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Cathy Cummings’ campaign video for Lt. Governor tries a little too hard…

cathy cummings

One of my favorite restaurants in Oklahoma City is Vito’s on North May. Based on the food quality, price and service, you’re not going to find a better Italian restaurant in town. Unless, of course, you’re my dad and like the salad dressing at the Olive Garden and force your family to take you there on your birthday.

The owner of Vito’s is Cathy Cummings. She’s the sweetest, nicest, bubbliest person you’ll ever meet and the lone Democrat seeking the Lt. Governor’s office. In effort to make Cathy look more relatable to “mom and pop Oklahoma,” she recently released the following YouTube video. It’s kind of like “A Little Bit of JoJo” plus Nancy’s Lighthouse divided by the Credit Jewelers cowboy, only not nearly as entertaining as that sounds.

Breaking News: Shawnee couple spots mountain lion that was probably just a bobcat

oklahomamountainlion_tall paul

Once or twice a year, some local yokel calls a newspaper or TV channel claiming they saw a mountain lion on their property that was probably just a large bobcat. Then the media rushes out to file a report on the undocumented mountain lion sighting that was probably just a large bobcat without mentioning that it was a probably just large bobcat, because let’s be honest, who wants to watch or read a report about a large bobcat. Then I write about the whole thing just so I can post that image of Tall Paul being stalked by one of the only documented Oklahoman mountain lions, and well, that’s how it goes.

Anyway, it looks like the cycle has started again. Some couple from Shawnee claims they spotted a mountain lion that was probably just a bobcat on their property. From the hard-hitting investigative journalism team at KFOR:

Shawnee man says mountain lion visited his backyard

A Shawnee man says he spotted a mountain lion in his backyard several times and he says he has the pictures to prove it.

Ken Kerbo’s Shawnee home backs up to 160 acres of undeveloped property.

He is used to seeing wild deer and turkeys, but one animal took him by surprise.

So, he has a pic to prove it, you say? Let’s see it:

Bold assholes stole a 1-ton marble statue from a home in Edmond

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 9.07.56 PM

I’ve stated on multiple occasions that the worst part about being from Edmond is just being from Edmond. Sure, I got a really great public education from those sweet, sweet tax dollars, but I occasionally wonder if it was all worth it when I find myself defending that city to others who seem to think that everyone who lives there drives a BMW and lights their fireplace with a twenty. (For the record, we use fives.)

For the most part, everyone knows someone from Edmond who is an actual human being and not a caricature of rich Uncle Pennybags, so that makes it a little easier for me to explain what life was like growing up in the Big E. But every once in a while there is someone who ruins it and goes and does the most Edmondy sort of thing a person could think of. A

ccording to NewsOK.com:

Some guy stuck a hidden camera inside a Braum’s bathroom…

braum's peeping tom

We usually don’t cover weird and unusual news that occurs outside the Sooner state, but when a story involves a Peeping Tom (suspect pictured above) placing a hidden camera disguised as an electrical outlet inside a women’s restroom at a Braum’s in Grapevine, Texas, I think we’ll make an exception.

Via CW 33:

Taco Bell is test marketing a new barfy menu item in OKC…


Oklahoma City is the test market for some processed cheese-infested monstrosity called the the Breakfast Quesarito. It’s the little brother of the regular Quesarito, which has been test marketed in OKC since January. According to sources, it’s the type of item you order only when you’ve smoked pot and been day drinking and want to have nightmares.

From Time:

A couple months after rolling out its first ever breakfast menu, Taco Bell is testing a brand new addition to its morning offerings.

The Breakfast Quesarito is an egg-and-cheese breakfast burrito wrapped inside a grilled cheese quesadilla, instead of a regular tortilla. Customers can add sausage or bacon for $1.99 and steak for $2.79.

The Breakfast Quesarito is currently only available at Taco Bell restaurants in Oklahoma City.

If you can stomach it, take a look at a non-photoshopped pic of the real thing via Grub Grade: