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You may want to pass on the chicken at this Norman restaurant…

pad thai norman

Have you ever had the chicken at Pad Thai in Norman? If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you have not because you’re still alive.

Recently, the Campus Corner eatery came under some extra spicy fire after pics of raw chicken being left in the sun behind the restaurant circulated on Instagram and Twitter. Drew Braum immediately praised the restaurant for their innovative food preparation techniques.

Via the Norman Transcript:

A photo is worth a thousand words. For one local restaurant, a little clarification may be worth a lot more in both dollars and patrons’ peace of mind.

Two complaints were filed with the Cleveland County Health Department last week after a photo circulating on Facebook and Instagram arose suspicion. The photo in question shows pounds of raw uncovered chicken strewn across plastic crates behind Pad Thai restaurant, 104 W. Boyd St., covered in flies and sitting in the sun.

The picture garnered responses from revulsion to rancor, with some calling for extreme measures and others vowing to avoid the restaurant for fear of food-borne illness.

On a positive not, at least it wasn’t dog!

Here’s one of the photos of the carnage:

Oklahoma City is using goats as lawnmowers…

goats eating grass

Here’s some exciting news for obnoxious teenagers, Hamas terrorists and pirates stranded on Lake Hefner.

On Monday, William Crum with The Oklahoman reported that Oklahoma City is going to use a herd of goats from Langston University to keep weeds and grass down near a section of the Hefner Canal near NW Expressway and Wilshire.

And no, I’m not making that up.

From a NewsOK.com article that Facebook will probably label as satire:

Beware: College student sells PS4 for $300… in counterfeit bills

counterfeit money

I’ve never bought or sold anything from Craigslist. This is because I’m stubborn and refuse to adapt to changing times, but also because I’m intelligent, handsome and get weirded out every time I visit a website that looks like it was built with the FrontPage HTML editor. Come on, I know the website is supposed to have simple, web-retro look, but at least make me feel like I’m not going somewhere illegal.

In addition to those reasons, I also….

A) Don’t want to get ripped off buying second-hand merchandise from some Internet creeper.

B) Don’t want to get ripped off selling second-hand merchandise to some Internet creeper.

C) Don’t want to die while getting ripped off by some Internet creeper.

Seriously, do you all not watch Lifetime movies? Craigslist is a scary place. I think I read a study that claims something like 80% of all Craigslist users either stutter, have twitch in their arm and /or frequent garage sales. Who wants to associate with anyone like that?

Anyway, the reason I bring all this up is that a metro man now probably shares my sentiments about the site. He sold a PS4 for $300… in counterfeit bills.

Via KOCO.com:

Some family accidentally bought a rattlesnake at Wal-Mart…

snake walmart oklahoma

As if you need another reason not to shop at Walmart.

In what is obviously a sign that either the apocalypse is upon us – or that Samuel Jackson is really desperate for some work – a Bristow family discovered a damn rattlesnake hiding a case of cheap bottled water that they recently purchased from a Tulsa-area Walmart.

Via KOKI Fox 23 from Tulsa:

This teacher forgot to wear her pants…


“Can someone get this lady some pants?”

That’s a sad phrase that probably echoed throughout the halls of a school in Wagoner on Monday after the teacher pictured above, Lorie Ann Hill, came to school intoxicated and bottomless.

From The Tulsa World: