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Tweet This, Thunder…

You know that fantasy you had of some Thunder Girl hunched over a computer in her lingerie hashtagging your RT with an @ reply?  Well, thanks to the Tweets below, consider it ruined.

Yeah, I always thought the Tweets by the Thunder Girls seemed a little too articulate, but I always held out hope that they were real genuine Tweets by semi-hot girls who can’t dance.  But unless Thunder Girl Amanda is handling the tweeting for the Tulsa 66ers, I guess we now know the truth:  the Thunder Girls Twitter Account is managed by a lame Thunder staffer!

In protest over this not-so-schocking development, we have decided to add a new member to The Lost Ogle Twitter Family.  His name is Rumble the Bison.  In many ways, he’s a lot like the regular Rumble the Bison, except that he’s a coke-head who likes like porn.  In many ways, I guess you can say the Fake Rumble is a lot like the Fake Dean Blevins.  And of course, that’s only if the Fake Dean Blevins existed.

Anyway, if you’re one of those social media guru Twitter kids, go follow the Fake Rumble on Twitter.  He’s probably more entertaining than the Regular Rumble, plus he likes gyros.  Who doesn’t like a gyro.

Tulsa Tuesday ““ Something’s Up at the Zoo

Ok.  I’m not even cold enough to make fun of this one.  Two giraffes have died at the Tulsa Zoo within the past two months.

This is something I’d expect from Oklahoma Department of Human Services, but not the Tulsa Zoo.

In December, Safari Enterprises transported Amali, a 5-year-old giraffe, from an Ohio zoo.  Amali arrived with a broken neck.   When zoo veterinarians put her under anesthesia to take x-rays, she died.  They also found she was two to three months pregnant.

Sunday, a second giraffe died.  Zoo officials believe 9-year-old Amira died from hypothermia.  On those 10-degree days, my ears, hands and nose hurt from being outside a couple of minutes.  I can’t imagine how painful it is to die from hypothermia.

The USDA plans to investigate this death.  PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals, is in the mix too.

Tulsa Zoo is being ripped on discussion boards, which you’re free to rip them here if you choose, but I’m going to defend them.  I know, rare.  Here it goes “¦ until you actually have your own giraffe, which you can try to cover in electric blankets on a cold night, while you give warm water enemas to heat its core body temperature, as heaters rattle and make the giraffe nervous, and have some sort of biology degree, just shut-up.

I don’t think any of you are talented enough to knit and dress a giraffe in a giant turtleneck sweater to keep it warm.  Maybe next time, instead of the warm water enemas, you can crawl inside its ass and use your own body heat.

If autopsy reports come back and Amira died from carbon monoxide poisoning or meth, then I take everything back.


(P.S.  If you desperately need a humorous fix from me, check out Getting Laid … Off.)

It’s good to be king…

From our Facebook page:

So…should we forgive her?

Winter Weather Apocalypse Death Watch 2009: Closings and Cancellations


Well, it’s that time of the year.  The end of the world is upon us in the form of blizzards, sleet and every news channel reporter being anchored outside a highway overpass or hardware store.

Since we are trying to become a more legitimate media presence, we’ve decided to post some weather related closings and cancellations due to the winter Armageddon.   Hopefully, these cancellations will be updated throughout the day.

Also, feel free to post some of your event cancellations and school closings  in the comments.  Check it all out after the jump.

We have a radio show. Seriously.


Tonight, Oklahoma City radio history will be made.  Yes, your favorite obscure local social blog has a radio show “” The Lost Years with The Lost Ogle, to be exact “” and it will make its debut at 8:00pm tonight on 105.3 The Spy FM.

The premise of the show is pretty simple.  We’re going to play songs from the “lost years” when the Spy wasn’t on the Oklahoma City airwaves. For our first show, we decided to play some tunes that came out in 2004.  We chose 2004 because that’s the year the Spy went off the air.  Clever, huh?  Future episodes will cover tunes from other years.  Those episodes will play every Wednesday night at 8:00pm.

To keep the show from being too successful, it will be hosted by me, Chad and the Spirit of Clark Matthews.  That means in between songs, you’ll get to hear us talk about important topics like old news stories, Chad’s love life and how handsome I am.

When you listen, please keep in mind that the show is (kind of) unrehearsed and (kind of) unscripted.  And since we’re new to this stuff, that it may be kind of bad.   But you know what?  Who cares!!!   We have a f*cking radio show.  Yipee!!!

p.s. – If you don’t a very good reception of The Spy, you can listen live and online at the Spy’s website.  If you live in Kingfisher and get an amazing reception and don’t want to hear to obscure bloggers play good music, go kill a chicken.