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Tony is one of the three founding writers of The Lost Ogle. In June 2008, he decided to take a hiatus from the world of blogging to work on his epic novel: “Tears for Jennifer Reynolds.

Tony was raised by Linda Soundtrak, the McCain brothers, and the BC Clark jingle. He misses the good old days, when Mayor Mick was a television sportscaster wearing a toupee and Molly Murphy’s was still around. His personal heroes are Mitch Jelniker, Jason Skurcenski, and Robo-Niner.

His lifelong goal is to see an MLS team arrive in Oklahoma City.

Retired Contributors:

The Irritated Tulsan

The Irritated Tulsan was born, raised and lives in Tulsa. He writes The Lost Ogle’s “Tulsa Tuesday” column, and the website The Irritated Tulsan.

He is a TV addict and suffers from self-diagnosed Tourette Syndrome. He has trouble letting things go and is still upset over the cancellation of “Arrested Development,” Bell’s Amusement Park’s eviction and his mother forcing him to see the stupid “The Secret of Nihm” movie at the drive-in.

He is a big believer in karma and tries to make up for his lack of ability to edit himself. His current dream is to successfully grow chest hair with Rogaine. He also enjoys publicity and being quoted in newspaper articles.



Chad writes our “Friday Night in the Big Town” posts. He was born way back in 1976. The #1 song in America the week of his birth was “Afternoon Delight” by Starland Vocal Band. This pleases Chad a great deal. He enjoys ice hockey, making music and being damned hilarious. In his spare time, Chad likes to cruise craigslist for weirdoes, drop phatass homemade beats on podcast listeners, and write blogs about Stratego. Chad is single, and if this bio hasn’t convinced you, will probably stay that way.

NCAA Tournament Live Blog!!!

I’m not sure if this is a surprise or not, but I will be live blogging this afternoon’s NCAA March Madness at Buffalo Wild Wings on Northwest Expressway.  Beer, basketball and waitresses with really blue eye shadow.  Expect many typos.  The madness begins after the jump!

Wanted: Clark Matthews

Earlier this morning I went to NewsOK.com.  Naturally, the first thing I did was click on the most interesting headline.  Here’s the story:

The Oklahoma City police Sex Crimes Unit released a sketch of a man they say exposed himself to a woman at a city business.

The Oklahoma City Police Sex Crimes Unit has released the above sketch of a man they say exposed himself to a woman at a northwest Oklahoma City business last month.

On Feb. 26, a woman was getting ready to leave her workplace on Northwest Expressway when she noticed a man standing at the door, police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said.

The woman said the man lowered his pants and exposed himself, Knight said.

The employee said she picked up the phone to call police and the man ran away.

Wow.  Doesn’t the person in the police sketch look a little bit like this guy:

If it were Chad roaming across Northwest Expressway flashing people at Charcoal Oven or Incredible Pizza, I wouldn’t be surprised. But wow, Clark Matthews???  I guess this explains why he now wears a trench coat and Groucho Marx glasses to checkers practice every Friday.

Metro Election Update

Well, let’s see. It’s 2:00AM and the beer is gone. However I have not tripped into the twilight zone. Having reviewed the night’s returns from municipal elections from my second-floor barstool at Abner’s in Norman, I have to conclude that that the status quo received a huge vote of confidence in local election, unless one is a Republican in Midwest City.

The ‘Day After Tomorrow, Icy Deathfist From Above Winter Rules’ for the Gary England Drinking Game

It’s Wednesday night . Oklahoma is to soon be covered in ice and snow. I’m looking out the window of the Former Capitol Press Corpse offices, and I’m pretty sure I can look forward to seeing Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal being chased by a Yeti.  David Payne and Mike Morgan are almost beside themselves anticipating impending doom, after a week of forecasting Icy Death From Above. 

So, in order to pass the time we’re presenting the winter weather edition of the Gary England Drinking Game. We were tempted  to broaden the game to accomodate all of the other local news and broadcasting “celebrities” who will brave the elements to tell us that, dare I say, it is cold and wet and dangerous outside.  Now, mind you, there is little these people have done to celebrate, yet the stations announce them as worthy of celebration (especially Channel 4), so therefore they are celebraties. Instead, we decided it was more important that you watch Gary England. If something happens to Mike Morgan, I’m sure he’ll let us know.

On to the game . . .