentist who could notice any other oral issues they might be facing, and her actions, technically, could be a felony, the board said.

Parents are allowed to assist with tooth-pulling because it’s done in a less formal, less organized manner, dental board Executive Director Susan Rogers said. The formal manner of having a school health-room director pull the tooth could keep the child from having needed visits with a dentist, she said…

A complaint in an email that was forwarded to the dentistry board on Thursday accused Mandeville of “practicing pediatric dentistry without a license” and said she was “not qualified, not even allowed to put gauze into a mouth without a practicing Dentist at her side.” In all capital letters, the complaint stated that Mandeville was “PRACTICING DENTISTRY ILLEGALLY.”

Rogers said the board is concerned about health issues, such as the disposal of biological material like bloody gauze and gloves…

I’m not sure what methods this Tooth Fairy was using to remove teeth, but they had to be less violent than the ones my parents employed. These may or may not have included needle-nosed pliers, encouraged rough-housing, and copious amounts of candy apples.

Of course, this turn of event has caused outrage on message boards, Facebook, and St. Mary’s parents alike, all hurt and furious that their sweet little school nurse may be facing criminal charges over something that would seem to most as a completely harmless act of nurturing and kindness. And you know what? I agree with them. Seems weird that the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry would so publicly unleash a witch hunt against Ms. Mandeville–I mean, don’t they have AIDS and Hep-C lawsuits to worry about?

Because of the outrage, the Oklahoma Dentistry Board has changed its course:

The Tulsa World is changing its website’s comment policy


Like most other Oklahoma news outlets, the Tulsa World is changing comment policy. They’re now going to require people to use either their Facebook profile or their real name in order to leave a comment, in hopes that discussions will remain more friendly, light, and civil. This is great news to us at TLO because now we can do more posts like this.

From The Tulsa World:

Tulsaworld.com on Wednesday will begin allowing comments from all readers. However, all commenters will be required to use their first and last names in addition to the city or town in which they live. They can also choose to post comments through their Facebook account. Anonymous comments will no longer be published. 

“We believe this will help change the tone of our conversations online to a more civil discussion of happenings in our community,” said Bill Masterson Jr., publisher of the Tulsa World. “Online sites have struggled with anonymous comments for many years and we believe it’s time for the Tulsa World to raise the standard in our community.” 

I’m kind of indifferent to this news. I avoid comments sections on news websites whenever possible. Except, of course, on this site. I love all of you trolls.

I’ve made a short list of the worst kind of commenters I could think of. Most of them have to do with gross fallacies, poor logic, or blatant blind hatred. After I described the prototype, I wrote a few examples of things they might say. You can leave a comment of your own and talk about the kinds you hate too, or–you know–get pissed and leave one of these said comments. I’m cool either way.


This guy doesn’t use any punctuation, probably yells at hostesses when he isn’t immediately seated at restaurants, and doesn’t understand why you would compare him to Kayne. Oh yeah, you never have any idea what point they’re even trying to make–the only thing you can really do is pick out buzz words. I think only other angry uncles can comprehend any of these rants.


Charlie Sheen invented Tulsa in his sleep…

Yesterday, America’s favorite drug addict turned social media expert– Mr. Charlie Sheen – informed the world of a very amazing fact. He – and not the Creek Indians or oil or QuikTrip – invented Tulsa.  And he did it in his sleep.

Since Sheen’s statement has nothing to do with porn stars, cocaine or tigers blood, I’m not really sure I believe it. But…I guess it is cool that Charlie Sheen claims to have invented an Oklahoma town in his sleep. And apparently we’re not the only ones who think that, because the Tulsa World immediately published an article about their city’s brush with celebrity:

To say Charlie Sheen’s media blitz has captured the nation’s interest is an understatement.

On Monday, he made Tulsa a focal point on the social networking site Twitter.

Brian Pingleton, of Tulsa’s Patterson Realtors tweeted to Charlie Sheen: “@charliesheen Let me be the 1st person from Tulsa, OK you follow! Lovin’ #tigerblood!”

Sheen responded a few minutes later with “I invented Tulsa, OK…in my sleep.”

His reply was retweeted over 100 times within minutes. Sheen, who started his Twitter account last week, already had 2,082,672 as of 2 p.m. Monday.

“You never know what (Sheen’s) going to do at any given moment, but since he responded, I’m just gonna run with it,” Pingleton said. “If it gives Tulsa more spotlight then I’m all for it.”

Thousands have been tweeting Sheen daily, and the actor has only responded a handful of times. Pingleton said the idea just hit him, and he thought, “Why not make it Tulsa-centered.

Normally I’d criticize a newspaper for making a big deal out of something like this, but hey, this is Tulsa we’re talking about. Prior to yesterday, the most attention that Tulsa had ever received was when Chandler quit his job because he had to spend Christmas there. Or maybe when that whole MMMbop thing happened. I’m not totally sure.

Regardless, kudos to our neighbors to the northeast for finally getting some national attention. Maybe next time you can get a Bieber or Gaga to give you a shout out. Sure, it would probably need to have something to do with Hanson, but good luck.

Tulsa Tuesday: Something burned down in Tulsa.

You may notice that I (Patrick) am writing Tulsa Tuesday.  This is because our normal Tulsa Tuesday columnist, The Irritated Tulsan, has gotten involved in something  us bloggers call “a paying job” and has taken a temporary hiatus from writing for us (or his own site).  We wish the IT all the best during this adjustment period.  If you are from Tulsa and think you can fill in for IT while he’s away, send us an email at The Lost Ogle at Gmail dot com and tell us why.

Anyway, the big news in Tulsa this week is that a drive-in movie theater burned down.  And it was big news in a sad way, not a “finally that stupid drive-in burned down type of way.”  Just check out these reactions from the Tulsa World.  The entire town is on suicide watch.  Even the Karate Kid is upset.

For nearly six decades, Tulsans have gathered at the Admiral Twin Drive-In to watch movies under the stars. In 1982, they came to watch director Francis Ford Coppola film part of “The Outsiders” at the drive-in. Within hours of the Admiral Twin fire Friday, fans had set up a Facebook page to raise funds for the storied theater’s rebuilding. Others sent their photos and memories to the Tulsa World. The World has gathered links to past stories, information about how to help, videos and a slideshow from Friday’s blaze at tulsaworld.com/admiraltwinfire

“It’s just so sad to think it’s gone.””” S.E. Hinton, author of “The Outsiders,” which was turned into a movie that was partly shot at the drive-in.

“It’s completely toast… Right now, the future does not look good for the Admiral Twin Drive-In.””” Blake Smith, whose family has operated the Admiral Twin since 1987

“Obviously there is a lot of historical significance. The community will be feeling this loss for a long time to come.”
“” Tulsa Fire Capt. Michael Baker, who was at the scene of the fire

“Film should be seen in many arenas, and the Admiral Twin brought families together in Tulsa, Okla. “¦ It will be sorely missed.””” Clark Wiens, owner of Circle Cinema”

S.E. Hinton just emailed me this sad news about the Drive- In featured in The Outsiders – was my 1st day of shooting. :(“”” Tweet from Ralph Macchio, who starred in “The Outsiders”

“Some of my best memories growing up in Tulsa happened in long-gone movie theaters, and the Admiral Twin was the last one of those still standing.””” Michael Smith, Tulsa World movie critic

I’m not sure which is worse. Tulsa’s sentimental landmark burned to the ground, or that Tulsa’s sentimental landmark is an old beat up drive-in movie theater.  They are both kind of sad.

Seriously, I’m sure that most of the people who are upset about this tragedy probably got laid at the Admiral, but I can’t think of a worse place to watch a movie than a drive-in.  Drive-ins attract three groups of people you don’t want to be around at any time: drunk teenagers, cheap families, and your parents reliving their long forgotten youth.

Saying all that, our hearts and prayers are with Tulsa during this tragedy.  First you get the WBNA and now this happens.  The Golden Driller better watch out.  He may be next.