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About the fake Oklahoma City Seahawks shirt that was NOT created by Mustang Brewery…

On Sunday night, while the Seahawks were destroying the Broncos and you were considering whether or not to eat the “Why Not?” slice of pizza, Mustang Brewing Company, home of Oklahoma’s best beer that’s occasionally brewed in Wisconsin, sent out the following tweet:

First of all, I don’t get the infatuation some people have with Mustang. It’s kind of like the Charleston’s of local beers. It’s not bad, and I’d never turn one down, but it’s not my first choice. If anything, it’s a safe, middle-of-the road alternative. Just like how you can go on a first date or lunch meeting to Charleston’s and not have to worry about anything, you can always buy a round of Mustangs at trivia night or bring a six-pack to a cookout and not hear any complaints. Hell, you may even get some compliments. Make sense?

Anyway, back to the tweet. Do you get it? Oklahoma City stole the Super Sonics from Seattle, so we might as well steal their badass football team, too. It’s kind of a backhanded trolling compliment like the Charleston’s analogy above, and one that I wish would someday come true.

The tweet got the attention of Anthony Wuestenfeld with Pro Line Designs. He @-replied Mustang with a silly little photoshopped Oklahoma City Seahawks graphic:

The Oklahoman published an article about breast implants…


In The Sunday Oklahoman, the “State’s Most Trusted News” decided to appease their conservative readership and publish a comprehensive guide to breast implants. In typical Oklahoman fashion, they took a topic that is fun and interesting and dumbed it down into something that is informative and tremendously boring.

From NewsOK.com:

Breast augmentation is sought by women for many reasons

Why get breast implants?

A woman might choose to get breast augmentation, or implants, for a variety of reasons.

For one, a younger woman might seek out breast augmentation because she had one breast that did not develop fully, and it’s difficult for her to wear clothing without a visibly noticeable difference.

Sounds logical. What are the other reasons? Addressing insecurities? Boosting self-esteem?? Wanting to make The Lost Ogle or get a job in pharmaceutical sales???

Other women might undergo breast augmentation because they want to increase their bust size. For example, a woman in her 20s might seek out the surgery once she has finished developing. Also, women in their 30s and older might want breast implants after having children and seeing their bodies change because of it.

Breaking news! Stop the presses! Some women undergo breast augmentation because they… want to increase their bust size. Thanks for the insight. You guys have a superior command of the obvious.

With that ground-breaking investigative journalism out-of-the-way, the article continues:

The average cost of breast augmentation surgery is $3,543. That doesn’t include the average fee for anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses. It is generally not covered by insurance.

I’m a big supporter of all women’s health initiatives. That’s why I strongly believe that breast augmentation procedures should be fully covered by all health plans provided by Hobby Lobby. Wouldn’t that be great? It would finally give me an excuse to go shopping for decorative wall ornaments and shitty frames.

Here’s more from the story:

What happens during surgery?

You are usually placed under general anesthesia, meaning you’ll be asleep.

Each surgeon will have a different technique for surgery. For example, one type of surgery involves cutting near a woman’s armpit and placing the implant through a small cut. Another type of surgery involves cutting near…

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s stop this right now. TLO is a family website. We don’t want to gross today’s kids out like that damn surgery show on The Learning Channel did to us in the 1990s. Remember that? It was back when TLC actually had shows about learning and not midgets, baby pageants and wedding cakes. Just like how I don’t want to know the process in which chicken nuggets are made, don’t tell me where big breasts come from. Give me the blue pill and say they’re made via magic.

The rest of the NewsOK.com article is about gross technical stuff like pain level, recovery time, and other risk factors. As I mentioned, they took a topic that is fun and interesting and ripe with off-color jokes and puns and made it informative and tremendously boring. They didn’t interview Jesse Jane or Precious from Valley Brook. You know, Oklahoma women who have benefited from implants.

Hell, they didn’t even include any photos of actual breasts with implants. I guess they’re saving all of them for the next Look at OKC Swimsuit issue. In fact, this the only image they used to accompany the article. Whenever you find yourself having to think about football, think about it instead:

Homeless people are squatting on Jesus Panda’s property…


I guess this is what Occupy Wall Street protesters do when they aren’t being pepper sprayed in front of rich people.

On Sunday, KFOR ran a report about homeless people squatting on some rundown property near Sheridan. The property is owned by Jesus Panda.

From KFOR.com:

Ride ‘Em Cowboys! About the OSU student who went on a date with Lisa Ann

I’ll be the first to say that life isn’t fair. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and some dudes get to go on dates with porn stars because they made mildly amusing signs.

In case you missed it, some OSU student named Matt McGann accompanied adult film superstar Lisa Ann to the AVN awards in Las Vegas. That’s the pic of them above. The reason? He held up a sign during Gameday’s visit to the OSU – Baylor Game that read “Baylor’s defense has more holes to fill than Lisa Ann.”

Here’s a pic of the sign:

Some dude stole a school bus because he was cold…


There are many ways to tell that you’ve hit rock bottom in life. One of the most common is to steal a school bus in Stonewall and then take it on a joyride to Ada.

From KXII: